Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gotta Make a Move to a Town That's Right For Me

I have been living in Funkytown lately. And not the good Funkytown, the gross one where I find myself being angry at everyone, wanting to eat everything, being cranky, etc. You know what one I'm talking about.

When I get in that kind of mood I have a hard time exercising and I have a hard time sharing things with everyone. Seriously, I spend twenty minutes yesterday writing a post all about what shit is currently pissing me off and I realized not only do I not want to read about that, I'm sure no one else does!

Thanks to Jessica at A Little More Each Day I was nominated for a blogging award and thus given a topic to write about. While I'm sure you were all eager to read about how many shitty drivers are on the road these days (GROWN UPS, STOP TEXTING AND DRIVING YOU ARE SETTING A HORRIBLE EXAMPLE FOR THE TEENAGERS IN YOUR CAR!) I will spare you and instead answer the questions Jessica asked. Pop on over to her blog and read her answers, too. She is a smart, well spoken, awesome woman! Seriously, read her stuff she rocks!
As part of this award I answer questions and pass on the award so here are my answers:

1. In one word, how would you like your readers to describe your blog? 

2. Which is your most favorite among your blog posts? Why?
I honestly don't have a favorite. I like my race recaps so I can look back and see how far I've come. I also like my end of the year posts. Sometimes I get so caught up in the tiny little things that I forget that overall, over the whole course of a year, I got a lot of shit done.
3. What, who inspires most of your blog posts?
I like to write about my runs. I have plans to go back in a year or two or five and read about how hard it was for me to get back into running after the Guys were born. I like knowing I'm keeping a record of that. A lot of my training is done with the Guys or around their schedules so I am managing to mark down moments in our lives together without this being all about them. Because I am not just a mom. 

4. What do you aspire to accomplish this year?
My biggest goal this year is a 2:30 half marathon. I have the ability, I know I do. I just need to stick with my training. I also really want to get in my 1000 miles this year. And I like just getting better. I like new PRs and trying new races and making new runner friends. I want to be an inspiration. I want someone to read my blog or my Facebook and say, hey, if Meg can do it, then I can, too!

5. What do you aspire to learn this year?
I want to learn body acceptance this year. I have had some tentative steps forward, buying a bathing suit that doesn't cover my thighs, and some steps backward.  I also want to learn how to read music.
6.What is your most favorite book? Why?
Like Jessica, asking me to pick a favorite book is almost cruel. I am one of those readers who falls desperately in love with whatever she is reading (if it's worthy enough). I give little bits of my heart to those books. So I'll break it down.
Favorite Romance: The first three books in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I read these books in high school and fell in love with Jamie. Oh my word. I didn't like the later books anywhere near as much and have since stopped reading the series. But those first three...picture me fanning my face a la Scarlett O'Hara.
Favorite YA (that is not Harry Potter): Of course Harry is on the list. My favorite YA author is Sarah Dessen. I wish she was writing when I was a teenager, a lot of her books hit close to home for me.
Favorite Current book: The Bone Season and Mime Order by Samantha Shannon. Supposedly, this is a seven book series and only the first two are out right now. I LOVED both of these books. Full on loved them and I have recommended them to so many people because I just don't hear people talking about them and they should be! The protagonist is a young woman, a nineteen year old, I believe, so while it may seem YA it isn't written quite like it. Reminds me of a bunch of different stuff, Harry Potter, Neil Gaimon, Philip Pullman, Katniss Everdeen, If you're into sci-fi/magic/fantasy I would seriously recommend these books. I have high hopes for the rest of the series.
Favorite Book From My Past: From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankenweiler. I read this book so many times when I was a kid I practically had it memorized. I can't wait to share it with my sons!
Can you tell I love reading?

7. What’s the most courageous thing you  have ever done? 
Wow, this is an interesting one. I don't think I've done many courageous things. I often look back and wish I had been braver while in school. Stood up for kids getting picked up. Stood up for myself. Maybe that will be a goal for next year, to be more courageous.

8. If you could be a superhero, what would be your superpower?
I would want to fly. I think being able to fly makes it easier to save people AND see the world. I would also want to be able to heal. If you've ever watched Charmed and saw how Leo used to use his sparkly light to heal things. That would be cool.
9. Who is your female role model?
My mom has always had a super strong influence in my life. When my sister and I were younger she would repeatedly, and I mean REPEATEDLY, tell us we didn't have to get married, we didn't have to have children, just because we were women.   My sister is pretty bad ass, too!

Rules of the Award:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and post a link to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your site.
  • Answer the same questions above.
  • Nominate seven blogs
A bunch of my nominations were already taken by Jessica, since we're in the same awesome Facebook group, so I won't double nominate them. Here are mine:

1. Lovely Dreams at Dreaming Small, my fellow twin mama!
2.  Meg at My Journey to a Fit Mommy, my fellow Meg and runner!
3. Maegan at Running With Random who loves books!
4. Jessica at See How She Runs, yay fellow runners!

And I'm going to drop the mic and say peace out before I tell you how I feel about people who work in hospitality yet act like total dillholes.


  1. I need to add those books to my list of books to read. And yay for blog awards and learning more about bloggy friends.

    And yes, I really want to slap an asshat this week.

  2. I already love so many of the books on your list that I added The Bone Season for my reading list next month! Thanks for the recommendation!