Friday, May 8, 2015

Her Face is a Map of the World

I took a post-run picture last night and couldn't figure out why it looked so terrible. Yes, I know my picture game isn't that strong, but I just looked weird. Was it the lighting? The angle?
I have a dimple in my left cheek that has disappeared.

It honestly took me a few minutes to realize that the swelling in my face was the problem, not my inability to take a nice picture, a la Chandler Bing.

I finally gave up on trying to smile and made duck lips. Because that's where my life is right now.
I just realized you can see my dog, Lona, on the couch back there. Cute photo bomber!
Hubs had hockey last night but I really wanted to run so I had about a half hour to get in as much mileage as I could. I ended up doing 2.20 miles in 26 minutes. The sun was setting so it was getting dark, but not too dark where I couldn't see the sidewalk. I pushed myself pretty hard, something I haven't really been doing on runs, mostly because a lot of my runs have been long runs in training for my half. It was nice to just try to see how fast I could go.

The best part about a good workout is how it just makes me forget things, like how much my face hurts. For those 26 minutes I was just thinking about running, not tripping over sidewalks, and enjoying a good workout.

And guess what? I just called the endodontist and apparently, this much swelling isn't necessarily a good thing. So, yeah, guess who gets to go in tomorrow for more poking of the face, etc. You all, seriously, I should just get all my damn teeth pulled and get some dentures.

Alright, I will try to let that go and quit whining about it. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Seriously, you are amazing! I would be laying on the couch waiting for flowers and ice cream to be delivered...and you are out running!! Go Meg :)

  2. Just think! If you got dentures, you could get a super cool sparkly grill. Silver linings, right?

    Hope you feel better soon though and they can get you patched up!

  3. I think the picture looks fine! Great job on the run!!

  4. You look pretty in both pictures, ya crazy. :)