Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom

Some mornings you just need a little extra oomph the get you out for your run.
As you can tell from the picture, it was even cool enough to wear pants for my run. When I left it was 59 degrees and dark. I have a lovely flashlight/glow stick combo thing my sister-in-law got all of the kiddos while we were in Montana. It works great for me while I run, at least for shorter distances. Headlamps are my favorite, hands free light is always a plus, but this works not only as a flashlight but to keep me visible.

My average pace for most of my runs with Nike + have been over 13 minutes/mile which has frustrated me. Yes, I know, it's been hot and I have been pushing a stroller full of toddler for a lot of those runs but still. This morning I really wanted to get some faster runs in.
I think it was the socks!
I ended up with 3.20 miles and plenty of time to shower and get ready for work. Getting up just a shade before six has been perfect for me. Now if I could only find my armband that holds my phone while I run I would be all set! Anyone seen it laying around?

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with my endodontist. Yay apicoectomy! I wasn't really nervous, I was told it would just be x-rays. Well I get there, the assistant takes me back, takes some x-rays then tells me to hang on. I am waiting and I hear him open up a package of tools. Now, if you've been to the dentist as much as I have you recognize sounds. Seriously, I could tell you what  the damn needle they use for Novocaine sounds like, TRUST ME. When I heard that sound I started to get nervous, like "hey, why do you need tools?". I could feel myself tensing up. A few minutes later the assistant comes back in and says, "Ok, you're all set." Holy mother of pearl, man, why did you open the damn tools?!? I go back in a year for one last check up to make sure everything healed well. I'd like to say other than my cleaning in October that will be my last dentist appointment for a while but I know better. In fact, a tooth I've had some issues with for a few months has still been bothering me, even after getting a filling, etc, so I'm thinking I'll be told I need another root canal. Again, when you've had as much work as I've had you learn the signs pretty quickly. Stupid teeth.

And that was a wonderful non-fitness related side note. You are all very welcome.  Happy Thursday!


  1. Okay, so, two things:

    1. I made the mistake of googling "apicoectomy". WHY WERE THERE SO MANY PICTURES, I DIDN'T ASK FOR PICTURES. I'm glad your healing well though with no issues!

    2. Awesome run!

    1. Ugh, and that definitely should say, "I'm glad you're healing well...". I promise eye no grammer.

  2. Love those socks!!! Great job on the run and I'm SO glad you survived that appointment unscathed.

    I was going to Google that procedure, but the last poster has me afraid to. ;)

  3. Beautiful smile and awesome socks, always key to a good run!

  4. I can see where those socks would power you through a great run. They're awesome! I agree - the dentist's office is a tense place. They should be aware of the sounds they're making so they don't freak people out!