Monday, March 30, 2015

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

I like having the option of picking Saturday or Sunday for my long run. A lot of it depends on Hubs' work schedule, the Guys, the weather, party plans, etc. I like to think I usually pick the better day to run but sometimes I am like that guy in The Last Crusade and my face melts off. Or it rains.

Thankfully, I picked the correct day this weekend! Saturday it was COLD. I mean, February cold, not almost the end of March cold. It was sunny and clear which made it look really pretty out, but man, was it ever chilly. I had high hopes for Sunday.

Sunday dawned definitely warmer. Warmer, but windier. I think any run done in wind with super huge gusts should count as double what you actually ran. Talk about resistance training!

I planned my route around going to my sister's house. Figured if I got there around mile five I could refill my water bottle, potty and be good for the rest of the run. I took a new route. I don't often do that, I am a creature of habit and I LIKE being familiar with my running area. But, the last time I ran to her house the route I took had super sloped sidewalks and I ended up tweaking my quad. This time I ended up running through a not-so-nice neighborhood. Damnit.

I got to Sis' house at 5.10 miles. Did my thing, said a brief hello, and had a mental pep talk because I kinda wanted to stay there and have my sister or her husband drive me home. Nope. Not today. I had miles to run!

I took a different way home which ended up looping through my neighborhood. Man, I know my routes because I was about two-tenths of a mile away from my house when I hit ten miles. Nice planning! I walked the rest of the way to cool down.

Of course I also had regular home stuff to take care of when I got home. You know what's fun? Hauling laundry up and down the stairs with sore legs.
Now that is some awesome stepping!
Unlike last week's run I felt pretty good about this one. I haven't been able to run during the week as much as I should be, but I have been walking and I think that has helped with my legs. I am also having a hard time fueling during my runs. It's not that I don't have fuel, it's that I don't feel like I need it at all so I forget to eat anything. I HATE Gu or any sort of liquid goopy fuel, ugh the thought makes me want to gag right now. I usually use some sort of sugary something for fuel. Lately, I have been into these fruit leathers from Trader Joe's. Soft enough that I can easily eat them without them being stuck in my teeth for days. I eat one at the halfway point and that's it. I wonder if I should eat one sooner and another one later in the race? Race conditions are hard for me to imitate, this race starts at 8:45AM so I won't have as much food in me as I normally do for my long runs. In the past, I have eaten a salt bagel before my half marathons and that, along with something sugary along the course, seems to be enough for me. Oh yeah, and coffee, goodness knows I need that before I can run that long.

Wow, a lot of babbling there. How do you fuel? Any tips?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Deliver the Letter, the Sooner the Better

Dearest, darlingest, husband of mine,

  When I ask you what time you are leaving in the morning for work I am asking you not because I really care that you are missing traffic/getting an early start/driving really far for a job. Let's face it, if it's early enough I will stay asleep until you kiss me goodbye and only be vaguely away your are gone. Love that feeling. No offense.
  I am asking you because I plan on running in the morning and need to know if I can make that happen. When you tell me you plan on leaving at 6:15AM then I know I'm not running because mama does not get up that early. I adjust my schedule accordingly. It sucks for me, because I am a creature of habit. Plus, it's supposed to rain this evening so that run is gonna suck.
 Then when you don't end up leaving the house until 6:45AM....well, flames on the side of my face because DUDE a half hour later means I would have had PLENTY of time to get a run in. Do not mess with my run schedule, man! I will jack you up!

 Much Love,
The Crazy Runner You Married

Monday, March 23, 2015

And Where Is Harry Truman? He's Dead in the Ground

I grew up listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Steve Miller Band, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel and other similar artists. Last year for Christmas I took my mom and sister to see Billy Joel and the concert was just awesome. It was like he made of list of every song everyone holds near and dear to their hearts and played every single one of them. I don't think I have ever been to a concert that played to the crowd as much as Billy Joel did. It says something that the man was able to sell out the venue without releasing an album in over twenty years.

