Monday, September 14, 2015

She Was a Fast Machine

I have heard about people doing a race as part of their training plan but it never really worked out for me until this weekend. Our zoo had a fundraiser run with a Walk, 5K, and 10K option on Sunday and I had a six mile run planned. I signed up for the 5K run when we went to the zoo on Saturday.

Since our zoo is within walking distance...ok, maybe not quite walking distance, but close enough one could walk if necessary...I figured I would run to the race, do the 3.1 miles, then run home and be right around my six miles.

Weather that morning was perfect for running but a little cool for kiddos sitting in strollers. I worried about the boys so I layered them up and tossed a blanket over them which was fun in a not fun way because they really got a kick out of kicking the damn thing off and watching it get tangled in the wheels of the stroller. Blergh. I FINALLY got the boys ready and out the door just before 7:30AM and as we walk/ran I watched the clock tick down closer and closer to the start time. I realized there was a very real possibility I would not make it to the start before 8AM.

So I sprinted there.

One thing I am super pissed about, somehow my hand bent in a particular way and I paused the timer on my Garmin so my second mile, when I was REALLY booking it to the start line only registered as .34 of a mile. I didn't notice it until I was almost as the starting line. Boo to that, it would've been nice to see how fast I was going!

Thankfully, I made it to the starting line just after the race started. The fast people in front were flying by so the boys and I hung out until we saw walkers then we joined the pack.

Now after sprinting the almost two miles to the start, my legs were having NONE of it. The boys and I did pretty well, we stuck to the back of the pack and tried to stay out of the way of people who were seriously running. At the end I let the boys get out of the stroller and run across the finish line which they loved. The time clock read 46 minutes and change.  Not sure about my official results, but probably just under 45 minutes.

After that, getting them back in the stroller was a challenge. The main road the race started on was still closed because of the 10K so I let them get out of the stroller and run along it until it was re-opened.
Way in the distance you can see the tail end of the 10K runners
We turned a corner heading into our neighborhood and that road was closed so again, I let them get out and run.
This obviously messed with my splits. I didn't track the distance the while the boys were running on the grassy part.With my Garmin paused I saw I only had about .30 miles left before I got to my six miles so I just kept it paused during that part knowing otherwise I would have a wretched average pace. When I finally got the boys wrangled and in the stroller again it was rough going for my legs which had sprinted, ran a normal pace, rested while the boys ate a banana, walked, and now were expected to run again. Legs were having none of it. I managed to get my pace at that last bit of a mile just around 16:30 but ran out of distance to get it any lower. Ah well. It's about getting mileage under my belt not speed.

Our post race picture:
The boys LOVED running across the finish line! I see some 1/4 Mile Kid's Fun Runs in our future.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Love, love the pictures of the guys running ahead of you....if that won't make a mama faster, nothing will :)

  2. Aw, I love the last picture--sounds like it was adventure, for sure!

  3. Kiddo to the right? That is basically my face after a run. So cute!

  4. Oliver loves running across the finish line with me too. :) It always makes a more fun finish all around.