Monday, August 3, 2015

I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life

Saturday evening I spent some time mapping out a route for my ten mile long run on Sunday. I was running with the Guys so I planned on running to a park to let them play for twenty minutes or so and then finishing the run.

My mom and brother were coming over with my nephew who is only a few months older than the boys. I figured if it came down to it, I w ould drop the boys off and finish whatever miles I couldn't get done with them.

For the most part, my plan was a success. It was four miles to the planned park. Boys had fun playing at the park. Strapped them back in the stroller and headed home. Weather was perfection, cool enough I wasn't dying and very little humidity! the first mile after the park stop was a little rough I could tell my legs had tightened up, but by the second mile (or sixth mile really) they were limber again.

And then the foot pain started.

I had about a mile left before I got home, which would put me at eight miles. Pre-foot pain I was still planning on dropping the Guys off and finishing off the last two miles. But, man, foot pain sucks. As soon as I stopped running it was fine. And even now there isn't even any tenderness. I think my laces were just too tight. At least that is my hope.

I cleared the data from my Garmin somehow. I have hopes I didn't permanantly delete it and when I upload my runs from the last month it'll be there. I ran 8 miles in about 1:54:00.

And tonight starts Tech Week from my show. And I leave on our first ever family vacation on Wednesday. I think everything is all set for both of those things but I have a feeling I may freak out at some point. At least an internal freak out. This will be my last post until I'm back from our trip. Enjoy your week. Keep cool. Drink lots of water!

Oh yeah, one more thing, lost another pound this week. Slowly but surely...


  1. Oh man, take care of those feet! Are they feeling better today? And congrats on tackling the 8 miles and losing a pound! Woot!

  2. Enjoy tech week and hope you have a great vacation! And of course that the foot pain goes away asap.