Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

All it takes is a spark.

Or being tagged in a terrible picture.

Whatever it is, sometimes things happen, you get a wake up call and you realize, holy shit, I have been on a downward spiral for some time now. Balls.

Three months ago, or maybe it was four, I was at my lowest post-pregnancy weight. I was kicking butt and taking names. And so close to Onederland I could taste it.

I have no idea what happened. Life? Liberty? The pursuit of happiness? Carbs? What was it? It was little things adding up. Eating fast food for dinner. Skipping runs. Eating sugary treats. Chocolate. Extra large helpings of carbs. They all added up to this:
On Sunday we had our sing out for the musical I am in, which starts in three weeks. I know it's an unflattering picture, clearly someone snapped it quickly. I cropped it, because the picture was more about the guy next to me who was singing at the time.

But, holy hell, I look awful.

And I'm tried of looking awful.

I bit the bullet and signed up for Weight Watchers yesterday. Thankfully, I had grocery shopped on Sunday, plus stopped at the Farmer's Market so I was already well prepared for it. I'm going with the online plan for at least a month, going to see how that makes me feel.

And here is what my first day of Weight Watchers looked like. Please note, I am terrible at food pictures. Plus, I tend to forget to take them until after I've started eating so there's usually a bite taken out of things. Sorry.
Half a turkey and salami sandwich with Trader Joe's baked cheese puffs
Strawberries with Truvia
Used up all my points. plus two four activity points
All in all I feel pretty good about my first day. I even had some points leftover, on purpose, for four cookies. Yep, I had cookies for dessert last night. And they were delicious!

I'm still learning things. I had to switch things around so I used my Activity Points instead of Weekly Points when I went over my daily stuff. I am aiming for at least two APs a day, but not sure how I go about setting that up so I know to get them. Any suggestions?

I have a friend who told me to search Pinterest for ideas for recipes since I need to make stuff that Hubs will also eat. Because of course I live with a man who THINKS he wants to lose weight and manages to drop five pounds just with his mind. At least it feels like that. I found a plethora of ideas. I did some meal prepping for my lunches this week since we are having catered lunch at work and I just don't want to deal with trying to figure out what I can eat when the dinner rolls and mounds of pasta are calling my name. Not today, carbs. Not today!

Here I am taking one step in the right direction. Just like the first mile is the WORST mile in running, I have a feeling the first few days will be a learning curve. I can handle it.


  1. Husbands. Mine lost about 20 pounds just eating the dinners I made, still eating donuts for breakfast and fast food for lunch. So unfair.

    But you've got this. It's clear that your heart is in it. I'm with you on the regain AND rededication.

  2. A step in the right direction indeed! Hopefully we have all found the mojo bug once again.

  3. Tagging...ugh! Your excitement is contagious. I started MFP again yesterday and you are right the first few days are a learning curve. I ended up with 1000 calories before dinner...sets me up to eat all the things.

  4. Tagging pictures should be against the law. You got this woman, I know you do!

  5. The first step is the hardest! You've got this! Hopefully with everyone refocusing at the same time we'll all be able to cheer each other along :)

  6. I predict you will succeed superbly? Why? Because when Iost the first 50 pounds, I ate Cheetos every day. ;) And then I predict you will make it last a lifetime. Why? Because I still eat a Thomas' English muffin every day. ;)

    I KNOW you can do this! Just stay focused and keep earning those APs!! This program DOES work. And as someone who has been a Lifetime member for 3 years, I speak first hand!!

    Lol at your husband losing weight with his mind. ;)

    Are you doing Scrumpy this year? We are!! :)