Monday, August 24, 2015

And Run Through With My Gym Shorts On

My friend posted this on Facebook:
I thought I might add something.

Here's the updated version:
Thankfully we had wonderful running weather this weekend. And this week is supposed to be in the low 70's all week long. Which means it'll be even cooler at night. Celebrate, good times come on! Mary, I am sending you some of this weather!

My run wasn't anything spectacular, but it was a run and I felt good. I managed to wrangle the Guys in their stroller for about 45 minutes, 3.25 miles. Their cousin was on his way over so I had to cut the run short. I might've been able to add an extra mile in there if we didn't have an end time.
Tonight my plan is to run as much as I possibly can. I am all screwed up with my training and I have a friend who is going to transfer her bib to me for the Women Run the D half in September. I don't plan on running it for a PR but it will be nice to run it when I am more properly trained than the last one.

And, one more thing, I lost three pounds at this week's weigh-in! Holy shnikeys! I wasn't eating at my best, but still tracked everything even though some of it was rough. I had a couple of super snacky days. But, I had Weekly Points left and I trusted the program and holy shit, three pounds!


  1. Great weigh in! Glad you're getting out to enjoy your weather!

  2. Great weigh in and I'm super jealous of that weather! I'm looking forward to the day when I can walk out to my car without breaking into a sweat :)

  3. Preach it girl with that meme! I am really hoping Oregon will turn a corner soon, but it's looking like 80s for us through the week. Fantastic job on the loss!

  4. Holy shit, indeed! Great job!

    I like fall, but I wanted to arrive in fall. Today's high wasn't even up to 70°, and that's too freaking cold for August!

    /end rant ;)