Monday, June 29, 2015

Blame It On the Rain, Yeah Yeah

With my Run a Race a Month plan, I was aiming for all new races each . My city has a local 5K every year to fundraise for our awesome fireworks and I can't pass up contributing to such an awesome show. Besides, the start line is walking distance from my house. Win!

Last year it was sunny and 80 degrees at the start.

This year it looked like this:
That is 57 degrees and rainy. And not just a drizzle. It full on rained all day on Saturday.

When I saw the weather I could've just said, eff it. They still had my money so I was still helping out the fireworks. But, unlike what my children believe, I am not the Wicked Witch of the West and I will not melt. I decided to run.

The problem with rain and this temperature is I knew I was going to overheat once I got moving. But, I also knew I would be cold, too. I ended up wearing leggings, my running jacket, and short sleeved shirt. Last year, when I got my shirt with my registration I just stashed my shirt under a bush and picked it up after the run. This year there was no where for me to put it so I put it on. This, of course, pushed me over the edge when it came to warmth.

The run wasn't bad. We started right on time and there were maybe 100 or so people there. I had my phone in my pocket inside a plastic baggie so I didn't take any pictures. It was the exact same route as the year before, and a route I am familiar with because I run it all the time. That's the beauty of a neighborhood race.

I went out fast. My first mile was so close to being under 11 minutes that I could actually taste it. BUT, the course jacked me up and ended the first mile on a damn uphill. I couldn't maintain that pace going up so I had to slow down a smidge and finished it at 11:01. Balls.

I slowed down each mile for the rest of the race. I was bummed out about that, but the weather, and killing it that first mile just beat me down. I ended finishing in 35:34 with was about 30 seconds less than my time for that course last year, and about a minute slower than my PR. Not a bad race, at all.

I skipped the bagels, grabbed a bottle of water, and slogged home to my guys. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out. I love weekends like that. Zero plans, just me and my family.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gotta Make a Move to a Town That's Right For Me

I have been living in Funkytown lately. And not the good Funkytown, the gross one where I find myself being angry at everyone, wanting to eat everything, being cranky, etc. You know what one I'm talking about.

When I get in that kind of mood I have a hard time exercising and I have a hard time sharing things with everyone. Seriously, I spend twenty minutes yesterday writing a post all about what shit is currently pissing me off and I realized not only do I not want to read about that, I'm sure no one else does!

Thanks to Jessica at A Little More Each Day I was nominated for a blogging award and thus given a topic to write about. While I'm sure you were all eager to read about how many shitty drivers are on the road these days (GROWN UPS, STOP TEXTING AND DRIVING YOU ARE SETTING A HORRIBLE EXAMPLE FOR THE TEENAGERS IN YOUR CAR!) I will spare you and instead answer the questions Jessica asked. Pop on over to her blog and read her answers, too. She is a smart, well spoken, awesome woman! Seriously, read her stuff she rocks!
As part of this award I answer questions and pass on the award so here are my answers:

1. In one word, how would you like your readers to describe your blog? 

2. Which is your most favorite among your blog posts? Why?
I honestly don't have a favorite. I like my race recaps so I can look back and see how far I've come. I also like my end of the year posts. Sometimes I get so caught up in the tiny little things that I forget that overall, over the whole course of a year, I got a lot of shit done.
3. What, who inspires most of your blog posts?
I like to write about my runs. I have plans to go back in a year or two or five and read about how hard it was for me to get back into running after the Guys were born. I like knowing I'm keeping a record of that. A lot of my training is done with the Guys or around their schedules so I am managing to mark down moments in our lives together without this being all about them. Because I am not just a mom. 

4. What do you aspire to accomplish this year?
My biggest goal this year is a 2:30 half marathon. I have the ability, I know I do. I just need to stick with my training. I also really want to get in my 1000 miles this year. And I like just getting better. I like new PRs and trying new races and making new runner friends. I want to be an inspiration. I want someone to read my blog or my Facebook and say, hey, if Meg can do it, then I can, too!