On Friday night I took my sister and our friend (no Mom, she is still recovering from her knee surgery) to Neil Diamond. And like Billy I felt like he played what he knew the crowd wanted to hear. Unlike Billy, Neil just released an album so there was a lull where he played three or four songs I didn't really care about. Perfect time for the three of us to hit up the merchandise. Oh yes, I most certainly bought myself my first concert tee in a long, long time.

Seriously, his encore was "Cracklin' Rosie", "Sweet Caroline", "Coming to America", "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show".  I mean, it's a greatest hits album right there!

My little A. was still feeling under the weather Saturday morning so I got a bicep workout from carrying him around all morning. He had a high temp in the morning but it came down as the day wore on, thank goodness. Thankfully he wasn't too fussy to take a nap. Hubs took over monitoring the guys and I went for a nine mile run.

You know how you have those awesome days where you run and you are just IN the moment and everything just clicks and you feel fantastic like you could run for days?

This was not one of those runs.

I struggled. I struggled hard. I ran this in loops because I was slightly dehydrated wanted to be able to refill my water bottle and potty if I needed to. I ran 4.5 miles, then stopped at the house for a refill. The last 4.5 miles were rough. I kept mentally breaking down the run into doable sections, like, "ok, you can make it for another mile, etc", but my brain kept coming back to, "You have four more miles to go. Screw this, let's just go home now and take a nap." Damn brain.
My mileage is getting so high I can't even screen shot all the miles. Had to start at mile two.
I didn't have much energy after that run. Saturday was super mellow, just hanging out with the Guys and Hubs. We had plans to watch Iron Man 3, but I was exhausted. I ended up in bed before ten and probably asleep soon after.

Only because I needed to rest up for Sunday. Hubs' birthday is today (Happy birthday, JB!) so yesterday was his day. He got to sleep in and then I picked up bbq for dinner. His dad came over and we went to see:
I'm not saying you HAVE to watch Bob's Burgers, but...No, you know what, I am saying that. It's a cartoon, yes, but it is ultimately a show about a goofy family that really, really loves each other. You know I can't watch dark shows and I am not a fan of most of the popular cartoons, like Family Guy, etc, but this show is awesome. Hubs and I both enjoy it, it is laugh out loud funny.
Zoomed in from left to right, Eugene Mirman, Dan Mintz, Kristen Schaal, John Roberts, H. Jon Benjamin, and show creator Loren Bouchard during the table read
The Bob's Burgers Live show was all of the voice actors. First, they each did a stand-up routine. And then we watched a few clips from upcoming episodes. And then they did a table read for an upcoming episode. And then a Q&A. All of them were brilliant. I love Kristen Schaal. And Dan Mintz, who voices Tina (seriously, watch the damn show, Tina is my spirit animal!) was fabulous. They ended the show with Dan Mintz doing the Tina moan. Which sounds creepy but trust me if you watch the show you get what I am saying.  That brought down the house.

And now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Friday, March 20, 2015

'Cause I Can Feel You Breathe It's Washing Over Me

I don't believe there is a worse feeling in the world than dealing with a sick kiddo. A. has been sick the last two days and yesterday morning he woke up at 5AM having difficulty breathing.

Hey, you know what's fun? Going to the ER!

Wait, no. Never mind.
Mickey Mouse making everything better
Thankfully, it is croup and not something much, much worse. One breathing treatment, some steroids, and several hours later and we were home.

I took the day off work which I am thankful for. I needed the time with A. to soothe my frazzled nerves. And Hubs stayed home, too. It was nice to have a bonus family day even if we had such a rocky start.

By the time nap time rolled around I was feeling getting some moving in so I followed my training plan and ran for forty-five minutes. The 3.55 miles helped my soul, I truly believe that. All that tension from the morning, the worry, the stress just faded away.

Monday, March 16, 2015

From Glen to Glen and O'er the Mountainside/ Lucky Dash 5K Recap

My sister decided she did not want to get up early to run with me on Saturday so I had a change of plans. I ended up switching to a race much closer to home since I knew I would be running solo. Hubs figured he would attempt to bring the Guys to the race and meet me at the finish line.

