Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'll Be Sittin' When the Evenin' Comes

The stars aligned last night and I ended up with an excellent evening for a run.

The weather was perfect. We took the Guys to the park after dinner, then home for baths and bedtime. They didn't nap yesterday, sorry Hubs, so they were ready for bed just before 8:00PM. As they were watching their pre-bed Paw Patrol (Seriously, the feminist in me cringes at all the stupid cartoons out now. Can we have more than ONE female Paw Patrol member? And can she not like pink? Because that makes me want to smack the entire show upside the face!) episode I changed into my running clothes. As soon as they were in bed, I headed out.

When I say the weather was perfect, I mean it. It was maybe 60 degrees out, the sun was setting, there was a cool breeze, and ZERO humidity. I was aiming for three miles, then switched it to four since I felt so good. I also tried to get in negative splits and was really sprinting by the end of my fourth mile.

I took a weird route through my neighborhood and by the time I finished mile four I realized I was about three-quarters of a mile away from my house. I said, screw it, and decided to go for five miles.
I was feeling a little nervous about my 10K in two weeks prior to this run. I know I ran an almost 6 mile run on Memorial Day, but I wasn't really pushing myself. I'm glad I was able to run five miles at a pretty good clip. Let's just hope the weather is as nice on June 13th as it was last night!

Lobster face post-run picture!
Little side note here, please tell me I am not the only one who gets slightly peeved when people don't acknowledge me when we run by each other. I mean, come on, we made eye contact, I gave you a little wave and nothing? I thought we were running buddies! I saw a guy wearing the same shirt as me, it's from the Turkey Trot which is a huge race so I see it quite a lot. But I thought it was cool, so I smiled and kinda yelled, "Turkey Trot twins!" and got nothing from him. Dude, I wasn't hitting on you, I was just acknowledging the awesomeness of two awesome runners wearing their awesome shirts. You know what, you are NOT awesome. Suck it, fartface!


  1. Wow dude, that was a kick-ass run!

    Maybe that guy was "in the zone" or something lol.

  2. Hahaha, I get sooooo pissy about people not acknowledging a polite smile or hi. It's like FFS, does it take that much energy to have simple courtesy. Glad I'm not the only one who gets so irritated about it. And good for you for turning a 3 miler into a 5 miler you little bad ass!

  3. Sounds like an awesome run! I've never had a runner ignore me, but bikers have! And I get mad at them, too. Oh, you think you're so cool up there on your bike? Too cool to wave or even smile? Jerk.

  4. I'm going to steal the phrase "Suck it, fartface". Just FYI.

    Way to kill your run! I also hate when people avoid the hello. We're runners! We must unite!

  5. I totally agree with you! I would have laughed if someone said that to me! (Cuz I have that shirt, too!)