Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Got to Pick Up the Pace If You Want to Stay in the Race

My training plan calls for a couple of time trials. Time trials for me are a one mile warm-up, two miles as fast as you can handle, cool down. The goal is to try to run your time trial faster than your previous time. Ok, easy enough. Now, I missed the first time trial in my training so this was my first one.

I actually wasn't going to run last night. We went to the library before the boys went to bed and I picked up a few good books that were calling my name. I made cabbage soup for dinner and it was still cooking but I figured I could just read while it cooked. Hubs was getting ready to jump in the shower and said, "I thought you were going for a run?"

Shoot. Guilted me without even realizing it. It was just after 8PM so it was full on dark. I wanted to run at our local track but was a little nervous it would be too dark and creepy. The park the track is in is open until 9PM and lucky for me there were about four or five other people using the track. It was nice to have some company.

I ran to the track and a little bit around it until I finished my first mile. And then I started sprinting. As a runner it is difficult to avoid comparing myself to other runners. For the most part, yes I realize I am only competing with myself. But, there's still a part of me that reads people's paces like "Oh you ran a nine minute mile and that was slow for you?" and feels kinda cruddy about my own paces.
Then I saw my splits from this workout. Look at that second mile! I was so shocked by it. I don't usually use my Garmin for shorter runs so I don't get my splits at each mile, I just get an average pace. And with my first mile so slow it was hard to figure out how fast I was going. A sub 11 minute mile plus a just a shade over 11 minute mile, hell yeah!

Nike + let me know what I achieved:
Well, look at that.

I guess speed work really does pay off.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Camp Anawanna We Hold You In Our Hearts

Well it is Monday again. I feel like I blinked and the weekend was gone. What the hell?

Camping with the whole family was a blast. It was both super challenging (setting up the tent while the boys attempted everything from running into the woods to visiting our neighboring campsite's tent) and super fun (the pure joy both boys got from helping Dad with the campfire). Hubs said it best, "I feel like we have to learn how to camp all over again."

We weren't huge fans of the campground. Of course, whenever there are people involved there is going to be noise. We are spoiled because until this trip we've only gone camping at backpacker sites, which means pretty much no neighbors. It was Halloween weekend which was fun for the boys but what we did not realize and were never really told is there was a haunted forest attraction on the campground that ran until probably 11. The problem wasn't the haunted forest but the tractor full of people that rode past our campsite every ten minutes and the fake police siren that went off every couple of minutes, too. You would think we would've been warned about it. Thankfully once the Guys were asleep they stayed asleep.

At around 2AM I was about to get my Mama Bear on with some drunk teenagers who got back to their tent and proceeded to whisper shout for a good twenty minutes. Have you ever seen Cheri O'Teri on SNL as Rita? She's the crazy lady on her porch who is always yelling at the neighborhood kids?
I was about to get all Crazy Rita on their asses! Thankfully they shut up. Not sure what I would've done. I was tempted to just pull their spikes out of their tent so it would collapse on them but figured that would make them louder.

I didn't get my long run in this weekend, but I stayed active. Seriously, we are spoiled by our fenced in yard. Between chasing the boys, walking around the campground to trick or treat, walking to the bathrooms, walking around to keep toddlers busy, I felt like I didn't stop moving until the boys were asleep.

Here's what my steps looked like:
I think my only down time was the car ride to the campground.
For comparison, this is what my steps looked like on Thursday. Look at all that time where I actually SAT DOWN!
Almost 1000 less steps and that's with a lunchtime walk and an evening run!
 All in all, we all loved it and will be camping again next year.

Friday, September 25, 2015

'Cause Saturday Night's the Night I Like

Last night I had my last R & R (Rest and Recovery) run. Without even planning it my training for November's half marathon just happened to work out that I was running two R&R's this week instead of any tempo or interval runs. My tired legs were super happy. Well, they were tired on Tuesday. By last night's run they were feeling great!

It was a slower paced run for me so I took my time and just focused on my neighborhood. I came across this little guy:
I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George!
We have a lot of rabbits in our area which adorable to look at but a pain in the ass when one wants to plant a garden.

Once I get my strength training done tonight I will have hit my goal of three runs and three strength workouts this week. Woo-hoo! Keeping the Jedi Streak going strong!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's No Surprise to Me I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Part of our registration for the Women Run the D race on Sunday was free race pictures. I don't know about you, but for me, I usually dread race pictures. Yes, I get it, I am not pretty when I run. I honestly don't care about being pretty when I run. It's just hard to work my butt off for a race, feel awesome at the finish, and then see race photos and sad trombone, feel like shit.

