Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hold Me Fast 'Cause I'm a Hopless Wanderer

Hubs left for a weekend golf trip early this morning. I got up and he had left me a present, a bottle of wine and some Bath and Body Works stress relieving bath salts.  Now that is a man who knows what it is like to raise toddlers!

Of course, he then sent me an email later on this morning with an apology because he had accidentally taken my running sunglasses with him.

And guess who is running on Saturday when it's supposed to be SUNNY out?

I think those two cancel each other out.


My 5K is in Detroit, The Super Run. So far, I am less than impressed. Race day information is sporadic and since I am packing up two toddlers and running with them the more information I have ahead of time, the better. Keep your fingers crossed this race isn't a complete cluster.

At least the weather should be nice.

I mean, aside from it being sunny and me without my shades.


  1. Can you buy a cheap pair of shades to get by? I generally stick with 10 dollar drug store sunglasses since they get lost or broken so often! And they still protect your eyes 8)

  2. That is a good husband right there! Well the wine and bath salts part, not the stealing sunglasses part. ;) I agree with Tiina, cheap drug store glasses are the way to go.

  3. Aww sweet hubby but yes, stop by Target or something and get 'chu another pair of shades! 1 is never enough and I'm always losing mine!

  4. How thoughtful of your husband :) Hoping those little guys nap so you can put the gift to good use.

  5. Baths are my go-to relaxation too :)