Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Want to Run. I Want to Hide.

I wanted to make sure I was up early enough to run a decent distance this morning. The 10K I am running on Saturday is HERE and I feel somewhat ill prepared. The elevation is brutal. I'm not a good hill runner on the best of days. At least the weather, as of right now, is supposed to be good. I'll be running hills but I'll be cool!

I also wanted to be up early enough to finish my run before the Guys woke up. Hey, remember when they slept in until 8:30? Those were the days...

At 5:30 it's still dark enough to be considered dawn, but light enough I didn't need my head lamp. I stuck to a well-lit street for my first two miles. By then the sun was rising and it was pretty much daylight.
Sunrise over the golf course. I was pushing negative splits so I didn't have time to take a good picture.
I start to get inside my head for certain runs. I wasn't exactly struggling, but this run felt harder than usual. Which means I started to think how hard six miles was going to be two days from now. The only good part about being inside my head is it distracted me for about two miles. 

I'm going to keep the post-run red-faced pictures going.
And this guy woke up just as I walked in the door so I couldn't have planned it better.

Negative splits woot woot

I have to remind myself that I'm doing my monthly race challenge as a competition with myself. Some of those races aren't going to be PRs. My main goal is and always will be to have fun and finish with a smile!


  1. You're getting speedy, lady! Look at those numbers! And I've always been told that the key to hills is to keep a consistent effort, not pace. Use the same effort to go up the hill and let the pace drop. Then use the same effort to go down the hill and let your pace fly!

  2. Great job! I shorten my stride a lot on hills. People could probably walk faster than I run uphill though, so I might not be doing it right, lol.

  3. Tiina's right - don't try to stick your pace on hills or you'll end up exhausted way too fast. I also really try to think about my form on hills to distract myself. You'll do great!