5. What do you aspire to learn this year?
I want to learn body acceptance this year. I have had some tentative steps forward, buying a bathing suit that doesn't cover my thighs, and some steps backward.  I also want to learn how to read music.
6.What is your most favorite book? Why?
Like Jessica, asking me to pick a favorite book is almost cruel. I am one of those readers who falls desperately in love with whatever she is reading (if it's worthy enough). I give little bits of my heart to those books. So I'll break it down.
Favorite Romance: The first three books in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I read these books in high school and fell in love with Jamie. Oh my word. I didn't like the later books anywhere near as much and have since stopped reading the series. But those first three...picture me fanning my face a la Scarlett O'Hara.
Favorite YA (that is not Harry Potter): Of course Harry is on the list. My favorite YA author is Sarah Dessen. I wish she was writing when I was a teenager, a lot of her books hit close to home for me.
Favorite Current book: The Bone Season and Mime Order by Samantha Shannon. Supposedly, this is a seven book series and only the first two are out right now. I LOVED both of these books. Full on loved them and I have recommended them to so many people because I just don't hear people talking about them and they should be! The protagonist is a young woman, a nineteen year old, I believe, so while it may seem YA it isn't written quite like it. Reminds me of a bunch of different stuff, Harry Potter, Neil Gaimon, Philip Pullman, Katniss Everdeen, If you're into sci-fi/magic/fantasy I would seriously recommend these books. I have high hopes for the rest of the series.
Favorite Book From My Past: From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankenweiler. I read this book so many times when I was a kid I practically had it memorized. I can't wait to share it with my sons!
Can you tell I love reading?

7. What’s the most courageous thing you  have ever done? 
Wow, this is an interesting one. I don't think I've done many courageous things. I often look back and wish I had been braver while in school. Stood up for kids getting picked up. Stood up for myself. Maybe that will be a goal for next year, to be more courageous.

8. If you could be a superhero, what would be your superpower?
I would want to fly. I think being able to fly makes it easier to save people AND see the world. I would also want to be able to heal. If you've ever watched Charmed and saw how Leo used to use his sparkly light to heal things. That would be cool.
9. Who is your female role model?
My mom has always had a super strong influence in my life. When my sister and I were younger she would repeatedly, and I mean REPEATEDLY, tell us we didn't have to get married, we didn't have to have children, just because we were women.   My sister is pretty bad ass, too!

Rules of the Award:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and post a link to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your site.
  • Answer the same questions above.
  • Nominate seven blogs
A bunch of my nominations were already taken by Jessica, since we're in the same awesome Facebook group, so I won't double nominate them. Here are mine:

1. Lovely Dreams at Dreaming Small, my fellow twin mama!
2.  Meg at My Journey to a Fit Mommy, my fellow Meg and runner!
3. Maegan at Running With Random who loves books!
4. Jessica at See How She Runs, yay fellow runners!

And I'm going to drop the mic and say peace out before I tell you how I feel about people who work in hospitality yet act like total dillholes.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Where Ever He Laid His Hat Was His Home

Part of my husband's extra special Father's Day gift was the chance to sleep in. I am quite giving like that. The Guys were up at 6:30 so I wrangled them, changed them, and then loaded them up for my run.

Coincidentally not only was it Father's Day yesterday but it was also my first long run of my half marathon training plan. The plan was for five miles.

Now five miles isn't that far of a distance for me. I ran 6.2 just the week before and that was 6.2 miles with a lot of little and big hills thrown in there for fun. The weather wasn't terrible Sunday morning, it was overcast and there was a nice breeze so it should have been a pretty decent run.

Then you add in the Toddler Factor.

Here are what my splits looked like:

And here is a breakdown for each mile:

Mile One: Not too shabby. We've got juice and graham crackers and the boys are happy and hey look at those bunny rabbits and the cars and we're good.

Mile Two: No, don't throw your juice cup. Stop poking your brother. Hands to yourself, please. Of course I have more graham crackers. Stop throwing your juice cup!

Mile Three: Let's calm down by standing in the parking lot of the police station counting police cars. Here's hoping the cops don't think I am acting suspiciously by circling the lot with a stroller. I swear to you, Officers, it's for the kids!

Mile 3.5: Yes, those are a lot of ants. OK, let's stand here and check out the massive ant hill for a few minutes. OK, say bye to the ants. I know, Mama is sad we are leaving the ants, too.

