Monday, July 6, 2015

Here's My Story, It's Sad But True

AT 3:30 AM Wednesday morning I was woken up by a sobbing kiddo. I rushed into their bedroom and one of the guys, A., threw up, just as I got in there. Poor thing. C. woke up, too and I noticed he had throw up in his bed. Yikes.

Now that really gets the adrenaline flowing!

I cleaned them up and settled in for what I like to call Pukapalooza 2015. Nothing quite like having twins sick at the same time.

Two days later, the boys were done but then it was Hubs' turn.

And then it was the Fourth of July.

And holy crap, I had five days off of work, but when you spend two of them elbow deep in bleach wipes, it doesn't feel so relaxing.

Now I am back. I will write a lovely post tomorrow about my June recap and all my miles and running and walking. I'll include pictures and you can see what an awesome weekend we ended up having once the vomiting stopped.

I'm also catching up on my reading so if you notice me posting on your stuff from last week, that is why.

Until then, rest assured, I am alive and well.

Even though I need a vacation!


  1. Aww, sorry about pukapalooza 2015. I'm glad you were spared at least.

  2. So glad everyone is feeling better. Wishing you some relaxing vomit-free days off soon :)

  3. Ugh. I haven't had both puking at the same time yet, but I've had one puking and one with crazy diarrhea--and these things always happen in the middle of the night, of course, so you HAVE to change the bedding immediately so everyone can get back to sleep! Sorry your kiddos and hubby were sick, but glad everyone is feeling better!

  4. Fingers crossed that you don't catch it after being surrounded by all of that puking!

  5. Oh yeah. Been there, done that. I called my husband at work and was like, "All three of us are puking, and the baby I'm gestating probably is, too. If you don't come home now, you'll find all three of us on the shower floor, surrounded by full buckets and bowls."

    Glad you survived!!

  6. I love reading your blog because you crack me up! "Pukapalooza", ha ha ha! Not that it was funny for you, but still...!!

    Glad everyone is over it!