Wednesday, May 27, 2015

'Cause the Flag Still Stands For Freedom

Pardon my tardiness on posting my recap for my race for the month of May. I had dental work yesterday that will hopefully be it for me, well aside from getting the stitches out next week. And the follow up appointment in three months. And the one three months after that. And the one six months after that.

Holy shit, I just realized I'm going to dental appointments like I went to appointments with the boys when they were little peanuts. Seriously, this damn tooth is as much work as a newborn!

I ran the Wins For Warriors 9K on Memorial Day. The weather looked good. There was a slight chance of rain and it was supposed to get into the 80's, but the race started at 9:00AM so I figured it would be cool enough.

I got down to Comerica Park at about 8:00AM. My friend had already picked up my packet and t-shirt. We checked out some of the veteran groups inside Comerica Park. I had no idea there were that many support groups and I really, really hope veterans are made aware of the resources available to them when they are home.

Wins For Warriors is a charity geared towards providing mental health resources to veterans in the Detroit area, as well as in Virginia, maybe?, which is where Justin Verlander, the pitcher for Detroit Tigers, is from.

At 8:45 the opening ceremony started. A few different men from the different groups there had some speeches and a woman sang the National Anthem. Then we were directed to line up. The race was small, probably close to 300 people max.
 My friend and I lined up near the back.
The starting line and Comerica Park to the right
The starting gun went off and away we went. The weather was perfect, overcast with a lovely breeze. Right away we fell to the back of the pack. The first part of the race was around the stadium, then onto Woodward.
I had my fuel belt but ended up running with my phone in my hand so I could take pictures. Neither S. or I had plans to run this at a fast pace, in fact, I was running without my Garmin, so we focused on having fun.

The first mile flew by, which rarely happens. A lot of the time it feels like it takes forever for that sign to show up.
S. and I talked and enjoyed the lovely day and the scenery. By Mile 2 we were starting to head towards the riverfront.
We got to pass some fun Detroit sights:
This arena won't be around for much longer, a newer one is being built next year
Freighter on the Detroit River
At one point on the riverfront I recognized one of the volunteers as Katie from Runs For Cookies. I always make a point to thank every volunteer along the way. I had one of those moments where I was saying, "Thank you." for volunteering and my brain was running through it's card catalog of faces going, "How do we know her?". As soon as I figured it out, I half yelled, "Katie! I read your blog. I love it. Thanks for volunteering!" Katie very kindly said, "Thanks! What's your name?" And I was all, "Meg!" and away we ran. I wish I had stopped and taken a picture, but ah well.

By Mile 4 S. was starting to run out of steam so we ended up walking more than running. I was feeling surprisingly good. Surprising because I hadn't run further than three miles since my half marathon back in April.

I spent the rest of the race cheering her on, making her run when she didn't want to, and pretty much babbling in order to distract her.

We had some rain about a mile from the finish. Thankfully it let up pretty quickly. I didn't mind getting wet, my biggest concern was the fact that if it rained too hard we wouldn't be able to do down on the field at Comerica Park. Spoiler alert, we were able to run the warning track!

We crossed the finish line just under 1:20. After we crossed the finish line we were directed down to the field where we could walk or run around the warning track.
Once we hit home plate we were given medals which were a surprise, they weren't mentioned on the website at all.

And after the race we went out for brunch and I got a delicious Bloody Mary.

All in all, the race was great. There were some small things that I didn't dig, mostly the fact they only had one water station. Thankfully it wasn't that hot, but we maybe could've used one more station. Also, at the end of the race, once we got our medals and were directed off to the concourse there was no real direction. I saw people with bananas and bagels but have no idea where they got them. We could've used more communication when it came to pre-race stuff, but again, no big deal, the race was small enough that we figured everything out.

Really, though, this race was for the Wins For Warriors charity so I didn't mind any of that. I had fun, I finished with a smile on my face, and I got to help out a great charity. What more could I ask for?


  1. I love being the babbling distracting friends. Way to help a really great cause :)

  2. Definitely sounds like a do-again race. Love the Detroit sights.

  3. Awesome! Great race indeed! Hope the dental issues are in the process of being resolved mostly pain free!

  4. Sounds like a great race! And lol about the tooth being like a newborn.

  5. Awesome job on the race! How are you guys looking so foxy when you're running, that's no fair! ;)

  6. It's interesting to read this from a runner's point-of-view! I wish I could've been at the starting line and finish line when the race was going on, but I missed all that. Volunteering was so fun, though! Thanks for saying hi! ;)