Mile 4: Holy shit, I took up a lot of time looking at ants. No, don't repeat what mama said.

Mile 5: Are we home yet? Because the two velociraptors wrestling in my jogging stroller are making for a difficult run right now. Who runs five miles with a million pounds of toddler strapped into a jogging stroller. Is it too early to start drinking?

Longest. Five. Miles. Ever! Plus, I ended up with a blister...on my damn finger.

Lovely Dreams over at Dreaming Small runs ALL THE TIME with her kiddos and I seriously want to take a moment and give her a standing ovation because holy crap.  You know what else? She does all that PLUS runs when it is hotter than the surface of the sun hot out.

We got back after nine and Hubs woke up right when we arrived home. Possibly because I opened the bedroom door and sent the boys in there to wake him up. Thus started our Father's Day celebrations.

Hope you had a wonderful fun-filled weekend. Or a relaxing one. Or a renovations filled one (Anna).

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Solid. Solid As A Rock

A few days ago someone in my Facebook group talked about how she went for a run after eating spaghetti for dinner and regretted it. I read that and thought, "Oh that must suck. I've never had a problem running after I've eaten a big meal."

And then the Universe laughed in my face.

The Guys had their first swim lesson yesterday and loved it. We got them home and in bed and then Hubs started cooking dinner. I briefly debated going for a run while he cooked but figured I wouldn't have enough time. I thought I would go after I ate and all would be fine.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

We had sloppy joes and baked french fries for dinner. Hubs made the sloppy joes from scratch so they were delicious. Even so, I limited myself to one sloppy joe and a nice serving of fries. I was full but not stuffed. Immediately after dinner, I threw on my runner gear and left the house.

After .25 miles I wanted to turn around and go home. My stomach hurt. My chest hurt. And I honestly thought I was going to throw up. How could being full make it hard to breathe?!?

I suffered through three godawful miles where I felt like my stomach and chest were made out of brick. I planned my route for 3.5 but once my Garmin beeped at mile three I stopped running. I simply could not make my body go faster than a walk.
I like to call that third mile my "Just Don't Die" mile
Hubris, ugh.

Never again will I eat before a run. Not like that at least. Holy shit.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How Rude!

I have run my fair share of races. I am by no means a professional, but I have witnessed things that would knock your socks off. So, here are some tips from me, the Professional For Fun Runner!

Race Etiquette 101 As Told By Me

1. Hey, fast runners, or maybe middle of the pack runners, or shoot runners in general, I get it, when you finish there are a plethora of goodies available. Ooh look at all those bagels and bananas and glistening bottles of ice cold water just waiting for your consumption. Just because there are a lot there when YOU finish doesn't mean there will be a lot there when someone finishes ten minutes after you or twenty minutes. Take one and leave some for the back of the pack. You would be blown away by the amount of times I have seen people take three or four bottles of water and a handful of bagels. Come on, now!

2. While I know how much fun it is to run with people you know the best advice I can give you is, when the road is narrow, stop running right next to each other. It seems like a given, right? I told you all how I had a hard time finished the Kona 10K on Saturday. Well, I just got to preview my finish line photos and you can barely see me because of those two ladies and their stopping and holding hands. Seriously, I don't know I even show up because my bib is hardly visible. Way to ruin it, ladies.

3. Say thank you to the volunteers. They got up even earlier than you did and are standing out in the cold or the heat or the rain for no pay! Also, don't get mad at the volunteers. They aren't the ones who screwed up the course, or ran out of supplies. Take those problems up with the racing company!

4. Always check behind you before moving from a run to a walk. I use the Galloway method so I regularly decrease my speed from run to walk. I always take a quick glance over my shoulder before I slow down. If there's someone there I start to slow down to give them time to pass me and then I stop to walk.

5. Spitting is disgusting but sometimes it happens. MOVE TO THE SIDE OF THE COURSE TO SPIT YOU VILE CREATURES YOU! Seriously, there is nothing more repulsive than feeling the warm spray of someone's spit. UGH, just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

6. Yes, you are very fast and going for the Olympic World Record or whatever the hell it is called. Doesn't mean you don't have time to deposit your water cup in the damn trash. And if you don't have time, at least aim for the trash.

