Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mama Said Knock You Out

My boys are just at the age where I worry what I'm doing is taking away precious time with them. I feel guilty about going to rehearsal. I feel guilty about going out with friends. I feel guilty about running.

I used to be able to run in the wee hours of the morning before any of my family was awake. My alarm would go off, I'd get dressed in the dark, and head out for three miles or so.

Now I have toddlers who have been waking up  between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning. Which seriously eats into my running time. And as much as I love the workout, no way in hell am I getting up at 4AM to run. Instead of just skipping runs altogether I opted to start taking the Guys with me.

I worry they aren't enjoying themselves. I can usually get an hour when I run with them on weekends, but we have a later start and I bring snacks. These runs are shorter so I don't bring anything but a blanket to protect them from the early morning chill.

I worry they hate the running. I worry I am making them do something they don't want to do, that I'm being selfish by making them go run with me instead of staying home with them and eating cereal and watching cartoons.

I worry I'm a bad mom.

The Universe sensed what was going on with me, as it often does, and showed me not to worry so damn much.

This morning, when the boys were once again awake at the ass crack of dawn, I got up with them. C saw me as soon as I opened their bedroom door and said, with just the biggest grin on his face, "Wanna go for a run, Mama?"
Post three miler. All smiles!
Guess I was worrying for nothing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If I Had A Million Dollars, I'd Be Rich

One the Guys, A, has a new trick. When he wakes up at the ass crack of dawn he likes to turn the light on in his shared bedroom and wake up his brother. Just before six this morning A flipped on the light switch and was ready to get the party started.

At this point my own alarm went off telling me "Get off your ass and go for a run, Meg!". I honestly had no reason not to. My other option was getting the Guys up and fed and laying on the couch for twenty minutes and dozing. That didn't sound like a ton of fun. OK, it sounded great, but my new mindset didn't allow me to laze about.

I loaded the Guys into the jogging stroller and off we went. It was garbage day so the boys had high hopes we would pass a garbage truck or two. We did not. I think we were up even earlier than the garbage men.

I try to plan my running routes with the boys around parks, as in, I try to plan them so I don't pass any parks because toddlers tend to lose their shit when they pass a park and aren't allowed to play. This particular route took us past one park but before we even approached it I said, "Hey guys, we're going to pass the little park but we can't stop and play because you aren't wearing shoes." Thankfully the heads up helped and we waved bye to the little park as I ran past.

I didn't plan for the extra ten or so minutes it would take me to actually get the toddlers out the door so my run was shorter than I would've like. But, a run is better than no run.
The best part of the run was at one particular point when I was dragging a bit one of the boys said, "Run faster, Mama!" How could I resist that challenge?

Monday, July 27, 2015

I Got a Lump In My Throat 'Cause You're Gonna Sing the Words Wrong

Week one of Weight Watchers complete!

I switched my weigh-in day to Saturday because I do my long runs on Sundays. Aside from wanting to eat all the things after I do a long run, I also tend to retain some water or whatever it is, and weigh slightly higher than my norm. I didn't want to deal with that with a weigh in this morning. Saturday it is!

And...drum roll please.... (I just picture the guy from Pitch Perfect doing the drum roll on his belly when I say that)


Well, hell's bells, this shit actually works!

And now I will bombard you with poor quality food photography and pictures of cute toddlers. That is what my weekend was all about.

Hubs got up with the boys on Saturday morning so I slept in until almost 8:30. I think 25 year old Meg just laughed at me calling that sleeping in. By the time I got up the boys were fed and eager to play outside so I made myself breakfast and joined them in the backyard.
Two poached eggs, 1/4 of an avocado, and two slices of white bread = 8 PP
Weekends have always been rough for me. Without the structure of being in an office with limited access to food I tend to eat when I'm not hungry and graze all day. Thankfully, Hubs went shopping Saturday morning so we had plenty of good stuff to eat.

I like to get a good amount of protein in each of my meals, it makes me feel fuller longer. I threw together a quick vegetable soup for lunch and added a whole wheat tortilla with refried black beans for protein. Yum! Normally I would've just had ramen noodles or a grilled cheese or something along those lines. Taking the time to make something good was a great change of mindset for me. Plus, I had enough soup left to have it yesterday and finish it off with today's lunch.

