Monday, June 22, 2015

Where Ever He Laid His Hat Was His Home

Part of my husband's extra special Father's Day gift was the chance to sleep in. I am quite giving like that. The Guys were up at 6:30 so I wrangled them, changed them, and then loaded them up for my run.

Coincidentally not only was it Father's Day yesterday but it was also my first long run of my half marathon training plan. The plan was for five miles.

Now five miles isn't that far of a distance for me. I ran 6.2 just the week before and that was 6.2 miles with a lot of little and big hills thrown in there for fun. The weather wasn't terrible Sunday morning, it was overcast and there was a nice breeze so it should have been a pretty decent run.

Then you add in the Toddler Factor.

Here are what my splits looked like:

And here is a breakdown for each mile:

Mile One: Not too shabby. We've got juice and graham crackers and the boys are happy and hey look at those bunny rabbits and the cars and we're good.

Mile Two: No, don't throw your juice cup. Stop poking your brother. Hands to yourself, please. Of course I have more graham crackers. Stop throwing your juice cup!

Mile Three: Let's calm down by standing in the parking lot of the police station counting police cars. Here's hoping the cops don't think I am acting suspiciously by circling the lot with a stroller. I swear to you, Officers, it's for the kids!

Mile 3.5: Yes, those are a lot of ants. OK, let's stand here and check out the massive ant hill for a few minutes. OK, say bye to the ants. I know, Mama is sad we are leaving the ants, too.

Mile 4: Holy shit, I took up a lot of time looking at ants. No, don't repeat what mama said.

Mile 5: Are we home yet? Because the two velociraptors wrestling in my jogging stroller are making for a difficult run right now. Who runs five miles with a million pounds of toddler strapped into a jogging stroller. Is it too early to start drinking?

Longest. Five. Miles. Ever! Plus, I ended up with a blister...on my damn finger.

Lovely Dreams over at Dreaming Small runs ALL THE TIME with her kiddos and I seriously want to take a moment and give her a standing ovation because holy crap.  You know what else? She does all that PLUS runs when it is hotter than the surface of the sun hot out.

We got back after nine and Hubs woke up right when we arrived home. Possibly because I opened the bedroom door and sent the boys in there to wake him up. Thus started our Father's Day celebrations.

Hope you had a wonderful fun-filled weekend. Or a relaxing one. Or a renovations filled one (Anna).


  1. I applaud anyone who runs with a stroller. I really don't think I could handle it.

  2. Big time kudos to you (and your little velociraptors) and to Marissa. I'm pretty sure I could not have done that!

  3. LMAO about the ants. Kids are so funny. Did you get comments a mile later like "I really miss those ants"? I've added clips to turn my stroller straps into 5-point harnesses. Helps the wrestling factor. ;)

  4. You rock! I love the commentary--when I noticed mile 3 on the image of your splits, I thought, "Ooh, should be interesting to hear what happened there!" Police cars and ants, of course! Haha.

  5. Velociraptors made me laugh :) You are a tough woman and never cease to impress me with that perseverance!!! P.S. Painting is finished :)

  6. This was a much needed laugh. :) I cannot even imagine running with two kids in a stroller! You are super woman.

  7. Ha ha ha, best run narration ever!!!