Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't You Forget About Me, Don't Don't Don't Don't

April is my birth month. Which means it is a badass month. For the most part, April tends to be pretty OK when it comes to weather. I am going to conquer April this year!

But first, let's see how I did with March:
I hit EIGHTY MILES last month. Thank you half marathon training! I am still feeling really good about this upcoming race. I have one more long run this weekend and then I start tapering.

As for my steps, I am proud to say I hit my goal of 10,687 steps daily every single day. I know it's a random number, but my Jawbone suggested it after I was hitting 10K pretty regularly. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get a monthly chart from my Up app. If and when I do get a monthly recap I will post it here.

I didn't get as much midweek running in as I would like which stinks but with it staying lighter later I think I might start aiming for evening runs.

And now for April.

I turn thirty-five this month, something that is making me feel a little weird and wonky. Mid-thirties, huh? Yikes. Every time I start to feel a little icky about a birthday I think about the scene in Friends when Rachel turns thirty and makes Tad come out of the bedroom and tell the rest of the friends a list of rules about how to celebrate her birthday. I feel ya, Rachel.

I am running my first half-marathon of the year on April 18th. And possibly my second half-marathon of the year on April 25th. We will see how I feel after this week's long run.I had dreams of a PR in my half this year, but probably not for this race. As for the half on the 25th, I would be doing that for fun, to support a great local group, and to qualify for Half Fanatics. It's a cheap half marathon, only $40, so it would be worth it if I could qualify. Plus, I ran the 5K for this race series last year and it was fun, well run, and near my mom's house. Gotta love free baby-sitting!

And by the end of this month I plan on being in Onederland. It WILL happen.

How about you? Any fun goals or races planned?


  1. Hitting your step goal every. single. day. = crazy amazing!! The only "race" I know I am doing for sure is a fun walk to benefit "Friends of Kids with Cancer" in honor of our friends little guy. If we haven't succeeded our "project" I am sure I will be adding some activities (we have an idea I am very excited about). We will know next week.

  2. Wow you rocked March! Sounds like you are gonna ROCK April too! Happy early birthday! Mid 30s weren't too bad for me. 40.. ugh.
    No races but I do have a tennis tourney that I'm participating in! My first legit one!

  3. Ha ha, I love that episode of Friends! Although, I pretty much love every episode of Friends.

    Great job on your monthly goals! And you're running to halves within a week? That IS bad ass!

    Happy birthday month!

  4. Great job and congratulations on getting to Onederland ahead of time, because I know you can do it!