We had a busy night Friday night, I brought the Guys to Hubs' hockey game. By the time we got home from that and the boys were down for the night it was almost 10:30. I ended up eating a bowl of cereal for dinner and going to bed. Somehow I managed to forget all about getting anything set up for Saturday's race. And of course on Saturday the boys ended up sleeping in until almost nine. By the time they woke up I was just getting up and feeling very flustered. I do not do well when I am running late.

I got out the door with all of my electronics and a Diet Mountain Dew (no time to wait for the coffee to brew). I didn't eat anything, I was overdressed, and I was tired. Not a good start to a 5K.

Thankfully the race really was super close. This was the one I ran last year with my friends where I ended up coming in last place.

I ended up registering and hanging out at the starting line with about fifteen minutes to spare. I didn't want to bring my t-shirt all the way back to my car, so I just threw it on over my tech shirt. Not a smart move, like I said, I was overdressed already, but not much I could do about it. If anything, it was a 5K, I figured I could handle being too warm for, at most, forty-five minutes.
The start
We heard some bagpipes and the National Anthem and we were off. Luckily my Garmin and Nike+ app were both working just fine (honestly, is there anything more stressful than waiting to hit start on those devices, hoping satellite coverage will stay strong) so I set them, plugged into my tunes (with only one earbud) and headed out. For all my Lovely Ladies, the first song I started with was "All For Love" by Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart. Made me feel like you awesome women were with me in spirit!
I ran a 2:30/1:00 run/walk pace. This was my first time trying it out, but according to Jeff Galloway's website, that is the ratio I should shoot for to get 11 minute miles.
The first mile was tough. I felt like I was running a lot harder than my time showed. I calmed myself down, told myself I wasn't aiming for a PR, that with this race anything was better than last place (and that's not even bad because last place is better than no place) and I just kept moving.

My second mile was better, even with a water stop.
Woo-hoo mile two!
At about 2.25 miles, I didn't know if I could keep up the 2:30/1:00 pace. I dug deep, really deep. I started breaking the 2:30 chunk into thirty second pieces. "OK, you can get through thirty seconds. Only two minutes left. Another thirty seconds. Only a minute and thirty seconds left."

If you watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, just picture how Kimmy breaks things down into ten seconds. That was my thought process. I can do ANYTHING for thirty seconds.

And if you don't watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you should start watching RIGHT NOW.

Why is it that a minute of running feels like AGES compared to a minute of walking?

I tried to do the calculations and figure out the slowest I could run in order to PR but math isn't my strongest skill. Math while running on empty is nigh impossible.

Just before the turn for the last tenth of a mile I saw Hubs and the Guys. He had them in the jogging stroller. I waved to them and Hubs gestured to the stroller like, hey, wanna take them across the finish line? Of course I did, so I grabbed the stroller and started pushing.

The last two-tenths of the race were uphill. My legs were tired and burning and I had stupidly agreed to push a stroller with sixty pounds of toddler in it up a hill. I immediately regretted that decision. I could hear C. chattering about the police cars at the finish and A. humming along to the finish line music and they just made me so happy in that moment. I used that bubble of happiness to push myself a little harder.

Because what I really, really wanted to do was walk.

I could see the clock as I turned the corner for the last little bit. It said 34 minutes and change. A little part of me was sad that I wouldn't PR, but I was just happy to be done running.

I finished in 34:05.

I hung out in the finish area to catch my breath. There was a line for water and snacks and I just didn't have the energy to wait for anything. Hubs, thankfully, did, so I hung out with the boys and watched trains go by while he got me a bottle of water.
Hubs: Next time you should run the whole 5K carrying the two of them!
It wasn't until later on that evening that I realized I had, in fact, PRed this race. By a full minute!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Tomorrow is March 14th, or Pi Day, as we nerds and lovers of math call it around these parts. I am taking part in a first year 5K that is being held to support the student services of a high school where a girl woman I used to babysit for now teaches. Hey run-on sentence. Whew. Try reading that one aloud without taking a breath.

