Monday, May 4, 2015

Now I Don't Want You Back For the Weekend, Not Back For a Day

Due to family issues I was unable to run the Super Run 5K on Saturday. The good news was I used a Groupon for it, so I believe it was only fifteen dollars. If I'm going to waste a race entry at least it was a cheap one. On top of that, I read reviews on it from my Moms Run This Town group and man, apparently it was poorly put together and poorly run and on top of that, not a timed event. I had an inkling it would be a crap show when we didn't get a single race day email until a few days before and race parking, packet pick-up, etc information wasn't posted on the website until around the same time.

I have no problem with fun runs, they can be a good time. But, if your race is going to be a fun run and not timed it should be posted all over your website in big shiny letters. Maybe with some motion to the font. Like a Broadway show sign. Or something on the Vegas Strip!

I missed the run. I'm bummed I didn't get to run with my friends, but, no worries, I have my other May races already planned.

Hubs was gone all weekend so the Guys and I spent plenty of time together. Thankfully, it was a beautiful weekend. There's a park about a mile from our house, we call it the Little Park because the equipment is clearly set up for the under five set.

Who needs fancy park equipment when there is a pile of dirt and some ants?
It's worth the two mile round trip to bring the boys there and not have to worry they are going to tumble from the top of a slide.
Yesterday I met some friends at the zoo. We went early, the zoo opens at 9:00AM and we pulled into the parking lot at 9:05. It was a good time and the boys had a blast, especially hanging out with my friends' kiddos. I feel like five minutes ago we were all freshmen in high school and now we're grown ups with kids. So weird.
Otters? What otters? We have buttons to push!
Between the park walks and the zoo I managed to crush my step goals each day this weekend. On Saturday I had 15,000 and change in steps.

Of course with Hubs gone, for some reason C. has decided his new wake up time, at least all weekend long, is 5:00AM. Kid, you are adorable but I will sell you to the gypsies, do not tempt me.

That was our weekend. Hope yours was fun. And May the 4th be with you!


  1. Sorry you had to miss your race, but it sounds like a fun weekend with the kiddos!

  2. Aww sorry about the race but sounds like a great weekend even still! Great job with those steps!

    I have a certain dog who gets up at that time too... grr.

  3. Wonder how much the gypsies would give you....

    1. I bet it will be a little more once they stay in their beds :) Hang in there, Meg!

  4. Love, love, love the ant inspectors :) I agree about fun runs and timed runs. At this point, I expect if you are having a race it will be timed unless stated otherwise.

  5. Ha! There are buttons at our aquarium and I swear that's the best part for one on my boys.