We were supposed to have friends over for a cookout Saturday afternoon but they bailed on us. Instead, we took the Guys to the pool and had pretty much the best time possible.
I had to make a quick Target run once the Guys were in bed. This was a big test for me. I have a bad habit of getting food and secretly snacking in the car. I was pretty full from dinner all during the Target shop and told myself I could stop at McDonald's for an ice cream cone if I was hungry after I checked out. I pulled into the McDonald's parking lot and the line was pretty long. It took me about two seconds to assess how I was feeling (still pretty full) so I drove away without getting anything. I had some sugar free Jell-O once I got home and that hit the spot.

I know, it feels like this whole post is dedicated to what I ate, and I'm sorry for that. I just want to capture how I was feeling, hunger wise, etc, so I can really analyze how I felt this week. This is my first time following any sort of meal plan thing so I have verbal diarrhea when I talk about it. Sorry.

Sunday was Hubs' morning to sleep in. I got up with the guys, got them changed and breakfasted, and headed out the door for a run before it became hotter than hell. We had a good time. I had to run a bit slower than normal, the heat got to me and I was pushing the Guys. I ended up with four miles in just a shade under an hour, which is about all the Guys will give me in the stroller. This week was supposed to be speed work, but I simply can't do speed work in this heat so I went with just getting some mileage in.
Can you tell they are saying cheese?
When I run I tend to get snacky so I knew Sunday would be tougher than Saturday. I ended up finding unique ways to curb my food urges. I love pasta almost as much as I love my children, but there's no way I can eat it as much as I want. To get the same feeling as eating a ton of pasta I cooked some frozen green beans in a can of diced tomatoes with the juice, and added some Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic. Delish!

We ate early because we all ate together as a family so by the time 8:00PM rolled around I was feeling snacky. I sliced up a banana with some Peanut Butter Panda Puffs and voila evening snack for
five PP.
I also put it in a smaller bowl to make the serving look bigger. It really worked!
This week should be pretty good for me eating wise, but next week will be my real challenge. We're going on a family vacation, we're traveling, I've got Tech Week for my show the days leading up to family vacation...lots of stuff going on, lots of balancing, lots of opportunities for me to make some bad food and health choices.

To keep that stress at a minimum, my goal is three runs and five days of walking this week. Nothing like racking up some Activity Points to make the days better!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now Heaven Knows, Anything Goes

Last night I had rehearsal, my first one after I started Weight Watchers (yes I know it has only been two days but this was a big one). My bad habit has been to grab some fast food on my way to rehearsal so I am not hangry by the time break rolls around, around 8:30. And then we usually go out after rehearsal for a beer and some cheese fries. You know, nice and healthy stuff.

My plan was to eat at home BEFORE rehearsal but I ended up running late and getting distracted by two awesome toddlers who wanted mom to play with them. Who needs food? I ended up grabbing some beef jerky as I ran out the door to tide me over so I didn't cut someone.

Of course a handful of jerky wasn't going to tide me over for the three hour long rehearsal. I knew this and it was a rookie error on my part. At the break I bought a bag of Sun Chips, the individual servings bags.

One of the nifty things with the Weight Watchers app is being able to scan the bar code of a food item and get the points to pop up right away. I did that with my chips and:
OH HELL NO was I using up six precious points on a damn package of Sun Chips! I'm like Gollum with those damn things and no way in hell am I giving them up that easily for some damn chips I don't even like that much.

At that point I had 10 Daily Points (DPs) and two Activity Points (APs) left and I sure as shit wasn't planning on wasting HALF of those points on a bag of chips.

I said, screw it, and gave the bag away to my pregnant friend who needed them more than me. I ended up going out with everyone after rehearsal and had water to drink and a hummus pita wrap to eat. It was delicious. Not sure if it just tasted so good because I was starving or if it really is good. At least I know I have a healthy option next time we go to this place (and we go to this place after every Tuesday rehearsal).

I also deserve mad props for not cutting a bitch (should out to Mary!) and stealing some waffle fries from one of the girls at my table.

