Wednesday, September 9, 2015

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad, You Take Them Both and There You Have the Facts of Life/Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh-in Wednesday!
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Weight Watchers and I have done really well together these past almost two months. But, when I weighed in (I weigh in Saturday but saved this post for Weigh-In Wednesday) I was up a shade under two pounds.

Now, instead of just falling off the wagon and saying SCREW YOU WEIGHT WATCHERS I sat back and thought about my week. I snacked more than I normally do, which isn't like me, but now I realize had to do with Aunt Flo coming to town. That might also account for the weight gain, but we will see. And on Friday before my weigh-in Hubs and I had a date afternoon where I didn't exactly eat ALL of the things, but I did have ice cream and some treats, more than I usually do.

I also started lifting weights again. I know the age old adage of "muscle weighs more than fat" is false, but I also know my body and I tend to retain a bit of water after super long runs and weight workouts. Could explain the gain, I worked out Friday night and weighed in Saturday.

Oh yeah and with this miserable effing heat my workouts suffered. I ran, but not as much as I wanted or needed to.

All those little things added up to a gain.

Shit happens.

Shake it off, Meg.

I have headed into this week with a plan of attack:

* Fresh fruits for snacking on my way home from work to combat the late afternoon munchies.
*Drink TONS of water. I have found when my water drinking slacks my eating gets a little crazy. 
*Meal plan like crazy
*No fast food (seems like an easy enough thing, but I tell you, the lure is strong)
*Three days of strength training
*Four days of SOLID cardio, so some good running in there, not just walking on lunch

Winter posted this on her own profile and another Lovely Ladies Losing It group member posted it on our group page:
One pound a week. I can do that. YOU  can do that. Let's do it together!

Oh and since I was just a sheep and followed what Anna said without looking it up myself, the 100 Days of Streaking or #LLLJedis officially starts TODAY.
For some reason Blogger won't post this in landscape
 Oh yes, I made a chart! Once I do my 30 minutes of working out, and since it's Wednesday that will be my weights tonight, I am planting a sticker on that bad boy!


  1. And that. my friend. is why I am not a shepherd...sorry for leading my little sheep astray :) Sounds like a solid plan to readjust after a gain. I have my stickers but haven't made my chart yet.

  2. Sounds like that gain was mostly water--no doubt most (if not all) of it will be gone after this week! I love your chart. I think I'm going to copy that too.

  3. I have had zero desire for fast food since starting my journey. It's just not worth the PP and not filling in the slightest...except maybe the oatmeal and yogurt at McD's for breakfast.

  4. Great Attitude! I confess, I made a similar tracking sheet at work today. :)

  5. Great plan! Thanks for linking up!