Monday, July 20, 2015

Like Seven Inches From the Midday Sun/ Escape to Belle Isle 10K Recap

I ran a 10K on Saturday, my race for the month. July is a tough one because it's hot around these parts (Fell free to mock me, Desiree), plus there just aren't a lot of options for races. Honestly, August is just as bad. I have a feeling I will stick to a 5K, though.

My training plan had me on the books for a nine mile long run this week. I figured I could do the 6.2 for the 10K then get home and finish off the other three.

And then I ran a 10K in temperatures right around that of Hades' bumhole and I figured six was good enough for me!

My friend, B., was in town from Chicago. She's doing the same thing as me, running at least a 5K every month so she asked if I wanted to run one with her while she was in town. We looked around, found this race, Escape to Belle Isle, and both figured why not go for the 10K. It was her first.

We went into it with a plan of running a minute, walking thirty seconds. B. doesn't use the Galloway method, but was perfectly fine following that plan. Her goal was to finish with a smile. I love goals like that!

 I had to register on race day so I picked B. up around 7:30 on Saturday morning. The race started at 8:30. I got my packet, she got hers, we stashed t-shirts in the car, and headed back to the start line to wait. The race director made multiple announcements about how warm it was and how we should take our time. There was a U-Haul working as a sweeper so if we encountered any problems on the course we would have someone there to pick us up if needed.

At the start of the race the "feels like" temperature was 85 degrees.

We started at the same time as the 5Kers. There were about 500 people there all together, slightly more 5K people than 10K. This course is the exact same one I will run in September for my half marathon except that one will be two loops around Belle Isle instead of the one we did.

We started out running west on the Belle Isle, then rounded a corner and ran east, but on the south side of the island. For the first half of the race, until we turned around at the west end of the island, we had no breeze. I had had high hopes we would at least be a little cooler because we ran near the water, but no such luck.

I could tell the wind was moving, but we weren't feeling it so I kept B. pumped up by telling her when we rounded the west end of the island we would have a breeze.

Thankfully I was right.

There were four water stops in all. They originally had two planned, but with the temperatures, they added two more, plus the race director drove around in a convertible and offered us a bottle of water towards the end of the race.

B and I stuck to our one minute of running, thirty seconds of walking pace for the first half of the race. Then the heat got to us and we said fuck it, and went one minute of running, one minute of walking. I honestly am most impressed we kept up with the running. I think both of us wanted to walk, but we both also knew we would just be out on the course LONGER if we just walked. We sucked it up and kept running.
Tiny bits of shade and some breeze. We'll take it!
We finished! I ended up getting a lovely headache (thanks dehydration) at about the fourth mile. Blergh to that. We made it, though, and we were still talking and smiling by the end.
Was it my fastest 10K? Nope. Did I have fun? Yep! Would I do it again? Umm.... maybe I'll make sure it's not an inferno out.

It was a really well run race. And as a back of the packer, we crossed the finish line to lots of cheers as people were standing around waiting for the Kid's Fun Run to start. There was plenty of bottled water and food left, too, which is always a good thing. I love a race that comes prepared for everyone from first place to last place to have the same sort of finish line experience.

And then I took the Guys swimming! We have an extremely lot, but super fun weekend. Hope you did, too!


  1. You are amazing for keeping up running in that heat. The course looks beautiful!

  2. Girl, great job! That looks like a good race.. if they can move it to October!

    Sorry I get all whiny about the heat. I think I must have a reputation. LOL

  3. I may have a dirty mind, but that race route picture looks dirty :p

    And way to get it done in the heat! After yesterday's race, I am good with staying away from the heat for a while.

  4. Beautiful course! Way to get through the heat and have fun too :) I agree with Des - I would do that in October :)

  5. Congrats on finishing with a smile! Great goal. And yes, the map is a tad...suggestive.
    Hope swimming was fun!

  6. That sounds like a really well supported and well organized race! Good job finishing in that heat!

  7. You rock! I am most impressed that you continued the run portions at the end. Awesome that they were still around for the back-of-the-packers; I haven't run any races yet, but I've heard plenty of stories describing the opposite experience. I'm sure the swimming felt amazing after that race!