Now I also know I REALLY need to plan ahead for Thursday's rehearsal. I am going to pick up some apples and bananas and slice up some veggies tonight to have during break time. Shit, even my Trader Joe's Baked Cheese Puffs are only four points for 35 puffs! I would rather eat those than 15 damn Sun Chips. Can you tell I am bitter about this?

No matter what, it all comes down to this: I survived Day Two.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

All it takes is a spark.

Or being tagged in a terrible picture.

Whatever it is, sometimes things happen, you get a wake up call and you realize, holy shit, I have been on a downward spiral for some time now. Balls.

Three months ago, or maybe it was four, I was at my lowest post-pregnancy weight. I was kicking butt and taking names. And so close to Onederland I could taste it.

I have no idea what happened. Life? Liberty? The pursuit of happiness? Carbs? What was it? It was little things adding up. Eating fast food for dinner. Skipping runs. Eating sugary treats. Chocolate. Extra large helpings of carbs. They all added up to this:
On Sunday we had our sing out for the musical I am in, which starts in three weeks. I know it's an unflattering picture, clearly someone snapped it quickly. I cropped it, because the picture was more about the guy next to me who was singing at the time.

But, holy hell, I look awful.

And I'm tried of looking awful.

I bit the bullet and signed up for Weight Watchers yesterday. Thankfully, I had grocery shopped on Sunday, plus stopped at the Farmer's Market so I was already well prepared for it. I'm going with the online plan for at least a month, going to see how that makes me feel.

And here is what my first day of Weight Watchers looked like. Please note, I am terrible at food pictures. Plus, I tend to forget to take them until after I've started eating so there's usually a bite taken out of things. Sorry.
Half a turkey and salami sandwich with Trader Joe's baked cheese puffs
Strawberries with Truvia
Used up all my points. plus two four activity points
All in all I feel pretty good about my first day. I even had some points leftover, on purpose, for four cookies. Yep, I had cookies for dessert last night. And they were delicious!

I'm still learning things. I had to switch things around so I used my Activity Points instead of Weekly Points when I went over my daily stuff. I am aiming for at least two APs a day, but not sure how I go about setting that up so I know to get them. Any suggestions?

I have a friend who told me to search Pinterest for ideas for recipes since I need to make stuff that Hubs will also eat. Because of course I live with a man who THINKS he wants to lose weight and manages to drop five pounds just with his mind. At least it feels like that. I found a plethora of ideas. I did some meal prepping for my lunches this week since we are having catered lunch at work and I just don't want to deal with trying to figure out what I can eat when the dinner rolls and mounds of pasta are calling my name. Not today, carbs. Not today!

Here I am taking one step in the right direction. Just like the first mile is the WORST mile in running, I have a feeling the first few days will be a learning curve. I can handle it.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Like Seven Inches From the Midday Sun/ Escape to Belle Isle 10K Recap

I ran a 10K on Saturday, my race for the month. July is a tough one because it's hot around these parts (Fell free to mock me, Desiree), plus there just aren't a lot of options for races. Honestly, August is just as bad. I have a feeling I will stick to a 5K, though.

My training plan had me on the books for a nine mile long run this week. I figured I could do the 6.2 for the 10K then get home and finish off the other three.

And then I ran a 10K in temperatures right around that of Hades' bumhole and I figured six was good enough for me!

My friend, B., was in town from Chicago. She's doing the same thing as me, running at least a 5K every month so she asked if I wanted to run one with her while she was in town. We looked around, found this race, Escape to Belle Isle, and both figured why not go for the 10K. It was her first.

We went into it with a plan of running a minute, walking thirty seconds. B. doesn't use the Galloway method, but was perfectly fine following that plan. Her goal was to finish with a smile. I love goals like that!

 I had to register on race day so I picked B. up around 7:30 on Saturday morning. The race started at 8:30. I got my packet, she got hers, we stashed t-shirts in the car, and headed back to the start line to wait. The race director made multiple announcements about how warm it was and how we should take our time. There was a U-Haul working as a sweeper so if we encountered any problems on the course we would have someone there to pick us up if needed.

At the start of the race the "feels like" temperature was 85 degrees.

We started at the same time as the 5Kers. There were about 500 people there all together, slightly more 5K people than 10K. This course is the exact same one I will run in September for my half marathon except that one will be two loops around Belle Isle instead of the one we did.

