Thursday, September 3, 2015

And I'm Hungry Like the Wolf

It's been ridonkously humid here lately plus I am fighting what I lovingly call our "Welcome to Preschool Here's a Cold Children Are Germs" cold thing that's going around my house. What that all adds up to is no running for Meg.


I have been walking on my lunches, around my air conditioned office, but walking nonetheless. AND, I went downstairs and managed to hit the weight bench last night. By the time I was done my legs were pretty wobbly and getting upstairs was almost an issue so I would call that a good workout!

A couple of the ladies from my Lovely Ladies Losing It group have decided these last four months of 2015 are going to be OUR MONTHS. We are going to crush them like grapes...and speaking of grapes...I have battled and still battle with the time between leaving work and getting home for dinner. By the time I get home I am usually STARVING and I end up snacking and it's terrible. Or, on my drive home I eat snacks in my car, never healthy snacks, and boo to that. We talked about it and one woman pointed out she likes to eat blueberries or grapes because you get the same feeling you get when mindlessly eating potato chips, that back and forth motion of putting lots of food in your mouth. I could see her point, so on my way home I stopped at a market and got a bunch of grapes. Grapes are zero PP with Weight Watchers so I knew it would be a better snack than the Cheetos I REALLY wanted to eat.
And I wasn't uncomfortably full by the time I got home. I enjoyed my grapes, had dinner an hour later, worked out and that was it. No more food after dinner, not even a sweet treat or a bowl of cereal. I felt pretty good about all of that.

At some point I am going to run, maybe tomorrow morning, maybe not. We don't have much planned for the long weekend, just hanging out together. With the extra day off, though I think I might be able to get one last long run in before I should start tapering next weekend. Half marathon two weeks from Sunday, eek! When I switched to the November half marathon my training plan changed so I'm just trying to get miles in before this half marathon so it isn't a complete suckathon for me. Then I can really dig down and focus on November half marathon training because I am going to kick that one's ass! Course is flat, it'll be November so cooler temps, which right off the bet sounds better than the Martian Half Marathon I ran back in April that whupped my ass.

Almost long weekend time. Hope you have a great one!


  1. I do love me some grapes to snack on. And way to stay strong! We are so going to crush the rest of 2015 and get to the mythical one-derland!

  2. Ugh, school germs are the WORST. When mine started a new daycare last year, they were literally sick for like a month straight. I started giving them these immunity gummies from Zarbees every day, and I truly believe that made ALL the difference. I've since switched to a cheaper brand (ummm, R2D2 immunity gummies, hello!), but they seem to work just as well. The kids rarely get sick now, and when they do it doesn't last nearly as long.

    The last quarter..errr, third.... of 2015 is going to be awesome!!!

  3. Grapes are my favorite go to snack too! Sorry about the back to school crud. I hate that that happens all the time!
    Hope you get your run in!

  4. My husband brought me some funk from his "big yellow rolling germ factory." Hope you are feeling better soon :)