Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Kids on the Block Had a Bunch of Hits/ Weigh-in Wednesday

Sometimes one needs a kick in the ass to really get moving on their weight loss journey.

And sometimes that kick in the ass comes in the form of a reunion party with people who have not seen you in almost twenty years.

In high school I was in show choir. I loved it, obviously my love for performing has yet to go away, and became friends with a great group of people. Of course, we all grow up and move away. I am still friends with a few of the people from choir, but most of them I haven't seen since high school. And some of them don't have Facebook so I mean I have honestly not seen them since high school.

I just can't imagine hanging out with them again at my current weight.

Oh hell no!

Yes, it seems like a petty and shallow reason to really start buckling down. But, when one has been stress eating for two weeks, gained three pounds (IN ONE DAMN WEEK), and not running or exercising or doing any of the things one normally does, one, shit, I will take any damn excuse I can.

Alright, Meg. Time to get it, girl!

Here's the plan:

WAY more fruits and veggies
No car snacking
No fast food
More homemade meals
No pop (soda, whatever) diet or otherwise
Cardio four days a week
Strength training two days a week

I am in the zone!


  1. I'm with you. And ditto on your plan! (now that song is stuck in my head... was that LFO one of those Orlando, Fl boy bands?) I can't believe I know that one..

  2. Go get it, girl!!! Thanks for the reminder about evil "car snacking" - seriously, there is no reason for me to EVER eat in the car!

  3. I say take whatever motivation gets you to move! You've got this!