Friday, August 14, 2015

Five Days Since You Laughed At Me, Saying Get That Together Come Back and See Me

Five Things Friday 

1. Montana was amazeballs. I have been a couple of times, but this was the first time Hubs went and obviously the first time for the Guys. I was so nervous about the flights, but for the most part, aside from some motion sickness for C, everything was smooth sailing.
I didn't track on WW at all for my trip. Not because I didn't want to but because the mobile app simply did not work out in the mountains. Gotta have internet access and my data package was all jacked up. I ate mostly ok, but didn't stress about it. And I was active. I was watching kiddos in a house that wasn't exactly toddler proofed. We spend most of our days walking around looking at rocks, throwing rocks into rivers, digging in dirt, etc. And one day we even hiked up a mountain.
The start of the hike, when the kiddos wanted to walk. That lasted five minutes.

And by hiked I mean for 90% of the trip I was carrying a toddler and walking uphill. Talk about feeling the burn! All in all it was a lovely trip and I am super happy to be home.

2. I had a rough day yesterday. We got back from our trip on Wednesday afternoon and had no energy to do anything other than collapse in a heap on our couch. On Thursday I had zero choices for breakfast so I ended up skipping which meant I was a hungry rage monster for most of the day and tried to eat everything. I tracked what I ate, though, because I need to be honest with myself. Shocking discoveries: a cheesy bean and rice burrito from Taco Bell is 12 points!

3. Along those same lines, I have noticed eating greasy things makes my stomach mad. Thankfully I planned ahead today and have breakfast AND a decent lunch.

4. I have my opening night of my show TONIGHT. I am super excited and super nervous. I've had so much on my mind OTHER than the show that the usual stage fright hasn't hit me until about five minutes ago. Holy crap. Breathe Meg, just breathe. On top of that, it's Dream Cruise weekend. If you don't know what that is, it's a classic car thing where cars literally drive up and down one of our big roads for the day. The official day of the cruise is this Saturday but people have been cruising since we got back on Wednesday. I don't like crowds. I don't like loud cars. I don't like people. There's a shit ton of traffic, oh and our Trader Joe's in on this cruise road so we won't be able to get there for groceries until probably Sunday morning. It's pretty much the worst. Yay for added stress!

5. I haven't run in a week so I'm getting to that "Uh-oh, I have a half marathon in a month am I ready for this?" place. I know I can run it and finish it and most likely have fun. But, dangit, I really wanted to CRUSH this one and PR. Yes, I know exactly what I would say to you if you if I read this on your blog. I've got time. I've been on par with my training up until this point. Plus, my runs have all been with the Guys so I like to think of that as EXTRA training. Runs without them will be a cake walk, right?

Happy Friday! Go crush that weekend!


  1. Argghh....I don't know what to say "break a leg" seems wrong to a runner. Have a great show. Happy you had a great trip and are home safe & sound :)

  2. You're going to do so well tonight! And the training with the stroller will definitely come back to you in a big way!

  3. Girl, you will be just fine because nothing can stop you! And I'm with you, people are the worst. ;)

  4. Girl, you will be just fine because nothing can stop you! And I'm with you, people are the worst. ;)

  5. I wish I could see the show--you're going to be great! Also, I agree... crowds and (strange) people are the worst.

  6. 1. Love the title today ;) You know I love me some BNL
    2. Love the tshirt. :)
    3. awesome job while on vacation! Truly even without tracking it sounds like you did great.
    4. sorry about the bad food and bad tummy issues
    5. Good luck tonight! I know you'll do great! That's what all of that practice was for and you will be the best Mrs. Banks ever(other than who played her in the original Mary Poppins.. the name escapes me but you know what I mean) :)
    6. One week off of running shouldn't derail you. I think you'll surprise yourself when you get back out there!

  7. Dude, hiking uphill carrying a toddler? You are she-ra.

  8. I cannot imagine how hard it is to run pushing a stroller, so yes, I'd imagine you're going to feel like you're flying. :) Glad your trip went well!