Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Starlight, Starbright, First Star I See Tonight

My Lovely Ladies Losing It group is just awesome. One of the many awesome things we do are fitness challenges. This month, or I suppose, the next few months, we're aiming for a streaking challenge. The reason for it?

Photo courtesy of Anna. I am too lazy to get my own.
In 100 days Star Wars Episode VII will be released. In honor of that we're going to streak for the next 100 days. That means 30 minutes of planned activity, either cardio or strength, for the next 100 days. Anna joked around about getting a calendar and putting stickers on it, and I am tempted to do the same thing. Nothing quite like having that constant visual reminder to keep you going. Oh, and you know my boys love sticking stickers on everything (including our hardwood floors) so this will be fun for the whole family.

I managed a five mile run this weekend. My splits were atrocious, but I was running with the Guys and we stopped at a park with about a mile and a half left to go, but less than a mile left until the house. While we were there I figured I would just run around the perimeter of the park to get as much mileage in as I could while the boys played.  My Garmin picked up that mileage but my Nike+ app did not so I look a lot slower than I actually was. Funny thing, this park borders a tennis court and two guys were out there playing. As I was running around the park the boys started to chase me which was adorable but also, I'm sure looked like I was trying to escape them.

I did two weight workouts this weekend, one on Friday night and another one on Monday night. I'm going to for strength workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday this month. Hubs is gone on Friday nights and our weight bench is in the basement. I am very brave, but being in the basement at night without him upstairs creeps me out. Plus, it's harder to hear the boys. Yes, I could use the baby monitor but have you seen the movie Signs? Yeah, not so much.

And today my planned workout for the first of my 100 days of streaking is a 30 minute lunchtime walk and 30 minutes of marching while I watch t.v. tonight. The humidity is still atrocious here, plus we're supposed to get scattered thunderstorms all day so no running for me. Blergh.


  1. I am going to the store this afternoon...they better have my stickers :) Good for you braving the basement. I was hoping going this morning would be more comfortable, but it was still icky. Our storms are supposed to come in this afternoon and bring some "fall" with them :)

  2. I kind of really like this sticker and calendar idea....

  3. I love stickers on a calendar. That's how I first got myself working out years ago. :) Totally down with an excuse to use them again!

  4. I am so excited I've found a group of lady nerds. *hugs*

  5. I'm soooo going to get stickers! That is a perfect idea.