Monday, July 27, 2015

I Got a Lump In My Throat 'Cause You're Gonna Sing the Words Wrong

Week one of Weight Watchers complete!

I switched my weigh-in day to Saturday because I do my long runs on Sundays. Aside from wanting to eat all the things after I do a long run, I also tend to retain some water or whatever it is, and weigh slightly higher than my norm. I didn't want to deal with that with a weigh in this morning. Saturday it is!

And...drum roll please.... (I just picture the guy from Pitch Perfect doing the drum roll on his belly when I say that)


Well, hell's bells, this shit actually works!

And now I will bombard you with poor quality food photography and pictures of cute toddlers. That is what my weekend was all about.

Hubs got up with the boys on Saturday morning so I slept in until almost 8:30. I think 25 year old Meg just laughed at me calling that sleeping in. By the time I got up the boys were fed and eager to play outside so I made myself breakfast and joined them in the backyard.
Two poached eggs, 1/4 of an avocado, and two slices of white bread = 8 PP
Weekends have always been rough for me. Without the structure of being in an office with limited access to food I tend to eat when I'm not hungry and graze all day. Thankfully, Hubs went shopping Saturday morning so we had plenty of good stuff to eat.

I like to get a good amount of protein in each of my meals, it makes me feel fuller longer. I threw together a quick vegetable soup for lunch and added a whole wheat tortilla with refried black beans for protein. Yum! Normally I would've just had ramen noodles or a grilled cheese or something along those lines. Taking the time to make something good was a great change of mindset for me. Plus, I had enough soup left to have it yesterday and finish it off with today's lunch.

We were supposed to have friends over for a cookout Saturday afternoon but they bailed on us. Instead, we took the Guys to the pool and had pretty much the best time possible.
I had to make a quick Target run once the Guys were in bed. This was a big test for me. I have a bad habit of getting food and secretly snacking in the car. I was pretty full from dinner all during the Target shop and told myself I could stop at McDonald's for an ice cream cone if I was hungry after I checked out. I pulled into the McDonald's parking lot and the line was pretty long. It took me about two seconds to assess how I was feeling (still pretty full) so I drove away without getting anything. I had some sugar free Jell-O once I got home and that hit the spot.

I know, it feels like this whole post is dedicated to what I ate, and I'm sorry for that. I just want to capture how I was feeling, hunger wise, etc, so I can really analyze how I felt this week. This is my first time following any sort of meal plan thing so I have verbal diarrhea when I talk about it. Sorry.

Sunday was Hubs' morning to sleep in. I got up with the guys, got them changed and breakfasted, and headed out the door for a run before it became hotter than hell. We had a good time. I had to run a bit slower than normal, the heat got to me and I was pushing the Guys. I ended up with four miles in just a shade under an hour, which is about all the Guys will give me in the stroller. This week was supposed to be speed work, but I simply can't do speed work in this heat so I went with just getting some mileage in.
Can you tell they are saying cheese?
When I run I tend to get snacky so I knew Sunday would be tougher than Saturday. I ended up finding unique ways to curb my food urges. I love pasta almost as much as I love my children, but there's no way I can eat it as much as I want. To get the same feeling as eating a ton of pasta I cooked some frozen green beans in a can of diced tomatoes with the juice, and added some Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic. Delish!

We ate early because we all ate together as a family so by the time 8:00PM rolled around I was feeling snacky. I sliced up a banana with some Peanut Butter Panda Puffs and voila evening snack for
five PP.
I also put it in a smaller bowl to make the serving look bigger. It really worked!
This week should be pretty good for me eating wise, but next week will be my real challenge. We're going on a family vacation, we're traveling, I've got Tech Week for my show the days leading up to family vacation...lots of stuff going on, lots of balancing, lots of opportunities for me to make some bad food and health choices.

To keep that stress at a minimum, my goal is three runs and five days of walking this week. Nothing like racking up some Activity Points to make the days better!

How was your weekend?


  1. Love this post. I want to eat your breakfast avocado :) Way to go on the Target/McDonald's test!!

  2. Look at you rocking the program! Also, that bowl of cereal and banana makes me really hungry :p

  3. You're doing great! Saturday is a great day to weigh in :) I love it because I have alllll the weekly points available for the hardest part of the week (the weekend). Way to go!

  4. Congrats on your loss! And pushing a double totally counts as speed work because you'll be flying when you run without them. :D

  5. You're doing great! It always helps me to talk myself through my food too and I figure the blog is a good place for that. :) Share here whenever you need to! Great plan with the activity points to keep things in balance.

  6. Great week and great job really analyzing whether you wanted the ice cream cone or not!

    You're doing great with the WW thing! Awesome loss!