Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Got to Pick Up the Pace If You Want to Stay in the Race

My training plan calls for a couple of time trials. Time trials for me are a one mile warm-up, two miles as fast as you can handle, cool down. The goal is to try to run your time trial faster than your previous time. Ok, easy enough. Now, I missed the first time trial in my training so this was my first one.

I actually wasn't going to run last night. We went to the library before the boys went to bed and I picked up a few good books that were calling my name. I made cabbage soup for dinner and it was still cooking but I figured I could just read while it cooked. Hubs was getting ready to jump in the shower and said, "I thought you were going for a run?"

Shoot. Guilted me without even realizing it. It was just after 8PM so it was full on dark. I wanted to run at our local track but was a little nervous it would be too dark and creepy. The park the track is in is open until 9PM and lucky for me there were about four or five other people using the track. It was nice to have some company.

I ran to the track and a little bit around it until I finished my first mile. And then I started sprinting. As a runner it is difficult to avoid comparing myself to other runners. For the most part, yes I realize I am only competing with myself. But, there's still a part of me that reads people's paces like "Oh you ran a nine minute mile and that was slow for you?" and feels kinda cruddy about my own paces.
Then I saw my splits from this workout. Look at that second mile! I was so shocked by it. I don't usually use my Garmin for shorter runs so I don't get my splits at each mile, I just get an average pace. And with my first mile so slow it was hard to figure out how fast I was going. A sub 11 minute mile plus a just a shade over 11 minute mile, hell yeah!

Nike + let me know what I achieved:
Well, look at that.

I guess speed work really does pay off.


  1. As I said in the group, you are a PR machine lately! Go you!

  2. I love hearing about how all your hard work is paying off :) Go, Meg, go!

  3. Yay!!! It's the best feeling when you see that 10 in your pace.