Monday, February 2, 2015

Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious/Super 5K Race Recap

This weekend was just the right amount of family time, running time, and relaxing time. Friday, Hubs had a hockey game and I took the guys to it since it was early enough. The boys had a blast running around the stands and watching hockey. At one point they split up on me, but I managed to mostly wrangle them for the evening. They were wiped by the time we got home so I enjoyed some peace and quiet after they conked out.

On Saturday I grocery shopped. We were expecting a blizzard in our part of town, which I forgot about, so I was surprised to see Trader Joe's as busy as it was. I usually shop on Sunday morning. I managed to get a whole bunch of healthy groceries woo hoo. Then I picked up my packet for Sunday's race.  And then spent the evening with my family.
I noticed the cows in my shoes when I was cleaning up the Guys toys Saturday night. This just makes me smile.
And then Sunday was of course my 5K, my February race, the Super 5K. I had signed up for this one last year but got sick the night before so I ended up with a nice DNS for that one. Boo to that. Not this year! I wasn't even going to let Snowmageddon keep me from running!

Luckily, the snow was just starting Sunday morning and not really that heavy.
Clearly I wasn't the only crazy person out running this race.
 This race was put on by Running Fit, a local group that been putting on runs for years. Some of my favorite races have been Running Fit races.  They do a great job of getting our pre-race information and setting up interesting courses.
Look at all those runners!
The snow really bothered my quad so I ended up switching from 2:1 intervals to 1:1 intervals. Even with that I really struggled.

And of course there were hills.
Pictures never really do uphill climbs justice
I finished in 41:30. Not my best time ever, obviously. I went into this one with one goal, not to fall. and I didn't!
I like to call this "Pensive Finisher"
I ended up with frozen eyebrows and a super slushy jacket. But, I'm glad I ran this one. Race #2 of the year is in the books!

Of course the snow didn't stop when my race did. It snowed and drifted and snowed some more. Hubs shoveled our driveway multiple times yesterday and still I went out to my car this morning and saw this:
Why yes, that is a drift all the way up to my minivan door! It took Hubs and I forever to dig it out, but we did and I made it to work only a tiny bit late. I am counting my shoveling as my cardio today!

As for my food, I am proud to say I made it through a Super Bowl party eating pretty darn healthy! I stayed away from all of the sweets. In hindsight I wish I had thought to bring some dried fruit or something sweet like that to nibble. But, I resisted temptation. I stayed away from things I KNEW had added sugar. And I felt good. Well, I felt good except for the tiny headache that has been plaguing me since last night.

My slow cooker veggie soup cooked all day on Sunday and I packed it up in containers for lunch this week. Of course, I had to try it to make sure it was alright and it is GOOD! And way better for me than Light Progresso soup!

How was your weekend?


  1. Good job on that race! You are such a badass from running in that snow!

  2. Wow wonderful job with the race and staying the course with the no added sugar! That's tough anyway but especially during Super Bowl parties!

  3. Way to go on still racing! Bummer on having it bug your quad though. Also, soup sounds so good right now...

  4. Look at you go!! I would have asked my husband to quickly install a fireplace where I would have stayed. Good job avoiding the Super Bowl eat-a-thon. I waited to start until Monday morning in hopes I would not immediately be discouraged. So far, so good.