7. Line up according to your pace. In bigger races the elite racers start at the front of the pack and there are corrals and much fanfare. In smaller races it is up to the runners to figure out where they should line up. If you are walking you should start at the back. Not the middle of the pack, the back of the pack. I always head towards the back of the pack because I am on the slower side and then am shocked when about a quarter mile in I hit a wall of walkers, like, "Dude, if you started that far in front of me that I am just now catching up to you then you started in the wrong area!"

8. If you are going to listen to music, USE HEADPHONES. I know that sounds like a given, but I passed two different people at my most recent run who were listening to their music on speaker. I think they made me faster because one of them was listening to country and I ran from that like Dracula from sunlight. NOT THE COUNTRY MUSIC! AHHHHH!

9. To go along with number 8, DO NOT WEAR NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES AT A RACE. Shit, don't wear them when you run EVER. You're just asking to get clipped by a car or an ambulance or someone sprinting behind you. Be aware of your surroundings!

10.And for racing companies, HAVE MORE PORT-A-POTTIES! Seriously, you can never have enough of them. Spring for lots of them. Lots and lots of them. And not just at the start. If you have a halfway port-a-potty make sure you have three or four of them because they will get used and there will be lines. TRUST ME.

What would you like to add to my etiquette list? What's your biggest running or racing pet peeve? This is a judgement free zone!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Am I Still Your Charm Or Am I Just Bad Luck?

I signed up for the Kona 10K for one reason and one reason alone. Steph from That Loud Redhead was running this race with her son and it was a great excuse to finally meet her.

I got to the race location a little early. Google Maps was dead on on how long it would take me to get there so I had time to spare. Or so I thought. Then I decided to do a "just in case" check and realized packet pick-up was off site. I quickly drove to the pick-up location, which was thankfully not far, got my bib and running shirt, and drove back to the parking lot where I met up with Steph.

Seriously, she is just as awesome and funny and genuinely nice as she seems in all of her blog posts! Her son took some pre-race pictures of us then we walked to the start. The start and the finish are at different loca
It was just so darn nice to have someone to talk to before the start. I run a lot of solo races, or races where my family just meets me at the end, so I'm used to standing around and waiting and being kind of bored. Not this race. We passed the time talking about our lives, kids, and hockey, of course!

The start of the race was literally on the track of Northville Downs, a horse racetrack.
At the start, Steph and I headed off in our different ways, although in hindsight I kind of regret it. In looking at my splits I would've been able to keep up with her and her son and been able to hang out with them for the run. Ah well, right?

We ran around the track and then were funneled through the parking lot and up a giant hill. I knew about the hill. Steph warned me about it, plus it was on the elevation chart.
This is about halfway up the hill. Like always, the picture doesn't do the hill justice.
I took my time; I really, really, really didn't want to burn out on the first mile. I felt good after that hill and first mile and kicked my pace up a notch.

Each mile felt better and better. By the time I finished the fourth mile I figured I could start to really let myself fly on the downhill parts (thanks for the tip Tiina!) and then just slow down for the uphills. I felt good. I didn't feel like throwing up or dying.

I forgot to mention this but the weather was PERFECT. It was overcast and maybe 60 degrees out. There was rain right before the race and an occasional sprinkle during, but that was it. I'm sure that was part of why I felt so darn good.

My longest run since my half in April had been five miles so I wasn't sure how I would feel with this one. I had no time goal. But, like most runners, I wouldn't have been mad if I PRed.

As the miles passed by I started to do math and figured I could maybe, just maybe, eek out a PR. I started to kick up the pace.

There was some elevation gain and loss, but nothing like the first hill. And I felt good. I don't know if it was the squats I had done a time or two while training for this, or maybe it was just the Running Gods smiling on me. Whatever it was, I was able to run this race, a race I hadn't really trained for, with not only a shiny new PR (by almost a minute), but with some serious negative splits!
At the time I didn't realize this was happening. I knew I was doing better than I had run the first mile, but I didn't realize how much better. Words cannot describe how happy that chart makes me. I ran that 10K like a boss. I finished strong and with a smile. AND I PRed.

