Monday, March 2, 2015

Whoa Oh Oh Oh For the Longest Time

Getting the timing just right for a long run takes some effort. I plan on my long run either Saturday or Sunday depending on family plans and the weather and how the Guys are handling the daily trials of being a toddler. This weekend I had a baby shower on Saturday immediately followed by grocery shopping so I could make food to bring to my mom on Sunday for a visit. I thought about possibly getting up early on Sunday to run but realized I just plain, old didn't want to.

I took the Guys to visit my mom on Sunday morning. Got home in time to put them down for a nap and wait for my sister to show up. Hubs had hockey Sunday afternoon so there was a brief overlap where he would be gone still and I wanted to run. Thankfully, I have an awesome sister who showed up and hung out for an hour so I could get my run started. Hubs relieved her so she could head to a birthday party and I got to take just a little over an hour and half to get my seven miler in.
I love starting the month out with a long run!

I felt just as badass during this run as I did during my six miler last Sunday. There was a point where I was thinking I was on mile four and I looked down and realized I was halfway done with mile five! Love it!

I am sticking with my No Sugar Added plan. I actually forgot to weigh myself so I will do that tomorrow morning. I did indulge in some super awesome chocolate yesterday. At the Valentine's dance I went to we were given a little favor box of three pieces of yummy chocolate (I know because we get this brand every year around Christmas) that I saved for March. After my awesome calorie burn from my run I felt just fine indulging in the yummy treat.

It's supposed to be 37 and rainy tomorrow during my run and I don't care because 37! A little rain but above freezing temps? I'll take it!


  1. You are a badass lady. Great job on that 7 miler!

  2. Wow great job on that run and getting it in when you can!

  3. Yeah! Way to go with the scheduling! Seriously, I think that's most of the effort of doing long runs for me too...finding the time! You crushed that run!

  4. "...handing the daily trails of being a toddler" made me laugh. So impressed with your long runs in this funky weather. Enjoy the heat wave :)