Thursday, August 20, 2015

You Got to Turn Me Around and Put Your Feet On the Ground

And just like that, I got back into the swing of things.

Guys went down to bed last night around 7:45. I waited for Hubs to run off to the grocery store for essentials, then headed out for a run. I wanted to go for an hour and whatever mileage I got in, great.

I always start my fitness tracker, in this case Nike +, right when I leave my house so my first mile tends to be slower because of the walking. I like to walk at least a block before I start to run just to prime my muscles.

It was a warm and sticky night and I would bitch about the humidity but I feel like I've been bitching about the humidity all summer long so I'll keep mum on that point. It was cooler than I expected, the sun was mostly down and there was a nice breeze. And it was steamy as a mother effer!
I ended up with 4.20 miles. By the end of my run it was pretty much DARK out. I regret not bringing my head lamp, I had to stutter step through some sidewalks because I was afraid I would bite it. Now I know for next time.

It just felt so damn good to run! I was afraid I would feel like crap, but nope, I was rocking it out pretty much the whole time. Welcome back to me!


  1. Yay! Way to get out there and get it done :)

  2. Awesome! Way to go! It was super steamy here last night too, even more than usual--Desiree always says it's like soup, but last night it was more like stew! Haha.

  3. Yay! Way to get back in the running saddle! Yea, it's still pretty hellish here with the humidity too

  4. Great job getting out there (even in the dark!)

  5. We all have had plenty to say about the humidity....bring on a loooong cool fall :)