Friday, September 18, 2015

To The Beat of the Rhythm of the Night

Yesterday was my second tempo run on my training schedule. One mile easy, one mile race pace, one mile cool down. Last time I had a hard time getting to a 12 minute mile which kinda bummed me out, but made me realize this is why I train.

Well, last night was way better!
My race pace  is 11:30/mile and look at that, ALMOST THERE!

Funny thing, for some reason when I started the Nike + app it didn't start right away so I had to do some weaving in and out of streets to make sure I would have enough mileage. I like to think the people who saw me run up and down their street twice thought I was just bad ass and not sorta crazy.  I left the house about 7:30, but wore my trusty headlamp because I knew it would be dark or close to it by the time I got home.

As I was walking the last bit home I passed two different runners who not only didn't have headlamps on, but also didn't have any reflective clothing. And they were both booking it! I don't know how they could run without being able to see, seriously, it was full on dark at that point. And I don't know how they could risk not being seen. Safety tip of the day: WEAR REFLECTIVE CLOTHING AND A HEADLAMP IF IT IS DARK WHEN YOU RUN!

I did my weight workout afterwards since I slacked and didn't do one on Wednesday. I won't do any weights on Saturday, got that whole half marathon thing on Sunday. I figure missing one strength workout this week so I can run 13.1 seems like a pretty good trade off to me.

Hope you have an excellent weekend!


  1. I hear you yelling at me :( Should I be asking for headlamp for my anniversary and not flowers and chocolate?? Have a great race - can't wait to hear how you crushed it!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to get a headlamp this year... I walked in the early mornings all last winter, and it was pretty creepy with no lights around the lake whatsoever. I've altered my route a bit now, so when I run in the early mornings now there's only a very small stretch (like maybe a tenth or quarter of a mile) that's unlit.

    You're going to have an awesome race!

  3. Badass with that 11:37!! You are amazing!

  4. I have a headlamp AND a reflective vest. Do I get bonus points?!

    I didn't realize you were running tomorrow! I will text you and see if we can find each other!! You're going to have a great race! Awesome job on the tempo run!!

  5. Geez we are gonna start calling you speedy! :) And you are good to remind us of reflective gear!

  6. I don't have a headlamp because my little suburb is fairly well lit, but I do have reflective clothes and a little clip on flashy light that I love. Great tempo run!!