Friday, October 30, 2015

Whatever Happened to My Transylvania Twist?

Just like that October is over. What the hell?

We are spending the weekend doing a variety of fun Halloween activities. Hopefully my dinosaurs have a good time. We've done a couple of trick or treating activities already and they seemed to enjoy them. Here's hoping the weather isn't completely crappy. Apparently, light rain and chilly is the prediction for now. Boo to that.

At some point on Saturday I plan on getting my six mile run in. I could save it for Sunday, but that's no fun. Might as well run on a day when a mini Snickers or two might find their way into my hands.

Plus, there's the whole Daylight Savings Time ending on Sunday morning. You know what that means? That means my kids won't be sleeping in! I love all the people without kids or with older kids who say "YAY FALL BACK SLEEP IN TIME!" and I think "YAY FALL BACK...wait...". No rest for the wicked, I suppose. We can only hope a busy Halloween will exhaust them.

To keep with the Halloween spirit, here's a picture from last weekend. Hubs and I went as Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers. Because we are huge nerds awesome.

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween full of tricks and treats!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Am Giving Up On Greener Grasses/Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, I gave it a shot. After three months I have come to the realization that Weight Watchers is not for me. I haven't been losing weight. I mean, I have, but in the total time I joined I lost eight pounds. That sucks. I think I am also using it as a bit of a crutch. So, I cancelled my membership and it's back to My Fitness Pal for me.

Maybe MFP is the new mindset I need? I don't know what it is, but man have I been down in the dumps about weight loss and working out. it helped to update MFP and realize I am seven pounds lighter than I was when I quit it.

Of course, that also means I lost seven pounds in almost four months. And that sucks.

The weather is a doing a number on my mindset and my sinuses so don't mind me over here acting like Eeyore. Whoa is me, etc, etc.

That's all I got for Weigh In Wednesday. Hopefully other people are more positive and have had better results this week.

I need a nap.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls

The plague has lovingly made it's way through my two boys (green boogers, pink eye, ear infections, you name it, they had it) and then my husband and now me. Thankfully I have some time before my half marathon, two weeks from yesterday to be exact. Still, getting sick is no fun. At least we aren't all sick at the same time. Boys are on the upswing.

My husband, however, good lord, you would think he was dying with the amount of laying around and barely surviving he's doing up in these parts.

I have not patience for that.

Part of it stems from, well, shoot, who has time to lay around? And the other part, I am one of six kids, so my mom had not time for that. We had to be SICK sick to go to the doctor, or missing a limb. Hubs is an only child so when he was sick, well, it's pretty much like he is now except, see above. Mama has ZERO time for that.

I decided to fore go running with my plague zombies on Saturday. Weather was crap anyway so it was a good excuse to hold of until Sunday.

On Sunday the weather was much nicer, but the zombies were also feeling better. We spent the day doing running around, entertaining zombies who might have been feeling better but were cranky butts because of their lack of sleep (stuff noses + toddlers = crap sleep), and just getting stuff done. By the time I managed to get in any time to run it was four in the afternoon. I had dinner in the crockpot so I had about an hour and a half to get in as much running as I could.

the good news, I run much faster without the jogging stroller. The bad news, I only ended up going 7.5 miles. I was supposed to go 11.

Hey did you see that? That was my training plan and speed goals flying out the window right there!

Yes, I know, I don't run to be super fast. I run because I genuinely love it. But, man, I had such high hopes for this training cycle.

I will shake it off and focus on my next one.

Speaking of my next one...I have been pondering a full marathon. Yes, I know I am nuts. And yes I know a full requires so much more TIME for training. But, I have been thinking if I get up earlier on the weekend for my long run I can potentially fit in some major mileage and only miss a little bit of the morning with the boys. Like I said, this is just pondering. We'll see how I feel after taking the winter off from training. I plan on running still, but not sure I will go with a training plan.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

R E S P E C T Find Out What It Means to Me

My days of running with the jogging stroller are numbered. I had a 10 mile run planned for Saturday. Figured I would run with the boys to the community center, let them play in the Kid's Room for an hour, then run them home. That would have been roughly nine miles, then I planned on finishing the run on my own.

I ended up with 8.5 miles. And after those 8.5 miles I was D-O-N-E done. Oh man, the boys starting fighting like two caged hyenas about a quarter of a mile into my run and did not stop until we got to the community center. On the way home they were fine for maybe a mile, then the fighting began. C. finally fell asleep with about two miles to go, but A. was still up and refusing to wear his hat. Since it was about forty degrees out and windy, I kept putting it back on his head. At one point I was running and holding the hat on his head at the same time. Then I realized I was acting like a crazy person and said eff it and let him go without the damn hat. Of course, about five minutes of having cold air whip at his head made A. change his tune and he asked for his hat. god.