Am I the only one who does this to herself?

The race photos link showed up in my email last night. I reluctantly clicked on the it and checked them out.

You know what? I didn't hate them. In fact, there are one or two I flat out LOVE!

In this one, the tiny speck in the distance behind me is C. running to catch up to me and cross the finish line:
And hey, I'm smiling in this one, but it's not a fake smile, it's a full on, holy shit, I am having fun smile:
This one I am posting with a side by side comparison from my last half marathon back in April. I haven't lost much weight since I started doing WW back in July. I know it's a slow and steady approach, but sometimes it feels way more SLOW than I would like it to. I haven't done measurements which I should do, but eh, who's got time for that. Here's the closest thing I have to a comparison shot:

I doubt anyone else looking at those pictures is going to be as nit picky as me. But, I see a difference. My face looks skinnier. And my waist looks a little trimmer. Maybe it's just me. Either way, I definitely am moving faster in that second picture. Yay for no hills!

It is so easy to get caught up in the "I hate my body" moment. Not today. Today, I think my body looks pretty badass in those pictures. That is a body that rocked out a PR!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Food Glorious Food We're Anxious to Try It/Weigh-In Wednesday

Linking up with Winter for Weigh-In Wednesday!

After some adjusting to my weigh-in days, I have now settled on Sunday for weigh-in. My issue has been Friday night rolls around and I've got a bunch of weekly points sitting there for me to use. And instead of thinking, hey nice job Meg you didn't use those points, I think, hey let's eat everything in the house! It doesn't help Hubs has hockey on Friday nights so I am by myself in the evening. I tend to get snackier when I am flying solo.

What I am saying is, I do fantastic all week, eat too much Friday night, then weigh-in Saturday morning and I have a crap weigh-in. Not anymore! By switching to Sunday I will be less likely to blow a ton of points Saturday night because we usually have shit to do and I have no time for snacking. It worked for me this week so we will see if it continues to work.

Basically, this boils down to, I lost 1.2 pounds this week. Whew.

A few of my friends have tried this recipe Aunt Liz's Chicken Spaghetti and I wanted to make it when it was my week to cook. I don't know if I have mentioned this here, but Hubs and I take turns cooking by switching weeks. When it is our week to cook we are responsible for grocery shopping and meal planning. It is wonderful, plus a great way to change up meals. Hubs shies away from casseroles and soups, which I adore, and I'm not a big meat eater so we get lots of variety.

On Monday I made the Chicken Spaghetti. When Anna made it she used penne pasta and noticed the top layer was a little more al dente than the rest of the casserole, so at the halfway point I stirred the whole thing up. And Mary noticed hers was a little too soupy so I went with a touch less broth. With both of these tips, I really think it was perfect.

But, first, before all that, the spaghetti had to be broken into small pieces. And I had my sous chefs do that job. They took it quite seriously.
A. is wearing a headlamp. Like mother like son.
Here is the finished product:
The recipe says to separate into two 8x8 pans but first of all, ain't nobody got time to do MORE dishes, and second, screw it. I tossed it into a 9x13 and it was fine.
Casseroles are never pretty to look at, but they sure are delicious. Hubs even liked it and he's pretty picky about his casseroles. I would definitely make this again!

Yesterday I made lentil soup in the slow cooker. I was inspired by Anna's lentil soup and by the cooler weather we are having. I don't have the link to the recipe, it's at home, but it's pretty simple. I used veggie broth, a package of frozen mire poix mix (carrots, onions, celery), can of diced tomatoes, cup of lentils, seasoning, garlic, bam done! The directions called for it to cook on low for 12 hours of high for five hours. I ended up starting it on low and since Hubs was home had him kick it up to high after six hours.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was delicious, as well. Hubs doesn't count soup as a meal so I grilled some chicken sausages and it was great! Best part, the soup is only TWO points per serving!