It'll be my March race yay! My sister is supposed to run it with me. So far weather looks good so I might be running with the Guys while she runs with her little one who is almost three months old. My how time flies.

I have not run with the jogging stroller in over a year. I guess we'll see how the Guys do. They are movers and shakers now so being strapped in a stroller for almost 45 minutes might not be the best idea. Here's hoping they enjoy the scenery and let Mama run.

I'm not planning on running for time since I have a long run planned for Sunday and I don't want super tired legs for that. My goal is to have fun at this and get the boys to the finish line with a minimum of tears. Finger crossed!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just to Be the Man Who Walks a Thousand Miles

The snow is almost all melted. In a few more days, as long as it doesn't rain, the giant puddles taking up large chunks of the sidewalk should also have disappeared. It's spring. OK, it's ALMOST spring!

In the midst of my DST Funk my phone buzzed at me and this popped up:
Well, shoot. Look at that Non-Scale Victory! One million steps, huh? That certainly helped me with my mood.

Sometimes I feel like I am failing as an active person. I miss runs. I eat junk food. I sleep in. And then I get a reminder like this that says, "Hey, you aren't perfect. No one is. But, look at your badassery. Focus on that."

I have walked 500 miles since Christmas Day.

Which of course makes me think of this:


You're welcome.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You Are Sunlight and I Moon

Daylight Saving Time has jacked me up. I kid you not, I have been all sorts of weird with my sleep this week. I slept through my running alarm TWICE, yesterday and again today, and that isn't something I do. Sure, sometimes I get up and turn it off, but I don't SLEEP through the damn thing.

I need a nap. I have been saying that all week. I need a nap. I don't nap. I'm not a napper. And yet, a nap sounds really, really good right now.

So I am tired and I am ornery and I have been snacking. Ugh, yesterday it was a Reese's Peanut Butter cup, well two of them. But, just one package. And yes, in the grand scheme of things, it's not so bad. But, I didn't really want it. I just ate it because I could. Or because peanut butter helps me wake up. Or just because. Anyway, I ate the damn thing.

I'm going to count this week as a wash. I will run tomorrow morning. I will get back on my schedule. I will run my scheduled nine miler on Sunday. We're getting down to the "less than a month" away time for my half. I have been spoiled by having a running partner for my two big races last year. Ah well, I'm used to running solo. Maybe I should download a podcast.

And at some point my body will adjust to this stupid time change and I will be a happy camper again.

Until then, someone hide the Snickers.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Heart is a Bloom

I am a Michigander.

This means I wear shorts when it is 70 degrees outside.

I can tell you where I am from by pointing to the general location on my hand. Thank goodness for a mitten shaped state!

When I say "pop" I am talking about soda.

I wait IN line and go ON line to surf the web.

I carry a purse not a pocketbook.

I take for granted the access we have to very large freshwater lakes.

AND, when it is forty-some degrees you can bet your sweet ass MY sweet ass is outside running. I will dodge puddles all day long if I can get an awesome outdoor run in. And on Saturday, the sun was shining, the wind was only blowing a little bit, and the boys were napping. Long run time!

Eight miles later...

There usually comes a time in my training where I think there is no way I am going to be able to run further than I am currently running. I haven't hit that spot yet. I will let you know when I do. All I know is I ran eight miles on Saturday and I felt GOOD. I know I will be able to rock my half marathon next month. That's right, in just a little over a month I will run my first half marathon of the year. Eek!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's Just One of Them Days, Don't Take It Personal

After a month of near spot on eating No Sugar Added food and staying within my calorie limits, of working out somewhat consistently (minus a week of ice and sickness) I lost....

...two effing pounds.

I know what I would say to someone else if I was reading this. I know what you are going to say to me. And I appreciate the kind words, I really do.

Except, I kinda don't want to hear them right now.