Speaking of the finish line, little side note here, I was chugging along to the finish at a pretty good speed. I saw the clock and had hopes of a PR. However, the way the finish was set up, it was kind of narrow and there were two women in front of me who were running side by side. I couldn't pass them without running on the grass so I had to slow down. I get it, this isn't the Olympics, but not only did they add a few seconds onto my time, they also slowed down AT the finish line to grab hands and cross together. Again, it's not like I was going for the win here, but it seemed so rude. It would have been no problem had the finish line been wider, but it wasn't more than a couple of feet across (at least the cement part) (seriously, like a sidewalk width) and to take up that much space really sucked. I'm sure I am in their finish line photo as I was right behind one of the women, I mean, right over her shoulder. And probably glaring at her. Like I said I am all for a celebratory photo finish, but not when the finish is so narrow. Ok, I'm done venting.

Afterwards I met up with Steph and her son and we enjoyed our bagels with some more conversation then walked back to our cars. Maybe Steph was my good luck charm? We have plans to find another race that we can actually run together!

And because the race started so early, I was done in time to be home and spend the day with my family. I enjoyed the rest of the weekend, which always goes by too quickly. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pretty Woman, Don't Walk On By

Tomorrow is the Kona Run 10K. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. So I will spend today prepping myself physically and mentally. Oh yeah, and getting my shit in order so I don't forget my watch and timer like I did at the LAST race I participated in.

I have never been to this race, or the city it is being held in, and I am going down there by myself, so I'm a bit worried about that.

Here is Meg's 10K Prep List

1. Obsessively check the weather. As of right now, it looks great. But, I live in Michigan so I know how this can change within seconds of the start of the race.
2. Drink lots of water today. Sure, I'll be peeing all the time, but I gotta make sure I am as hydrated as I can be before tomorrow morning.

3. Plan my route to the race. Like I said, never been there before. And it is Construction Season here so Google Maps may be telling me to go a way with only one lane open. Or worse, ZERO lanes open. I also need to drive past a Tim Horton's because I need a salt bagel and some coffee before I run.

4. Plan my race day outfit. I should make this, WASH my race day outfit. I'm going with my short-sleeved Moms Run This Town tech shirt and capris. I'll bring my running hat and sunglasses just in case, but it's supposed to be cloudy so I might go without.

5. Eat some carbs for lunch. I read somewhere that carb loading for dinner before a race isn't as important as carb loading for lunch. Huh. Well, since I'm making Bobby's Flay's Chicken thighs (thanks Mary and Anna) for dinner and using them in lettuce wraps I won't have many carbs to load. Instead I will get something for lunch. I'm thinking Panera.

6. Hydrate some more. Because, really, do I have to say why? WATER IS AWESOME!

7. GO TO BED EARLY! Fingers crossed, but last night the Guys were in bed at a reasonable hour and actually stayed asleep. I'm planning on getting up at 5:30 to have time to get out of the house without panicking about it. Should be fun.

8. Charge my electronics. Since I am assuming I will be running alone it is better to have some music on hand. And my wireless headphones are awesome but they don't stay charged for very long.

9. Take it easy on my legs today. I shoot for 11,500 steps a day with my Jawbone but won't go out of my way to get those steps today. I'll take an easy walk with the Guys this evening, either to the pool or to the park, but nothing too crazy.

10. Chill out about the hills.
Ok, so there's some elevation gain there. I've been given some great tips from you guys. And I'm just aiming for fun and happy with this race. I'll also add a secondary goal of "fun and happy while running uphill" just to really stick home the point that I am not running this to burn myself out in the first mile.

If you are racing this weekend, good luck! And if you aren't racing, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Want to Run. I Want to Hide.

I wanted to make sure I was up early enough to run a decent distance this morning. The 10K I am running on Saturday is HERE and I feel somewhat ill prepared. The elevation is brutal. I'm not a good hill runner on the best of days. At least the weather, as of right now, is supposed to be good. I'll be running hills but I'll be cool!

I also wanted to be up early enough to finish my run before the Guys woke up. Hey, remember when they slept in until 8:30? Those were the days...