Last night I went for my first post half-marathon run. Thankfully my training plan called for a Rest and Recovery run of three miles! After that I hit up my weight room (aka the basement) and got my first strength training of the week done. I am kicking butt at my 100 Days Until Star Wars Episode VII Streak!
For some reason this counting down backwards shit is confusing the hell out of me so I got a little carried away and already marked off Day 86 which is today. Looks like I'm walking on my lunch NO MATTER WHAT!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Everybody's Been There, Everybody's Been Stared Down By the Enemy

If you are a runner or a walker or have ever trained for a race I'm sure you will get it when I tell you I went into Sunday's race with an A Goal, a B Goal, and a C Goal.

A Goal: Finish strong. Finish happy. Don't burn out at mile 10. Finish faster than the 3:20:00 time from when I ran this race two years ago. That race sucked, I was under trained, miserable, and tried to drop out at Mile 10. Basically, A Goal was do better than that!

B Goal: Finish within my PR time of 2:49.

C Goal: Get a PR.

In case you are just starting to read this blog, I am training for the Monroe Half Marathon which isn't until November. My speed work is starting to get better for that. My goal time for that one is 2:30, which is FAST for me, but I have hopes I can do it once I really settle into my speed work. I sorta trained for this half marathon. Mostly, I just ran while pushing the Guys in the jogging stroller and tried to get some miles under my belt.

 Detroit Women's Half Marathon Race Recap

Packet Pick-Up
Saturday was packet pick-up day. It was a pretty smooth process. There was an incentive to pick-up at the expo and not on race day, a free gift bag from Athleta. The weather was crap, but that's ok, crap weather the day before a race is just fine! I had the Guys with me, and didn't bring the stroller so at one point I was carrying two toddlers through the expo because both of them wanted to play the "Let's Lay Down on the Floor" game. Fun times! There were a bunch of vendors there, but I didn't really get a chance to shop. Bonus, wrangling toddlers for half the day totally counts as being active for a half hour, thus keeping my Star Wars Streak going strong.

Race Day 
Weather was PERFECT! It was 49 degrees out when I left my house. It was only supposed to get up to a high of 70. The only downfall: there was not a cloud in the sky, so it was pretty sunny and got a little warm there for parts of the race. But, I'm not complaining that much!

The race was on Belle Isle, a state park on the Detroit River. Because it's an island, there is only one way on. Which always, always, always leads to back-ups. This is the third year for this race and they've delayed the start every year because of how congested it gets.

I left my house in what I thought was plenty of time. I got to the bridge leading to Belle Isle, everything was great and then this:

Thankfully, I had a friend who was already there and she sent me a text letting me know they were delaying the start. I parked and rushed over to the starting line, getting there just a little after 8:00AM. The race ended up starting just around 8:15AM.

The Race
After the slightly delayed start, we were off! I had my interval timer set-up for one minute running, thirty seconds of walking. I had three packages of Gu Chomps. The plan was to start them around Mile 3 and eat them every three miles after that. Each package has four pieces in it so at Mile 3 I ate half a package, then after the next water stop, ate the other two pieces. This worked out great.

They had Nuun at every water stop. I took a little cup around Mile 4 and was fine. But when I took another cup around Mile 6 it was a bigger cup and as soon as I drank it my stomach cramped. I honestly feared I would end up with a jacked up stomach for the rest of the race! Thankfully the cramping passed and I could focus on running again. I also only took water for the remaining water stops. Running Tip: Never, ever drink or eat something on race day you have not trained with. I know this and I STILL did it. Rookie mistake!

The course started off running through the center of the island. That path spit us out at the east end of the island. We ran all the around to the west end, which was the start/finish area. At around Mile 6 I passed that area and got a nice boost from all the cheering from the 5K runners and some nice crowd support. I continued on my merry way, keeping one foot in front of the other and still feeling pretty good.

Just before the split, where the people finishing the race cut into the island towards the finish line the lead runner caught up to me. She was booking it!

The course continued to loop around the island. The weather was still great and I'd get a nice breeze off the water every so often so that kept me nice and cool.
Around Mile 9 I started doing Runner Math. "If I run at such and such pace I can make it in before this time. But, if I speed it up I can make it as this time. And if I walked from this point on I could still finish by this time."

Runner Math is complicated, folks. Add to it doing math while RUNNING and it gets even harder! Pretty much I figured if I kept up my current pace I would be able to PR. And PR by a lot!

Of course once I thought that my legs said, "Fuck you, Meg, we are tired." Sorry, my legs get very sweary when they don't want to run anymore. Assholes.

I fought through it. I fought through it hard. I had to force myself to stop looking at my damn Garmin because knowing how much further I had to go, and watching my pace get slower and slower was seriously disheartening.

