Friday, September 11, 2015

She's Going the Distance. She's Going for Speed.*

I had my very first speed workout (about a week late on this because LIFE) planned for Thursday morning. But, then the mosquito got me.

I probably should have waited longer but you know sometimes the weather, the timing, the everything falls into place and you just gotta run.

I stuck a band-aid on my foot, got in my running gear and headed out for my first ever tempo run. As I am a speed workout newbie I will share the definition of MY tempo run. I looked it up on Runner's World and there are a whole slew of definitions, but really, it's about me here (thanks personal blog) so I will tell you what my training required. Now, reminder, I am a newbie at speed, and this is just my personal workout plan I got from Women's Health. I call this my "Do a Google search and find a half marathon training plan that fits into my schedule"! The plan was to run a warm-up mile, then run a fast mile, then cool down with a slower mile.

My goal for the Monroe Half Marathon is 2:30. It might seem slow to some, but for me, that would beat my current PR by almost twenty minutes. My pace for the half will need to be around an 11:30 minute/mile.

For my tempo run, the goal is to run the fast part of my run at my race pace, or just above it. Unfortunately, it has been a really long time since I've run fast, thanks humidity and summer, and by thanks I mean eff off, so running anything faster than that 12:03 seemed pretty darn impossible. I REALLY wanted to get below 12 minutes/mile.

My first tempo run sucked. After that just over 12 minutes per mile I was afraid for my upcoming half marathon. Yes, I know this isn't the one I am really training for. But, still, I was hurting after that second mile and convinced there was no way I was going to finish 13.1 in a week.

The good news is as bad as I felt during the fast part of the tempo run, the rest of it felt pretty good. I slowed down for the third mile and realized keeping at around a 13:30 pace was getting to be pretty easy. That made me feel good. All that training with the stroller seems to be paying off.

First speed workout completed!

*Please note, I had to mess with the lyrics for my title up there, it's a Cake song and it's actually HE not SHE but screw that!


  1. Your title totally took me back to high school. Thanks for that! Also, way to go on the tempo run! It may not have been as fast as you would have liked, but you did your best! And much faster than I can run a mile, so I'm impressed :)

  2. Great job! Sustaining that 12 minute pace is a good start. You'll be surprised how much it drops over the course of your training (and with better weather).