Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now Heaven Knows, Anything Goes

Last night I had rehearsal, my first one after I started Weight Watchers (yes I know it has only been two days but this was a big one). My bad habit has been to grab some fast food on my way to rehearsal so I am not hangry by the time break rolls around, around 8:30. And then we usually go out after rehearsal for a beer and some cheese fries. You know, nice and healthy stuff.

My plan was to eat at home BEFORE rehearsal but I ended up running late and getting distracted by two awesome toddlers who wanted mom to play with them. Who needs food? I ended up grabbing some beef jerky as I ran out the door to tide me over so I didn't cut someone.

Of course a handful of jerky wasn't going to tide me over for the three hour long rehearsal. I knew this and it was a rookie error on my part. At the break I bought a bag of Sun Chips, the individual servings bags.

One of the nifty things with the Weight Watchers app is being able to scan the bar code of a food item and get the points to pop up right away. I did that with my chips and:
OH HELL NO was I using up six precious points on a damn package of Sun Chips! I'm like Gollum with those damn things and no way in hell am I giving them up that easily for some damn chips I don't even like that much.

At that point I had 10 Daily Points (DPs) and two Activity Points (APs) left and I sure as shit wasn't planning on wasting HALF of those points on a bag of chips.

I said, screw it, and gave the bag away to my pregnant friend who needed them more than me. I ended up going out with everyone after rehearsal and had water to drink and a hummus pita wrap to eat. It was delicious. Not sure if it just tasted so good because I was starving or if it really is good. At least I know I have a healthy option next time we go to this place (and we go to this place after every Tuesday rehearsal).

I also deserve mad props for not cutting a bitch (should out to Mary!) and stealing some waffle fries from one of the girls at my table.

Now I also know I REALLY need to plan ahead for Thursday's rehearsal. I am going to pick up some apples and bananas and slice up some veggies tonight to have during break time. Shit, even my Trader Joe's Baked Cheese Puffs are only four points for 35 puffs! I would rather eat those than 15 damn Sun Chips. Can you tell I am bitter about this?

No matter what, it all comes down to this: I survived Day Two.


  1. Awesome job making the healthy choice! That is huge... just the little mental barriers that we have to overcome day in and day out. I know I for one, have to get back to my meal planning. I'm currently eating a salad from Panera but I need to get back to cooking my meals ahead and not relying on eating out as much.

  2. Don't be afraid to use your weekly points too! I almost always use all of my WP's every week. I use my WP's first, then dip into AP's (which build throughout the week) when they've been depleted.

    It's totally up to you though how you want to you use your points--there's definitely no one perfect way to do it. You are making some great choices and changes!

  3. Awesome job in making some posture healthy food choices. I love the Barcode scanner too. So many times I'm like nah that's not worth it!

    1. Lol that was supposed to be positive and not posture. Thanks autocorrect :)

  4. That was one of the eye opening things about Weight Watchers for me - how much seemingly "healthy" foods cost!

  5. Glad you found something delicious at the restaurant...cheese fries are my nemesis (one of them anyway). You are doing great!

  6. ROTF! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person who gets downright hostile about the points values of certain foods. I really hate it when you go to calcite the points of a packaged snack only to discover that the package is actually 2 1/2 servings!!!

    Good job in sticking to plan!!