By Mile 10 I knew I was kicking ass at my A Goal. And B Goal was looking pretty good, too. At that point I could've slowed down quite a bit and still managed to achieve both of those goals.

But C Goal was sitting there in front of me, a shining beacon of PR.

I will admit to you, I didn't have a ton left in the tank by the time the last two miles rolled around. My pace dropped by almost a full minute per mile, I struggled to keep it under 13 minutes/mile. I was tired.

Earlier, maybe halfway through the race, Hubs sent me a text saying he probably wouldn't make it to watch the finish, that he couldn't find his wallet. I had been sending him text updates letting him know what mile I was at prior to that. When I got that text I was kinda bummed I wouldn't have anyone at the finish line.

Mile 12 slowly trudged by.

At the turn before the finish, with about a half mile left, Hubs called me. I have Bluetooth headphones so I answered the call. Turns out my guys made it to the race after all and were waiting for me!

This helped me kick it into gear just a tiny bit. It was the boost I needed, even better than the caffeine in my Gu Chomps!

I rounded the corner and saw them and started to tear up. Oh my handsome guys. The boys cheered me on, then wanted to cross the finish line with me. It was far enough I knew if I stopped my legs would cramp up and I might not finish. So I yelled for Hubs to wrangle them and kept going. I crossed the finish line and got my medal. I heard the announcer say, "Looks like we've got someone lost on the course!" I looked back and there were C. and A. trotting down the course towards the finish line. I ran back to meet them, just as Hubs caught up with them to keep them wrangled. And we all ran back across the finish together.

I ended up with a six minute PR! All I could think was how hard I had struggled at this race the first time, how I didn't think I could finish it and how I didn't think I would ever want to run again. And here I was beating my time by over thirty minutes!
The crowd support for those of us bringing up the rear for the race was still awesome. I love how the announcer calls out everyone's name as they as crossing the finish line. And there was PLENTY of water and food left. I love a race that thinks about the back of the pack!

After the race we went home, watched football, and hung out as a family. That run earned me 39 WW Activity Points! It  was a great day and now more than I ever I am looking forward to kicking ass at the Monroe Half!

Friday, September 18, 2015

To The Beat of the Rhythm of the Night

Yesterday was my second tempo run on my training schedule. One mile easy, one mile race pace, one mile cool down. Last time I had a hard time getting to a 12 minute mile which kinda bummed me out, but made me realize this is why I train.

Well, last night was way better!
My race pace  is 11:30/mile and look at that, ALMOST THERE!

Funny thing, for some reason when I started the Nike + app it didn't start right away so I had to do some weaving in and out of streets to make sure I would have enough mileage. I like to think the people who saw me run up and down their street twice thought I was just bad ass and not sorta crazy.  I left the house about 7:30, but wore my trusty headlamp because I knew it would be dark or close to it by the time I got home.

As I was walking the last bit home I passed two different runners who not only didn't have headlamps on, but also didn't have any reflective clothing. And they were both booking it! I don't know how they could run without being able to see, seriously, it was full on dark at that point. And I don't know how they could risk not being seen. Safety tip of the day: WEAR REFLECTIVE CLOTHING AND A HEADLAMP IF IT IS DARK WHEN YOU RUN!

I did my weight workout afterwards since I slacked and didn't do one on Wednesday. I won't do any weights on Saturday, got that whole half marathon thing on Sunday. I figure missing one strength workout this week so I can run 13.1 seems like a pretty good trade off to me.

Hope you have an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Because the Night Belongs to Us

Yesterday, when given the choice between getting up early and running and staying in bed, I chose staying in bed. I regretted the decision and thought about it on and off all day. Hubs had to work late last night, but thought he might be home in time for the boys' bedtime. About an hour before that he sent me a message saying he wouldn't make bedtime but should be home before eight. I decided if he was home before eight it left me no excuse not to run.

And he was home by 7:30.

Sticking to my guns, I reluctantly got into my running gear and got ready for my first ever interval run. Well, maybe not first. I already do the run/walk method for all of my runs. This time, my training plan was this:

Easy one mile warm-up
Two miles intervals (intervals 1:1 which meant run fast for one minute, walk/slow jog for one minute)
Half a mile easy cool down

For my first mile I kept up my usual 45 second run, 30 second walk. Then I switched it to 1:1 and REALLY pushed myself for the next two miles.
The one minute of walking seemed too long to me, I've adjusted to just 30 seconds for the last few months so I would run slowly for 30 and walk for 30, then do my faster run for a minute. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
It was just around sunset when I left and I wore my headlamp knowing it would be full on dark by the time I finished. People out walking their dogs gave me funny looks, but hey, I would rather be visible and be able to see the ground in front of me.