At 5:30 it's still dark enough to be considered dawn, but light enough I didn't need my head lamp. I stuck to a well-lit street for my first two miles. By then the sun was rising and it was pretty much daylight.
Sunrise over the golf course. I was pushing negative splits so I didn't have time to take a good picture.
I start to get inside my head for certain runs. I wasn't exactly struggling, but this run felt harder than usual. Which means I started to think how hard six miles was going to be two days from now. The only good part about being inside my head is it distracted me for about two miles. 

I'm going to keep the post-run red-faced pictures going.
And this guy woke up just as I walked in the door so I couldn't have planned it better.

Negative splits woot woot

I have to remind myself that I'm doing my monthly race challenge as a competition with myself. Some of those races aren't going to be PRs. My main goal is and always will be to have fun and finish with a smile!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Excuse Me, Think I've Mistaken You For Somebody Else

You would think the toddler who didn't settle down and fall asleep until after 9:00PM would sleep in, wouldn't you? You would think wrong.

I was all set to go for an early morning run. In fact, I set my alarm even earlier than normal since the Guys have been getting up so damn early and I wanted to be home before then. At 5:40 when my alarm went off, I got out of bed and gasped because there was A.. He must've heard my alarm and come into the bedroom (we sleep with the door open so we can hear the Guys). Nothing like seeing a smallish shape move out of the corner of your eye to get the juices flowing.

I got back in bed with him thinking maybe I could get him to fall asleep with sheer willpower by snuggling. That was a wash. After a few minutes of him wiggling around I gave Hubs a chance to sleep a little longer and got up with A. Seriously, my husband owes me about five years of sleeping in!

It wasn't rainy and it wasn't that cold out and I decided A. would come on the run with me. After a diaper change, loading him up with some milk and a cereal bar, loading him into the stroller, tucking a blanket around him, (jeez, I thought it was supposed to get easier to leave the house) we were off.

I don't knew when this happened, when my brain switched from being the kind of person who just says, screw it and sleeps in, to the kind of person who gets up early and runs even though I have an excuse not to. I mean, it was right there. I could have stayed on the couch with A. and watched some cartoons. We've done it before. But, it just didn't feel right. I WANTED to run. And if we were both going to be up, anyway, then damnit, I was going for a run!

I had about a half hour. There were some pretty dark, threatening clouds on the horizon, so I tried to keep it close to home. We zig-zagged through the neighborhood, trying to keep within a half mile of the house at all times. I have no problem running in the rain but I wasn't about to subject A. to that.

All in all I ended up with 2.05 miles. And a cute little dude to share in my post-run sweaty picture:

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lady, Running Down to the Riptide

Last week I was in the zone. My eating was spot on, my workouts kicked butt. And I felt GOOD all week long. Somehow I managed to keep that going through the weekend.

Friday: 2.25 evening run
Saturday: 2 mile walk, cleaning house
Sunday: 4 mile run, 25 minute swim

Sunday was rough. The Guys woke up at 5:45AM and were Crank Master 5000's. After attempting to doze on the couch, I gave up and packed them up in the jogging stroller and went for a run. If I was going to deal with cranky toddlers I was at least going to get my sweat on!
I can usually get about a half hour with them before they start to get pissed off at being strapped down. I planned my route so we didn't pass a single park (which meant running up hills with a jogging stroller and 70 pounds of toddler but a Mom does a Mom has to do!) and got about 45 minutes in before they started to holler. Thankfully, when I cut through our neighborhood we came across the tail end of a 10K. The boys spent the last mile clapping for runners which distracted them enough for me to get a full 4 miles in!
Sweaty Sunday Selfie
Because I am a glutton for punishment can't nap unless I am sick or pregnant (spoiler alert: I am neither) I ended up walking up to our community pool and swimming laps for 25 minutes while the boys slept. I have been debating taking the Masters swim class there, I like the idea of being able to access the pool at 6AM. But, I wanted to see if I even had it in me to swim for any sort of distance.

