Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sometimes I Run Sometimes I Hide

In three more days it will be March. I know that doesn't mean the snow is going to automatically melt or that the temperatures will immediately rise, but in my mind any sort of crap in March (snow, ice, freezing temps, etc) is better than crap in February. Because March means it will be Spring soon!

Daylight Savings Time also begins on March 1st. Yay for not having to wear a head lamp on my morning runs.

Not that I don't rock a headlamp like a boss.
Can imagine walking out to your car in the morning to head out to work and coming across this person?
What that picture doesn't accurately show is the frost on my eyelashes. Frost. On my eyelashes. Piss off, Winter.

I would be a terrible Stark.

The good news: if things continue to go as planned this will be the first week of my half marathon training where I have actually completed my scheduled training.  With only fifty days until my half marathon, this makes me feel really damn good. I can do it!


  1. OMG! You are just an all around boss! ;)

  2. You kick ass! Seriously! (I'd be a terrible Stark too)

  3. Love your look :) This time of year I'd like to see myself as more of a Highgarden gal :)

  4. Look at you running in the snow.. I would be wheezing five minutes in lol!! I am looking forward to seeing some daylight soon as well.

  5. Ha ha ha, we look like twins...face mask, headlamp, frosty im eyelashes and all!! :) I'm impressed by your dedication!