Monday, July 13, 2015

The Hot July Moon Saw Everything

Oh is it already July 13th and I am just now posting a June recap and July goals? That's great. Can you see what my life has been like lately? I don't know how it ended up so insane.

I also have no idea how I am going to pack my family up for a week long trip in another state. You guys, I am flying with the toddlers. I am super nervous and excited. And I really just want to state I will not be passing out gift bags with noise reducing ear buds because guess what, children have been flying for decades. If you aren't prepared to block out the noise around you, that's on you bub. I promise I will do my best to prevent them from kicking your seat. Other than that, well, here's hoping!

I also have hope that all my flying karma of taking middle seats, bringing only the tiniest of carryon that I can fit under my seat, etc, when I have been flying solo will rub off on these flights! Come on good flying karma work for me!

And I just distracted myself.

This is what June looked like for me, activity wise:
I would apologize for not cropping it but I am too tired for that shit and just thankful I got this picture posted!

Look at me kicking butt moving through June!

Now I just need to get my eating on track, I've been doing great for July so fingers crossed.

As for my July goals they are pretty simple: 
1. Lose five pounds
2. Strength train twice a week
3. Continue to follow half marathon training plan

So far I have been doing really well with my running. I miss some of my weekday runs but I get tons of walking in, so I think that has balanced it out. Tonight I am doing my first speed workout, four 800's at half marathon pace with a 400 cool down in between each. I'm excited but also nervous. I'll be at the track so I can bring plenty of water. It's not mind meltingly hot out, and 80% of the track is shaded so I will be fine.

Can you sense I am trying to talk myself into this?


  1. For an insane life you definitely seem to be getting in done :) Good luck on your flying with toddlers adventure. I agree with you, I don't need a gift bag when someone is flying with their little ones. If I see someone doing their best I am fine - it is the parents who just let kids run amuck that bug me and all the noise reducing earbuds in the world won't fix that.

  2. Well you're the type of mom that won't let her children run apeshit, which as Anna said, that's when my hackles are up. Otherwise we're just all trying to get where we're going in one piece, we should all try to be understanding, and so as long as parents are trying their best that's all I can ask for. My ears are joining the Mile High Club with my Bose headphones on flights anyways. ;)

  3. Have fun flying with the kiddos! I'm sure it will be an adventure to remember ;)

  4. I agree - the gift bag thing is a little much. I hope your travel karma pays off! Good luck!

  5. Dude, you're killin' it!! Keep it up!! Good luck with the flight!

  6. Wow you kicked June's butt! Here's to some good travel karma!