Since it currently hurts to move my arms, shit it hurts to move any part of my body at all, I am not sure I can handle an actual class with a training plan. We'll see. I think I'll attempt a few more swims this week. The pool is open until 8:30PM  and if it is warm enough and the boys go to sleep early enough I'll try it out. My bathing suit also worked out really well, although it is a teeny bit loose in the chest area. That's the problem with bathing suits. When they are dry they hold everything in place, but when the get wet they loosen up a bit. I'm not in danger of flashing anyone, I can just feel a bit of a wiggle which is disconcerting.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Midwest Farmer's Daughters Really Make You Feel Alright

I am the kind of person who will read all the awesome articles about how bigger women wear bikinis to the beach and nothing happens. And I get all pumped up by them. Like, hell yeah, ladies, let's wear whatever we want because we are all awesome and who cares if we have cellulite!

And then I have to go bathing suit shopping and I plummet back down to Earth.

Not this time.

Ever since the tankini became popular in, I don't know, the early 00's, I have been a fan. I have a lovely loose and flabby area at my inner thighs that even at my skinniest, and we're talking high school here, was still present. Once I found out I could buy a bathing suit that covered that area, I was sold.

There is a certain freedom in a tankini. There are also drawbacks. I have a larger chest and most tankinis, at least most of the ones I have tried, tend to allow for my voluptuousness to border on near toplessness. I don't need one of my post-pregnancy/post-breastfeeding boobies to pop out and scar some poor teenage lifeguard for life.

We signed our boys up for swim lessons this summer. I have never shied away from getting in the water with them, I refuse to let my body insecurities keep me from that. But, I have worn my tankinis, and struggled to keep the girls contained.

Well, fuck that.

Pardon my French.

I bought a bathing suit today. A one piece bathing suit that does nothing to hide my flabby legs, but keeps my chest supported and will work not only for swimming with the boys but also for the Masters swim class I am about to take.

And I reached for a pair of black bathing suit shorts to add to it and stopped myself. Because, you know what. Fuck. That.

Who cares if my inner thighs jiggle? Will that jiggle somehow cause the world to stop turning? Will children run screaming? No and no.

And other than the loose jiggle I have going on, my legs actually look pretty damn good. Hello runner's legs.

My one piece bathing suit instead of hiding my curves like my tankinis did, actually works with my curves, which is crazy since it is a damn bathing suit. I think I look pretty good in it!

Now we'll see how I feel after I wear it out in public.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hidden on the Pages is the Answer to a Neverending Story

I'm sure it was a combination of interrupted sleep and doing a workout video the night befire, but holy balls my run sucked last night!

I wanted to run for National Running Day and I also wanted to run because, well, because I like running and it helps with my weight loss. I did the same thing I did on Monday, put my workout gear on while the boys unwound before bed. As soon as they were asleep I was out the door.

Much like I can't get used to getting up early and having it be so bright out, I am still surprised when the sun is still shining at 8:00PM.

I wanted to run three or four miles and ended up with four. I really had to push myself the last mile, it felt a bit like running through wet cement. I would say quicksand but have you actually seen quicksand in real life not in the movies? It's not as impressive as it looks on film. Maybe it was like running through the Swamp of Sadness from Neverending Story.

And now I just had to pull myself out of that particular wormhole. I had such a crush on Atreyu.

I always think workouts like that, where you just struggle the whole time because your brain isn't in it or your body isn't in it, should be worth double the calories. There's calories burned by the activity and calories burned by telling your brain to shut up three million times.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Well You're a Real Tough Cookie With a Long History of Breaking Little Hearts Like the One in Me

Rehearsals for my summer musical started last night. I love doing shows and musicals, they make me so happy! But the rehearsals throw off my schedule and I tend to stop at McDonald's on my way home because it is RIGHT THERE and I am usually starving.

Not this time, you golden arched devil.

I had a sandwich on my drive to rehearsal so I wasn't starving on my drive home. And I have PLANS, guys, plans to lose some weight by the end of the summer and to do that I can't stop and hoover down some fast food. That's what I kept in my head as I drove by that shining red and gold beacon of fat. Losing weight. Being healthy. Losing weight. Being healthy.

When I got home I wasn't even that hungry so I decided to do the Pop Sugar workout video I did last Friday. It's a boot camp one that only uses body weight. And man, did it bust my ass! I thought it was hard on Friday, but dude, it was just as hard if not harder last night. Probably because I was doing it at 10:00PM after a long day.