We started out running west on the Belle Isle, then rounded a corner and ran east, but on the south side of the island. For the first half of the race, until we turned around at the west end of the island, we had no breeze. I had had high hopes we would at least be a little cooler because we ran near the water, but no such luck.

I could tell the wind was moving, but we weren't feeling it so I kept B. pumped up by telling her when we rounded the west end of the island we would have a breeze.

Thankfully I was right.

There were four water stops in all. They originally had two planned, but with the temperatures, they added two more, plus the race director drove around in a convertible and offered us a bottle of water towards the end of the race.

B and I stuck to our one minute of running, thirty seconds of walking pace for the first half of the race. Then the heat got to us and we said fuck it, and went one minute of running, one minute of walking. I honestly am most impressed we kept up with the running. I think both of us wanted to walk, but we both also knew we would just be out on the course LONGER if we just walked. We sucked it up and kept running.
Tiny bits of shade and some breeze. We'll take it!
We finished! I ended up getting a lovely headache (thanks dehydration) at about the fourth mile. Blergh to that. We made it, though, and we were still talking and smiling by the end.
Was it my fastest 10K? Nope. Did I have fun? Yep! Would I do it again? Umm.... maybe I'll make sure it's not an inferno out.

It was a really well run race. And as a back of the packer, we crossed the finish line to lots of cheers as people were standing around waiting for the Kid's Fun Run to start. There was plenty of bottled water and food left, too, which is always a good thing. I love a race that comes prepared for everyone from first place to last place to have the same sort of finish line experience.

And then I took the Guys swimming! We have an extremely lot, but super fun weekend. Hope you did, too!

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Hot July Moon Saw Everything

Oh is it already July 13th and I am just now posting a June recap and July goals? That's great. Can you see what my life has been like lately? I don't know how it ended up so insane.

I also have no idea how I am going to pack my family up for a week long trip in another state. You guys, I am flying with the toddlers. I am super nervous and excited. And I really just want to state I will not be passing out gift bags with noise reducing ear buds because guess what, children have been flying for decades. If you aren't prepared to block out the noise around you, that's on you bub. I promise I will do my best to prevent them from kicking your seat. Other than that, well, here's hoping!

I also have hope that all my flying karma of taking middle seats, bringing only the tiniest of carryon that I can fit under my seat, etc, when I have been flying solo will rub off on these flights! Come on good flying karma work for me!

And I just distracted myself.

This is what June looked like for me, activity wise:
I would apologize for not cropping it but I am too tired for that shit and just thankful I got this picture posted!

Look at me kicking butt moving through June!

Now I just need to get my eating on track, I've been doing great for July so fingers crossed.

As for my July goals they are pretty simple: 
1. Lose five pounds
2. Strength train twice a week
3. Continue to follow half marathon training plan

So far I have been doing really well with my running. I miss some of my weekday runs but I get tons of walking in, so I think that has balanced it out. Tonight I am doing my first speed workout, four 800's at half marathon pace with a 400 cool down in between each. I'm excited but also nervous. I'll be at the track so I can bring plenty of water. It's not mind meltingly hot out, and 80% of the track is shaded so I will be fine.

Can you sense I am trying to talk myself into this?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Here's My Story, It's Sad But True

AT 3:30 AM Wednesday morning I was woken up by a sobbing kiddo. I rushed into their bedroom and one of the guys, A., threw up, just as I got in there. Poor thing. C. woke up, too and I noticed he had throw up in his bed. Yikes.

Now that really gets the adrenaline flowing!

I cleaned them up and settled in for what I like to call Pukapalooza 2015. Nothing quite like having twins sick at the same time.

Two days later, the boys were done but then it was Hubs' turn.

And then it was the Fourth of July.

And holy crap, I had five days off of work, but when you spend two of them elbow deep in bleach wipes, it doesn't feel so relaxing.

Now I am back. I will write a lovely post tomorrow about my June recap and all my miles and running and walking. I'll include pictures and you can see what an awesome weekend we ended up having once the vomiting stopped.

I'm also catching up on my reading so if you notice me posting on your stuff from last week, that is why.

Until then, rest assured, I am alive and well.

Even though I need a vacation!