My favorite thing to do while wearing my headlamp is shine it in the car windows of the assholes idiots stupid people who approach stop signs and then stop PAST the stop sign in the middle of the intersection without even glancing to their left or right. Oh what's that, you're supposed to STOP at a STOP SIGN? Who knew? I love the look of shock/deer in headlights look as they glance to their right and go "Oh shit, there's a person there I almost hit!" Yep, asshole, you did. Thank god one of us is paying attention.

Sorry, I will continue to rant and rave about this until it stops. People are dumb and it drives me NUTS when they fail to obey basic traffic laws in a damn subdivision. Stop before the stop sign. It's as easy as that. It makes me even more upset when I see these are all adult drivers, people my age and older who have been driving long enough to know better.

End rant.

All in all it was a good run. I've successfully completed two speed workouts this training cycle which is better than I did with my last half marathon. I am getting pumped!
Post run headlamp selfie for Anna

Monday, September 14, 2015

She Was a Fast Machine

I have heard about people doing a race as part of their training plan but it never really worked out for me until this weekend. Our zoo had a fundraiser run with a Walk, 5K, and 10K option on Sunday and I had a six mile run planned. I signed up for the 5K run when we went to the zoo on Saturday.

Since our zoo is within walking distance...ok, maybe not quite walking distance, but close enough one could walk if necessary...I figured I would run to the race, do the 3.1 miles, then run home and be right around my six miles.

Weather that morning was perfect for running but a little cool for kiddos sitting in strollers. I worried about the boys so I layered them up and tossed a blanket over them which was fun in a not fun way because they really got a kick out of kicking the damn thing off and watching it get tangled in the wheels of the stroller. Blergh. I FINALLY got the boys ready and out the door just before 7:30AM and as we walk/ran I watched the clock tick down closer and closer to the start time. I realized there was a very real possibility I would not make it to the start before 8AM.

So I sprinted there.

One thing I am super pissed about, somehow my hand bent in a particular way and I paused the timer on my Garmin so my second mile, when I was REALLY booking it to the start line only registered as .34 of a mile. I didn't notice it until I was almost as the starting line. Boo to that, it would've been nice to see how fast I was going!

Thankfully, I made it to the starting line just after the race started. The fast people in front were flying by so the boys and I hung out until we saw walkers then we joined the pack.

Now after sprinting the almost two miles to the start, my legs were having NONE of it. The boys and I did pretty well, we stuck to the back of the pack and tried to stay out of the way of people who were seriously running. At the end I let the boys get out of the stroller and run across the finish line which they loved. The time clock read 46 minutes and change.  Not sure about my official results, but probably just under 45 minutes.

After that, getting them back in the stroller was a challenge. The main road the race started on was still closed because of the 10K so I let them get out of the stroller and run along it until it was re-opened.
Way in the distance you can see the tail end of the 10K runners
We turned a corner heading into our neighborhood and that road was closed so again, I let them get out and run.
This obviously messed with my splits. I didn't track the distance the while the boys were running on the grassy part.With my Garmin paused I saw I only had about .30 miles left before I got to my six miles so I just kept it paused during that part knowing otherwise I would have a wretched average pace. When I finally got the boys wrangled and in the stroller again it was rough going for my legs which had sprinted, ran a normal pace, rested while the boys ate a banana, walked, and now were expected to run again. Legs were having none of it. I managed to get my pace at that last bit of a mile just around 16:30 but ran out of distance to get it any lower. Ah well. It's about getting mileage under my belt not speed.

Our post race picture:
The boys LOVED running across the finish line! I see some 1/4 Mile Kid's Fun Runs in our future.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2015

She's Going the Distance. She's Going for Speed.*

I had my very first speed workout (about a week late on this because LIFE) planned for Thursday morning. But, then the mosquito got me.

I probably should have waited longer but you know sometimes the weather, the timing, the everything falls into place and you just gotta run.