To make matters worse, once I was done with that, I continued to be healthy and did thirty minutes of marching in place to get my step count over 10K and get some mileage for my continued walk/run streak. What the hell, Meg? What's with this healthy attitude?!?

After all that healthiness, I even got my shit ready to go for a run this morning with it being National Running Day and all. But, life intervened and one of the Guys decided he didn't want to sleep at 2:00AM. It took me a half hour to get him settled down and back in bed and when that was done I was all "eff running at 5AM" and reset my alarm for my usual wake up time. I can't not run today, though, so I will go out and get all sweaty and red faced after the Guys are in bed tonight. Should be another one of those lovely evenings with zero humidity and I am going to enjoy the hell out of it!

National Running Day. Holy shit, I love that that's a thing! If you're a runner, go on out and get a mile or two in today. And if you're a walker, shoot, go walk a mile or two because you are also badass! And if you're neither of these, then just do what you want because eventually your national whatever day will roll around.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'll Be Sittin' When the Evenin' Comes

The stars aligned last night and I ended up with an excellent evening for a run.

The weather was perfect. We took the Guys to the park after dinner, then home for baths and bedtime. They didn't nap yesterday, sorry Hubs, so they were ready for bed just before 8:00PM. As they were watching their pre-bed Paw Patrol (Seriously, the feminist in me cringes at all the stupid cartoons out now. Can we have more than ONE female Paw Patrol member? And can she not like pink? Because that makes me want to smack the entire show upside the face!) episode I changed into my running clothes. As soon as they were in bed, I headed out.

When I say the weather was perfect, I mean it. It was maybe 60 degrees out, the sun was setting, there was a cool breeze, and ZERO humidity. I was aiming for three miles, then switched it to four since I felt so good. I also tried to get in negative splits and was really sprinting by the end of my fourth mile.

I took a weird route through my neighborhood and by the time I finished mile four I realized I was about three-quarters of a mile away from my house. I said, screw it, and decided to go for five miles.
I was feeling a little nervous about my 10K in two weeks prior to this run. I know I ran an almost 6 mile run on Memorial Day, but I wasn't really pushing myself. I'm glad I was able to run five miles at a pretty good clip. Let's just hope the weather is as nice on June 13th as it was last night!

Lobster face post-run picture!
Little side note here, please tell me I am not the only one who gets slightly peeved when people don't acknowledge me when we run by each other. I mean, come on, we made eye contact, I gave you a little wave and nothing? I thought we were running buddies! I saw a guy wearing the same shirt as me, it's from the Turkey Trot which is a huge race so I see it quite a lot. But I thought it was cool, so I smiled and kinda yelled, "Turkey Trot twins!" and got nothing from him. Dude, I wasn't hitting on you, I was just acknowledging the awesomeness of two awesome runners wearing their awesome shirts. You know what, you are NOT awesome. Suck it, fartface!

Monday, June 1, 2015

It's a Jolly Holiday With You, Bert

It started out after the first week of May. I was logging walks and runs into Map My Run and realized I had been going for a week straight. I figured, why the hell not try for two weeks. And then three weeks. And then a whole month.

Some days my walks were little more than around the block (I'm looking at you, apicoectomy!) and some days I got a several mile run in.

And now my brain is saying, "Hey remember how cool it was to do that in May? Why not shoot for June, too?". Ok, Brain. Why not?

My wonderful ladies group on Facebook had a monthly challenge in May. We switched things up and did a week of over 100 ounces of water, a week of five servings of fruits and veggies daily, and a week of working out at least thirty minutes a day.  Even when we would switch weeks, I would find myself mentally challenging myself to do whatever it was from the previous week. For example, even after we're done with the water challenge I still find myself drinking more water. And I enjoy the challenge of trying to get in five servings of fruits and veggies daily. I just made a veggie soup and used pretty much every vegetable in our house. As I was cooking it I was thinking, "A big bowl of this would be low in calories and has to count for at least two servings of veggies!"

And I lost weight this month!

Now it's June. And I'm going to continue to challenge myself to get some sort of mileage in daily. I'm going to wake up and do early morning runs more often. I'm going to aim on being a B Eater, as in I eat well 80% of the time. I have found when I do that I am my most successful at avoiding the binge.

Happy June!