I am mad. Mad at my stupid body, mad at sugar, mad at everything. I am pissed off. I am mad at genetics and baby weight and the spare tire around my stomach that will probably never go away because I was pregnant with twins and my stomach stretched out A LOT.

I tend to be a somewhat optimistic person. But, right now I feel like I am never going to weigh less than two hundred pounds. I feel like I have been trying to lose weight for ages and nothing helps.

In trying to be positive I am going to change up my routine and add some weight lifting three times a week. I have the stupid bench in my basement and a TV down there so I can do it.

Now excuse me while I go beat the crap out of something.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sometimes I Am Frightened But I'm Ready to Learn of the Power of Love

I have always like the number three. I am also a fan of numbers divisible by three. But, for the most part three is for me.

Today is March 3rd, or 3/3/15 (a lovely number divisible by three yay) so instead of focusing on the fact that we have been hit with yet another load of winter bullshit I am going to focus on the awesomeness of the double threes.

Fun Random Three Facts*
1. Three is the first odd prime number.
2. Three is the right number for persuasion. See article. If you don't want to read the article, basically this study found that in marketing giving three examples why something is good works best. Four and people start to distrust it. 
 3. There is a "Rule of Three" in writing that states: The rule of three is a writing principle that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. The reader or audience of this form of text is also more likely to consume information if it is written in groups of threes.
4. There is a Doctor Who episode called "The Power of Three".
5. Three makes magic more powerful. At least it did on Charmed. Isn't that where you learned all your magical information? 
6. If you are Shannen Doherty and you are mean to the creator of your show you will be killed off, even if it means people will wonder what will happen to your sister witches since there are no longer three of you. Spoiler alert: the writers will create a half-sister!
7. In Legend of Zelda,  Link searches for the parts of the triforce. 
8. In Christianity, the Holy Trinity represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This supposedly comes from the Celtic trinity knot which represents the three stages of womanhood: Maiden, Mother, Crone. Because women are powerful and badass!
9. There is also a Rule of Three in Wicca.It states: whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times. Some subscribe to a variant of this law in which return is not necessarily threefold.

I am going to leave it at nine because look, a number divisible by three!

I also ran 3.45 miles this morning in forty-five minutes, further adding to the powerful day today should hopefully turn out to be.

Of course, it could also be a crappy snow-filled day.

But, at least you will have learned something new today!

*I was going to title this Fun Random Threesome Facts just to be funny but figured that would lead a lot of people to this blog who really need information elsewhere.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Whoa Oh Oh Oh For the Longest Time

Getting the timing just right for a long run takes some effort. I plan on my long run either Saturday or Sunday depending on family plans and the weather and how the Guys are handling the daily trials of being a toddler. This weekend I had a baby shower on Saturday immediately followed by grocery shopping so I could make food to bring to my mom on Sunday for a visit. I thought about possibly getting up early on Sunday to run but realized I just plain, old didn't want to.

I took the Guys to visit my mom on Sunday morning. Got home in time to put them down for a nap and wait for my sister to show up. Hubs had hockey Sunday afternoon so there was a brief overlap where he would be gone still and I wanted to run. Thankfully, I have an awesome sister who showed up and hung out for an hour so I could get my run started. Hubs relieved her so she could head to a birthday party and I got to take just a little over an hour and half to get my seven miler in.
I love starting the month out with a long run!

I felt just as badass during this run as I did during my six miler last Sunday. There was a point where I was thinking I was on mile four and I looked down and realized I was halfway done with mile five! Love it!

I am sticking with my No Sugar Added plan. I actually forgot to weigh myself so I will do that tomorrow morning. I did indulge in some super awesome chocolate yesterday. At the Valentine's dance I went to we were given a little favor box of three pieces of yummy chocolate (I know because we get this brand every year around Christmas) that I saved for March. After my awesome calorie burn from my run I felt just fine indulging in the yummy treat.

It's supposed to be 37 and rainy tomorrow during my run and I don't care because 37! A little rain but above freezing temps? I'll take it!