I stuck a band-aid on my foot, got in my running gear and headed out for my first ever tempo run. As I am a speed workout newbie I will share the definition of MY tempo run. I looked it up on Runner's World and there are a whole slew of definitions, but really, it's about me here (thanks personal blog) so I will tell you what my training required. Now, reminder, I am a newbie at speed, and this is just my personal workout plan I got from Women's Health. I call this my "Do a Google search and find a half marathon training plan that fits into my schedule"! The plan was to run a warm-up mile, then run a fast mile, then cool down with a slower mile.

My goal for the Monroe Half Marathon is 2:30. It might seem slow to some, but for me, that would beat my current PR by almost twenty minutes. My pace for the half will need to be around an 11:30 minute/mile.

For my tempo run, the goal is to run the fast part of my run at my race pace, or just above it. Unfortunately, it has been a really long time since I've run fast, thanks humidity and summer, and by thanks I mean eff off, so running anything faster than that 12:03 seemed pretty darn impossible. I REALLY wanted to get below 12 minutes/mile.

My first tempo run sucked. After that just over 12 minutes per mile I was afraid for my upcoming half marathon. Yes, I know this isn't the one I am really training for. But, still, I was hurting after that second mile and convinced there was no way I was going to finish 13.1 in a week.

The good news is as bad as I felt during the fast part of the tempo run, the rest of it felt pretty good. I slowed down for the third mile and realized keeping at around a 13:30 pace was getting to be pretty easy. That made me feel good. All that training with the stroller seems to be paying off.

First speed workout completed!

*Please note, I had to mess with the lyrics for my title up there, it's a Cake song and it's actually HE not SHE but screw that!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

And I've Hurt Myself By Hurting You

I am currently suffering from the lamest injury EVER.

I had a mosquito bite on top of my right foot. And somehow while at work I absentmindedly scratched it and scratched it until I rubbed it raw. And now it is mildly infected and I can't wear a sock or my running shoes because it hurts.

I wish I was kidding.

Taken down by a damn mosquito.

I'm giving it one more day before I go running. I really just want a nice scab to develop so I don't have to worry about it being all gross and sticking to my sock.

You're welcome for the mental image.

I can't run, OK I can handle that. I've been walking on my lunch hour, plus I just finished my second weight lifting session this week. I figure by this evening I should be able to wrap my foot up and get a run in. I'm supposed to do a tempo run, my first one. Eek. The boys will be sleeping so it'll be fun to get out and do a run without the jogging stroller.

And this weekend my schedule has me running six miles. There's a run at our local zoo that I'm signing up for. I'll do the 5K but run up to the starting line, which is about two miles away, and then run home to get my six miles in. Doing a race instead of a regular run should be fun and a nice change of pace for us. Plus, since I'll be running with the boys, I think they'll like it more with more people around. They like cheering people on!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad, You Take Them Both and There You Have the Facts of Life/Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh-in Wednesday!
Head over to Winter's blog, link below, to join the link-up!

Weight Watchers and I have done really well together these past almost two months. But, when I weighed in (I weigh in Saturday but saved this post for Weigh-In Wednesday) I was up a shade under two pounds.

Now, instead of just falling off the wagon and saying SCREW YOU WEIGHT WATCHERS I sat back and thought about my week. I snacked more than I normally do, which isn't like me, but now I realize had to do with Aunt Flo coming to town. That might also account for the weight gain, but we will see. And on Friday before my weigh-in Hubs and I had a date afternoon where I didn't exactly eat ALL of the things, but I did have ice cream and some treats, more than I usually do.

I also started lifting weights again. I know the age old adage of "muscle weighs more than fat" is false, but I also know my body and I tend to retain a bit of water after super long runs and weight workouts. Could explain the gain, I worked out Friday night and weighed in Saturday.

Oh yeah and with this miserable effing heat my workouts suffered. I ran, but not as much as I wanted or needed to.

All those little things added up to a gain.

Shit happens.

Shake it off, Meg.

I have headed into this week with a plan of attack:

* Fresh fruits for snacking on my way home from work to combat the late afternoon munchies.
*Drink TONS of water. I have found when my water drinking slacks my eating gets a little crazy. 
*Meal plan like crazy
*No fast food (seems like an easy enough thing, but I tell you, the lure is strong)
*Three days of strength training
*Four days of SOLID cardio, so some good running in there, not just walking on lunch

Winter posted this on her own profile and another Lovely Ladies Losing It group member posted it on our group page:
One pound a week. I can do that. YOU  can do that. Let's do it together!

