Friday, March 13, 2015

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Tomorrow is March 14th, or Pi Day, as we nerds and lovers of math call it around these parts. I am taking part in a first year 5K that is being held to support the student services of a high school where a girl woman I used to babysit for now teaches. Hey run-on sentence. Whew. Try reading that one aloud without taking a breath.

It'll be my March race yay! My sister is supposed to run it with me. So far weather looks good so I might be running with the Guys while she runs with her little one who is almost three months old. My how time flies.

I have not run with the jogging stroller in over a year. I guess we'll see how the Guys do. They are movers and shakers now so being strapped in a stroller for almost 45 minutes might not be the best idea. Here's hoping they enjoy the scenery and let Mama run.

I'm not planning on running for time since I have a long run planned for Sunday and I don't want super tired legs for that. My goal is to have fun at this and get the boys to the finish line with a minimum of tears. Finger crossed!

Have a great weekend!

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