Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm Gonna Give All My Secrets Away

I went to the opera with my friend last night. Gotta love a birthday opera date. We had dinner first, delicious Greek food. I love me some tzaziki! Other than the bread, which I used to sop up the tzaziki, my meal was pretty on point. I got the vegetarian platter, ate the veggies, the potato, and saved the spinach pie for Hubs.

I figured I burned off all the calories walking from the restaurant to the Opera House. Not really. But it sounds good.

We saw Faust, which was very depressing and had all sorts of slut shaming going on. Much like today, I suppose. My friend was in the chorus so we met up with him afterwards and I picked his brain. My main concern was, were we actually supposed to like Faust? Because I thought he was a bit of an assclown.

Somehow I managed to get up and run this morning. I love my internal debates. I knew if I hit snooze I would only be getting about twenty more minutes of sleep. How could I justify not running?

Again, I cannot stress how simply odd it is for it to be so damn bright out at 6:00AM.

I altered my route a bit, got some hills in, and ended up aiming for three miles since I had enough time, or so I thought. Of course doing the three miles completely jacked my morning routine and I ended up running around the house like a crazy person trying to shower, make coffee, make breakfast.

I love how my splits show the point where I realized, "oh shit, I gotta bust ass or I'm going to be late!"
I did get to work and chug 24 ounces of water right off the bat so boom to that one!

And because my tooth issues refuse to be silenced I am going to overshare. Apparently one of the side effects of my super strong antibiotics is stomach issues. Dentist asked about it on Saturday, but I was fine. Not so much anymore. I have three days worth left to take and having to run to the bathroom shortly after taking it is getting old. Bleh.

Hey, we made it over the hump. It's Thursday! Which means it's practically Friday! Oh happy day!


  1. This tooth needs to hit the road? How much longer till your appointment to get it fixed? And way to have an impromptu tempo workout :p

  2. I just made an appt for our dachshund to get teeth removed...I feel terrible for you both! Thanks for the water bottle was feeling ignored :)

  3. Sonic totally had to google Faust, lol! But, wow, depressing. :/

    Great job on your run!!

  4. iPhones suck. That was..."So I totally had to..."

  5. Just read your comment on my blog. Do the Kona Run! Then I'll finally get to meet you!!!