Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mama Said Knock You Out

My boys are just at the age where I worry what I'm doing is taking away precious time with them. I feel guilty about going to rehearsal. I feel guilty about going out with friends. I feel guilty about running.

I used to be able to run in the wee hours of the morning before any of my family was awake. My alarm would go off, I'd get dressed in the dark, and head out for three miles or so.

Now I have toddlers who have been waking up  between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning. Which seriously eats into my running time. And as much as I love the workout, no way in hell am I getting up at 4AM to run. Instead of just skipping runs altogether I opted to start taking the Guys with me.

I worry they aren't enjoying themselves. I can usually get an hour when I run with them on weekends, but we have a later start and I bring snacks. These runs are shorter so I don't bring anything but a blanket to protect them from the early morning chill.

I worry they hate the running. I worry I am making them do something they don't want to do, that I'm being selfish by making them go run with me instead of staying home with them and eating cereal and watching cartoons.

I worry I'm a bad mom.

The Universe sensed what was going on with me, as it often does, and showed me not to worry so damn much.

This morning, when the boys were once again awake at the ass crack of dawn, I got up with them. C saw me as soon as I opened their bedroom door and said, with just the biggest grin on his face, "Wanna go for a run, Mama?"
Post three miler. All smiles!
Guess I was worrying for nothing.


  1. They definitely look like happy boys :)

  2. I think the least selfish thing you could do is run with your guys! Not only do they get to spend time with you, but they get to see you happy to be doing something healthy! One of the most important things that a mother can show her children is that it is okay for her to take care of herself. You're doing great :)

  3. Love when the universe gives you just the message you need at just the right time! I worry about the same things and yet O loves that I run. We're better mamas thanks to our running and we're teaching them valuable things. Definitely not selfish (but it's also okay to be a little selfish too!)

  4. That's so adorable. I'm glad they were able to ease your mind a bit :)

  5. <3

    And I agree with Tiina: you're teaching them self-love, which is incredibly valuable.

  6. That is just the most adorable thing ever!!!

    I think your kids would rather spend time with you than eat cereal and watch TV (I almost typed that as eat TV and watch cereal, ha!). And I'll bet these runs will be among their first memories...I think you should do it as often as you can! You're a great role model for them. :)