Monday, May 11, 2015

I'll Give You Something You Can Cry About

Let the tooth drama continue!

When we left off I was scheduled to see the Endo at some point on Saturday. Someone from the office was going to call me at 10:00AM and if it was still swollen then I would go in. I woke up Saturday with high hopes that all would be fine.

I said to Hubs, "Does it look any better?"
Pay no attention to the puffy cheek. It's normal!
And he said, "You look beautiful. But your face is still really, really swollen."


Hubs had to go to a funeral, my sister had to go to a baby shower, so when the office called at 10:00AM and scheduled me to come in as soon as I could I called my friend K. I had already asked her if she could watch the boys on the off chance (I had high hopes, people) I had to go to the dentist so she was ready for my call.

And the Endo the lovely Dr. D. pretended like I had a choice in the matter and said, "Well, you're on antibiotics and have only been for 24 hours so we can wait and see if that will bring the swelling down. Or I can make an incision in the gum and put in a drain and leave that for 48 hours."

And I said, "Great, wait for the antibiotics it is."

And he said, "Let me just get some topical numbing stuff on your gums."

Wait, what? How come you get to pretend like I have a choice in the matter, Dr. D? I call bullshit!

Now, I am a woman who appreciates knowing what is going to happen. I also appreciate honesty. Don't sugarcoat stuff for me, tell me the truth.

Which means when Dr. D said, "This is going to hurt more than a normal numbing shot because the gum tissue is already inflamed." I appreciated knowing, but was also upset because when a dentist tells you something is going to hurt it means it's going to really effing hurt.

I may have cried.

I made it through the procedure as bravely as one can. The drain comes out this afternoon which is good. It hasn't really bothered me, it just feels like I have a piece of plastic stuck between my gum and my cheek.
Me to Hubs. "Is it getting any better?" Hubs, "Um, sure."
Life does not stop because of dental issues. We took the boys to the park on Saturday and because sometimes you just have to say "screw it" when it comes to laundry, we let them play in a giant mud puddle.
And they loved every second of it!
By Sunday the swelling was coming down. I got to sleep in a bit and when I woke up I felt like going for a run so I headed out while Hubs wrangled toddlers for forty minutes.

3.25 miles later I was home. I felt good, nice and worked out! My face wasn't even throbbing so BONUS!

And a nice post-run picture:
The swelling really was coming down, I swear!
 We celebrated Mother's Day with my mom in the morning, his mom in the afternoon, and just the two of us for dinner. It was a great day even with a jacked up mouth!

And now for this week. The awesome Facebook group I belong to, Lovely Ladies Losing It, is doing a month long challenge broke down into individual weekly challenges. This week we are focusing on our H2O. Bring on the water!


  1. You poor thing! I hope they can get this all figured out soon so you don't have to deal with swelling and pain anymore. How terrible :( I'm glad that you still got to enjoy your run and mother's day though!

    1. No way am I going to let a little swelling keep me from carbs!

  2. God I am cringing reading all of that. I hope you are feeling better!

    1. I know, it sounds terrible. I'm the poster child for dental eff ups apparently.

  3. You are such a trooper :) I know I shouldn't laugh,but the way you make humor out of something so icky is genius.

    1. Hey if you can't make fun of yourself what's the point?

  4. Oh you poor thing! And to get up and run with all that pain! You are my hero!