Thursday, June 18, 2015

Solid. Solid As A Rock

A few days ago someone in my Facebook group talked about how she went for a run after eating spaghetti for dinner and regretted it. I read that and thought, "Oh that must suck. I've never had a problem running after I've eaten a big meal."

And then the Universe laughed in my face.

The Guys had their first swim lesson yesterday and loved it. We got them home and in bed and then Hubs started cooking dinner. I briefly debated going for a run while he cooked but figured I wouldn't have enough time. I thought I would go after I ate and all would be fine.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

We had sloppy joes and baked french fries for dinner. Hubs made the sloppy joes from scratch so they were delicious. Even so, I limited myself to one sloppy joe and a nice serving of fries. I was full but not stuffed. Immediately after dinner, I threw on my runner gear and left the house.

After .25 miles I wanted to turn around and go home. My stomach hurt. My chest hurt. And I honestly thought I was going to throw up. How could being full make it hard to breathe?!?

I suffered through three godawful miles where I felt like my stomach and chest were made out of brick. I planned my route for 3.5 but once my Garmin beeped at mile three I stopped running. I simply could not make my body go faster than a walk.
I like to call that third mile my "Just Don't Die" mile
Hubris, ugh.

Never again will I eat before a run. Not like that at least. Holy shit.


  1. OH man I bet that must have been a horrible feeling. :(

  2. Okay, I'm gonna be honest... as soon as I read that you had sloppy joes and fries, an image of you hurling that mess into some bushes or on the sidewalk instantly popped into my head... I'm really glad it didn't come to that :) I'm really sorry though! That really sucks; I am impressed that you still managed 3 miles--way to persevere!

  3. Don't you love when the universe laughs in your face?

  4. You are one tough cookie. I would never have made it past that 1/4 mile feeling the way you did. Your determination never ceases to amaze me.

  5. Way to persevere! Reading about being unable to breathe because of being full reminded me of pregnancy. Plus wanting to puke. Good times. ;)

  6. I'm very impressed you finished 3 miles after eating that stuff! Definitely an important lesson to learn. :)