Friday, June 12, 2015

Pretty Woman, Don't Walk On By

Tomorrow is the Kona Run 10K. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. So I will spend today prepping myself physically and mentally. Oh yeah, and getting my shit in order so I don't forget my watch and timer like I did at the LAST race I participated in.

I have never been to this race, or the city it is being held in, and I am going down there by myself, so I'm a bit worried about that.

Here is Meg's 10K Prep List

1. Obsessively check the weather. As of right now, it looks great. But, I live in Michigan so I know how this can change within seconds of the start of the race.
2. Drink lots of water today. Sure, I'll be peeing all the time, but I gotta make sure I am as hydrated as I can be before tomorrow morning.

3. Plan my route to the race. Like I said, never been there before. And it is Construction Season here so Google Maps may be telling me to go a way with only one lane open. Or worse, ZERO lanes open. I also need to drive past a Tim Horton's because I need a salt bagel and some coffee before I run.

4. Plan my race day outfit. I should make this, WASH my race day outfit. I'm going with my short-sleeved Moms Run This Town tech shirt and capris. I'll bring my running hat and sunglasses just in case, but it's supposed to be cloudy so I might go without.

5. Eat some carbs for lunch. I read somewhere that carb loading for dinner before a race isn't as important as carb loading for lunch. Huh. Well, since I'm making Bobby's Flay's Chicken thighs (thanks Mary and Anna) for dinner and using them in lettuce wraps I won't have many carbs to load. Instead I will get something for lunch. I'm thinking Panera.

6. Hydrate some more. Because, really, do I have to say why? WATER IS AWESOME!

7. GO TO BED EARLY! Fingers crossed, but last night the Guys were in bed at a reasonable hour and actually stayed asleep. I'm planning on getting up at 5:30 to have time to get out of the house without panicking about it. Should be fun.

8. Charge my electronics. Since I am assuming I will be running alone it is better to have some music on hand. And my wireless headphones are awesome but they don't stay charged for very long.

9. Take it easy on my legs today. I shoot for 11,500 steps a day with my Jawbone but won't go out of my way to get those steps today. I'll take an easy walk with the Guys this evening, either to the pool or to the park, but nothing too crazy.

10. Chill out about the hills.
Ok, so there's some elevation gain there. I've been given some great tips from you guys. And I'm just aiming for fun and happy with this race. I'll also add a secondary goal of "fun and happy while running uphill" just to really stick home the point that I am not running this to burn myself out in the first mile.

If you are racing this weekend, good luck! And if you aren't racing, hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love your to-do list! Obsessively checking the weather is vital to my prep too. Seriously, June 1 rolls around and every road in the Midwest throws up construction - UGH! Have a great race :)

  2. I start stalking the weather obsessively ten days out from a race :)

  3. You will be awesome, as you are always awesome. It's kind of your default setting really!