Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Well You're a Real Tough Cookie With a Long History of Breaking Little Hearts Like the One in Me

Rehearsals for my summer musical started last night. I love doing shows and musicals, they make me so happy! But the rehearsals throw off my schedule and I tend to stop at McDonald's on my way home because it is RIGHT THERE and I am usually starving.

Not this time, you golden arched devil.

I had a sandwich on my drive to rehearsal so I wasn't starving on my drive home. And I have PLANS, guys, plans to lose some weight by the end of the summer and to do that I can't stop and hoover down some fast food. That's what I kept in my head as I drove by that shining red and gold beacon of fat. Losing weight. Being healthy. Losing weight. Being healthy.

When I got home I wasn't even that hungry so I decided to do the Pop Sugar workout video I did last Friday. It's a boot camp one that only uses body weight. And man, did it bust my ass! I thought it was hard on Friday, but dude, it was just as hard if not harder last night. Probably because I was doing it at 10:00PM after a long day.

To make matters worse, once I was done with that, I continued to be healthy and did thirty minutes of marching in place to get my step count over 10K and get some mileage for my continued walk/run streak. What the hell, Meg? What's with this healthy attitude?!?

After all that healthiness, I even got my shit ready to go for a run this morning with it being National Running Day and all. But, life intervened and one of the Guys decided he didn't want to sleep at 2:00AM. It took me a half hour to get him settled down and back in bed and when that was done I was all "eff running at 5AM" and reset my alarm for my usual wake up time. I can't not run today, though, so I will go out and get all sweaty and red faced after the Guys are in bed tonight. Should be another one of those lovely evenings with zero humidity and I am going to enjoy the hell out of it!

National Running Day. Holy shit, I love that that's a thing! If you're a runner, go on out and get a mile or two in today. And if you're a walker, shoot, go walk a mile or two because you are also badass! And if you're neither of these, then just do what you want because eventually your national whatever day will roll around.


  1. LMAO at "your national whatever day". You get a ridiculous amount of steps in! I'm in total awe.

  2. This entire post is giddy and it makes me happy! Go on with your healthy self!

  3. Awesome! I hope you were patting yourself on the back a LOT after all that!

  4. You crack me up!!! We really need to hang out together more. :)