Monday, September 28, 2015

Camp Anawanna We Hold You In Our Hearts

Well it is Monday again. I feel like I blinked and the weekend was gone. What the hell?

Camping with the whole family was a blast. It was both super challenging (setting up the tent while the boys attempted everything from running into the woods to visiting our neighboring campsite's tent) and super fun (the pure joy both boys got from helping Dad with the campfire). Hubs said it best, "I feel like we have to learn how to camp all over again."

We weren't huge fans of the campground. Of course, whenever there are people involved there is going to be noise. We are spoiled because until this trip we've only gone camping at backpacker sites, which means pretty much no neighbors. It was Halloween weekend which was fun for the boys but what we did not realize and were never really told is there was a haunted forest attraction on the campground that ran until probably 11. The problem wasn't the haunted forest but the tractor full of people that rode past our campsite every ten minutes and the fake police siren that went off every couple of minutes, too. You would think we would've been warned about it. Thankfully once the Guys were asleep they stayed asleep.

At around 2AM I was about to get my Mama Bear on with some drunk teenagers who got back to their tent and proceeded to whisper shout for a good twenty minutes. Have you ever seen Cheri O'Teri on SNL as Rita? She's the crazy lady on her porch who is always yelling at the neighborhood kids?
I was about to get all Crazy Rita on their asses! Thankfully they shut up. Not sure what I would've done. I was tempted to just pull their spikes out of their tent so it would collapse on them but figured that would make them louder.

I didn't get my long run in this weekend, but I stayed active. Seriously, we are spoiled by our fenced in yard. Between chasing the boys, walking around the campground to trick or treat, walking to the bathrooms, walking around to keep toddlers busy, I felt like I didn't stop moving until the boys were asleep.

Here's what my steps looked like:
I think my only down time was the car ride to the campground.
For comparison, this is what my steps looked like on Thursday. Look at all that time where I actually SAT DOWN!
Almost 1000 less steps and that's with a lunchtime walk and an evening run!
 All in all, we all loved it and will be camping again next year.


  1. I am seriously impressed that you went camping with two toddlers--and still enjoyed it! I'm glad that siren didn't wake them up--I'm always impressed how little kids seem to be able to sleep through EVERYTHING.

  2. The camping pics are adorable!! I am glad those teenagers had the sense to not test you to your limit, although I would have loved to read the recap :)

  3. Glad you guys had a great time even with drunk teenagers and hayriders! Yikes!

  4. You're so brave to take them out to camp like that. :) Oliver has been asking but we keep putting him off because we're not sure he'd handle all of the distractions and actually go to sleep.