Oh and since I was just a sheep and followed what Anna said without looking it up myself, the 100 Days of Streaking or #LLLJedis officially starts TODAY.
For some reason Blogger won't post this in landscape
 Oh yes, I made a chart! Once I do my 30 minutes of working out, and since it's Wednesday that will be my weights tonight, I am planting a sticker on that bad boy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Starlight, Starbright, First Star I See Tonight

My Lovely Ladies Losing It group is just awesome. One of the many awesome things we do are fitness challenges. This month, or I suppose, the next few months, we're aiming for a streaking challenge. The reason for it?

Photo courtesy of Anna. I am too lazy to get my own.
In 100 days Star Wars Episode VII will be released. In honor of that we're going to streak for the next 100 days. That means 30 minutes of planned activity, either cardio or strength, for the next 100 days. Anna joked around about getting a calendar and putting stickers on it, and I am tempted to do the same thing. Nothing quite like having that constant visual reminder to keep you going. Oh, and you know my boys love sticking stickers on everything (including our hardwood floors) so this will be fun for the whole family.

I managed a five mile run this weekend. My splits were atrocious, but I was running with the Guys and we stopped at a park with about a mile and a half left to go, but less than a mile left until the house. While we were there I figured I would just run around the perimeter of the park to get as much mileage in as I could while the boys played.  My Garmin picked up that mileage but my Nike+ app did not so I look a lot slower than I actually was. Funny thing, this park borders a tennis court and two guys were out there playing. As I was running around the park the boys started to chase me which was adorable but also, I'm sure looked like I was trying to escape them.

I did two weight workouts this weekend, one on Friday night and another one on Monday night. I'm going to for strength workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday this month. Hubs is gone on Friday nights and our weight bench is in the basement. I am very brave, but being in the basement at night without him upstairs creeps me out. Plus, it's harder to hear the boys. Yes, I could use the baby monitor but have you seen the movie Signs? Yeah, not so much.

And today my planned workout for the first of my 100 days of streaking is a 30 minute lunchtime walk and 30 minutes of marching while I watch t.v. tonight. The humidity is still atrocious here, plus we're supposed to get scattered thunderstorms all day so no running for me. Blergh.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

And I'm Hungry Like the Wolf

It's been ridonkously humid here lately plus I am fighting what I lovingly call our "Welcome to Preschool Here's a Cold Children Are Germs" cold thing that's going around my house. What that all adds up to is no running for Meg.


I have been walking on my lunches, around my air conditioned office, but walking nonetheless. AND, I went downstairs and managed to hit the weight bench last night. By the time I was done my legs were pretty wobbly and getting upstairs was almost an issue so I would call that a good workout!

A couple of the ladies from my Lovely Ladies Losing It group have decided these last four months of 2015 are going to be OUR MONTHS. We are going to crush them like grapes...and speaking of grapes...I have battled and still battle with the time between leaving work and getting home for dinner. By the time I get home I am usually STARVING and I end up snacking and it's terrible. Or, on my drive home I eat snacks in my car, never healthy snacks, and boo to that. We talked about it and one woman pointed out she likes to eat blueberries or grapes because you get the same feeling you get when mindlessly eating potato chips, that back and forth motion of putting lots of food in your mouth. I could see her point, so on my way home I stopped at a market and got a bunch of grapes. Grapes are zero PP with Weight Watchers so I knew it would be a better snack than the Cheetos I REALLY wanted to eat.
And I wasn't uncomfortably full by the time I got home. I enjoyed my grapes, had dinner an hour later, worked out and that was it. No more food after dinner, not even a sweet treat or a bowl of cereal. I felt pretty good about all of that.

At some point I am going to run, maybe tomorrow morning, maybe not. We don't have much planned for the long weekend, just hanging out together. With the extra day off, though I think I might be able to get one last long run in before I should start tapering next weekend. Half marathon two weeks from Sunday, eek! When I switched to the November half marathon my training plan changed so I'm just trying to get miles in before this half marathon so it isn't a complete suckathon for me. Then I can really dig down and focus on November half marathon training because I am going to kick that one's ass! Course is flat, it'll be November so cooler temps, which right off the bet sounds better than the Martian Half Marathon I ran back in April that whupped my ass.

Almost long weekend time. Hope you have a great one!