Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hidden on the Pages is the Answer to a Neverending Story

I'm sure it was a combination of interrupted sleep and doing a workout video the night befire, but holy balls my run sucked last night!

I wanted to run for National Running Day and I also wanted to run because, well, because I like running and it helps with my weight loss. I did the same thing I did on Monday, put my workout gear on while the boys unwound before bed. As soon as they were asleep I was out the door.

Much like I can't get used to getting up early and having it be so bright out, I am still surprised when the sun is still shining at 8:00PM.

I wanted to run three or four miles and ended up with four. I really had to push myself the last mile, it felt a bit like running through wet cement. I would say quicksand but have you actually seen quicksand in real life not in the movies? It's not as impressive as it looks on film. Maybe it was like running through the Swamp of Sadness from Neverending Story.

And now I just had to pull myself out of that particular wormhole. I had such a crush on Atreyu.

I always think workouts like that, where you just struggle the whole time because your brain isn't in it or your body isn't in it, should be worth double the calories. There's calories burned by the activity and calories burned by telling your brain to shut up three million times.


  1. I wish they were worth double calories too. Seems like you work extra hard just to finish those!

  2. I love Neverending Story! Way to push through the crappy run. If only whining and internal debates actually burned calories.

  3. That quicksand thing from the Neverending Story traumatized me as a kid. I remember my parents actually had to turn the movie off because I was crying so hard! I am sorry your run blew towards the end, I always hate those runs where it's a struggle for no logical reason!

  4. I remember my mom explaining over and over again that the horse didn't REALLY die. Nothing cures depression like "cheer up or you'll die", right?

    Way to persevere!

  5. I struggle with the mental blocks a lot, which is one reason I haven't attempted running on a treadmill yet--if my brain's not in it, it's waaaay too easy just to stop. When I'm running outside, I HAVE to get home, so I have to finish.

    I need to watch Neverending Story again; I know I watched it and the sequels, but I honestly don't remember anything about it.

  6. Ha ha ha, that last line made me laugh out loud!!