Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Food Glorious Food We're Anxious to Try It/Weigh-In Wednesday

Linking up with Winter for Weigh-In Wednesday!

After some adjusting to my weigh-in days, I have now settled on Sunday for weigh-in. My issue has been Friday night rolls around and I've got a bunch of weekly points sitting there for me to use. And instead of thinking, hey nice job Meg you didn't use those points, I think, hey let's eat everything in the house! It doesn't help Hubs has hockey on Friday nights so I am by myself in the evening. I tend to get snackier when I am flying solo.

What I am saying is, I do fantastic all week, eat too much Friday night, then weigh-in Saturday morning and I have a crap weigh-in. Not anymore! By switching to Sunday I will be less likely to blow a ton of points Saturday night because we usually have shit to do and I have no time for snacking. It worked for me this week so we will see if it continues to work.

Basically, this boils down to, I lost 1.2 pounds this week. Whew.

A few of my friends have tried this recipe Aunt Liz's Chicken Spaghetti and I wanted to make it when it was my week to cook. I don't know if I have mentioned this here, but Hubs and I take turns cooking by switching weeks. When it is our week to cook we are responsible for grocery shopping and meal planning. It is wonderful, plus a great way to change up meals. Hubs shies away from casseroles and soups, which I adore, and I'm not a big meat eater so we get lots of variety.

On Monday I made the Chicken Spaghetti. When Anna made it she used penne pasta and noticed the top layer was a little more al dente than the rest of the casserole, so at the halfway point I stirred the whole thing up. And Mary noticed hers was a little too soupy so I went with a touch less broth. With both of these tips, I really think it was perfect.

But, first, before all that, the spaghetti had to be broken into small pieces. And I had my sous chefs do that job. They took it quite seriously.
A. is wearing a headlamp. Like mother like son.
Here is the finished product:
The recipe says to separate into two 8x8 pans but first of all, ain't nobody got time to do MORE dishes, and second, screw it. I tossed it into a 9x13 and it was fine.
Casseroles are never pretty to look at, but they sure are delicious. Hubs even liked it and he's pretty picky about his casseroles. I would definitely make this again!

Yesterday I made lentil soup in the slow cooker. I was inspired by Anna's lentil soup and by the cooler weather we are having. I don't have the link to the recipe, it's at home, but it's pretty simple. I used veggie broth, a package of frozen mire poix mix (carrots, onions, celery), can of diced tomatoes, cup of lentils, seasoning, garlic, bam done! The directions called for it to cook on low for 12 hours of high for five hours. I ended up starting it on low and since Hubs was home had him kick it up to high after six hours.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was delicious, as well. Hubs doesn't count soup as a meal so I grilled some chicken sausages and it was great! Best part, the soup is only TWO points per serving!

Last night I went for my first post half-marathon run. Thankfully my training plan called for a Rest and Recovery run of three miles! After that I hit up my weight room (aka the basement) and got my first strength training of the week done. I am kicking butt at my 100 Days Until Star Wars Episode VII Streak!
For some reason this counting down backwards shit is confusing the hell out of me so I got a little carried away and already marked off Day 86 which is today. Looks like I'm walking on my lunch NO MATTER WHAT!


  1. Awesome loss this week! Yea the chart always has me second guessing myself too! :) Chicken spaghetti looks yum!

  2. Love our recipe sharing! I will be making the spaghetti again, but probably use spaghetti this time. Your sous chefs are adorable - I love how they are breaking it noodle by noodle - I try to do too much and it flies everywhere :) Great idea to change your weigh-in day. Glad I am not the only having countdown trouble - I finally broke down and wrote the dates in this morning.

  3. Nice loss! I need to look up that lentil soup recipe, sounds like it would be on the 21 DF plan!

  4. That's cool switching weeks with your husband for cooking. Mine can't cook so we don't have that option.

  5. I love the idea of switching cooking weeks! I wonder if my husband would go for it now that he's going to have a regular work schedule :D

  6. I can never keep track of charts either. In our house, we're just assuming we're moving every day until we get to the movie. :) It helps that we're both doing it, so we can check in with each other.

    I pinned this post for the Chicken Spaghetti! Darrell asked for that in the menu this week but it didn't make the cut, so I'll put this on the list for October.