Then there was the slight problem of me not bringing anything to eat, no chews, no Gus, nothing. Big mistake. Huge. About a half mile from home I started seeing spots on the side of my vision. Not good, Meg. I slowed to walk, said fuck it (that time I actually swore), and walked home. Even if I ate something the second I walked in the door I knew that last 1.5 would have beaten my ass so I opted out. Hey, 8.5 is better than 0.0.

I do have a complaint about the Jawbone. Because it monitors activity by the movement of my arm, it totally screws me over when I am running with the stroller. I used my Garmin so I knew my mileage was pretty damn accurate. Well, Jawbone had me running about three miles less than what I ran. Screw you, Jawbone. I think I earned extra miles just for wrangling toddlers.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, thank god. After that run, I needed things to go a little smoother.

This week is insanely busy for me. I got a second job and training is in the evening on Monday and Wednesday. Yesterday I had a sick kiddo with a fever so I stayed home with him, then went to my training when Hubs got home. Tonight I get a break from training, but then the rest of the week is going to smack me in the face. Oh man, being busy and staying up late is just something I am not used to!

Friday, October 16, 2015

But When You're Born to Run It's So Hard to Just Slow Down

This weekend is the calm before the storm. Next week I have things going on every night except for Tuesday. It's going to be insane and I know I'm going to need to juggle some stuff around to make sure I can get my speed work in. This is when I really, really wish I had a treadmill. It would be a lot easier to run four mils on a treadmill at nine at night than to attempt to run outside.

Ah well.

This morning I realized I washed both pairs of the jeans I actually like to wear and then forgot to put them in the dryer. I knew they wouldn't be dry by the time I left for work. I grabbed a pair of jeans that don't really fit me and threw them on. The good news, they fit me WAY better than they used to. It's the cut of the jeans more than anything, they are a little low rise and I HATE low rise because I like my pants to come up to my belly button because I am an old person I feel more comfortable like that. I was able to button them and while some stuff does leak out over the top of the jeans I don't think they look the worst ever. And I can sit down in them without cutting off blood flow to my internal organs.

What I'm saying is yay NSV!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

And If Your Well Is Empty Not a Thing Will Prevent Me

I spent twenty minutes searching my house looking for my wireless headphones before my run yesterday evening. Eventually, I gave up and ran without music. I used to run without music all the time, especially on shorter runs. But, for speed work I've needed the extra boost of some good tunes. Ah well.

My stomach was off yesterday, probably from the pizza I had, which meant my speed sucked. It didn't suck, but it wasn't as fast as I would've liked it. I told myself it was dark, which automatically slows me down, plus the stomach thing so I am not mad at my times.

I saw lots of Halloween decorations which made me think of Anna. Sure, we throw up a couple of strands of lights, but there were houses with orange and purple lights, decorating each bush and tree, like it was Christmas. Seems like a lot of work to me!

I got home and it turns out Hubs had my wireless headphones, he took them to work. He said, "Well why didn't you just ask me?" And I forced myself to not kick him in the shins because why would I think to ask him when he doesn't normally take my headphones to work? Never mess with a runner's headphones, son!

Less than a month until my half marathon. I don't know if I should be worried or not. I figure I am just going to run it for all I am worth and hope for the best. I'm feeling slightly defeated by my speed work, but got some good advice and boosts from my Lovely Ladies group last week. Speed work sucks, but I'm running on tired legs, I'm not tapered, and shoot I am going to do well on this race. It's just a matter of HOW well, right? 

Speaking of that group, if you get a chance head over to A Little More Each Day, she is running a half marathon this weekend and is going to crush it. But, I'm sure some encouragement won't hurt!

Monday, October 12, 2015

'Cause I'm Broken When I'm Lonesome

It started as "Ok I am just going to run three miles, at least get a run in". Then turned into "Ok, maybe I can run four miles." and ended with "Eff it, I'm just going to run my scheduled six miles".

Funny how my brain works.

I like to run in the morning on the weekends but it was a bit too chilly to wrangle the guys in the stroller for over an hour. Then I had to wait for Hubs to grocery shop and run errands. Thankfully, unlike last week, we didn't have a time deadline which meant I could get my six miles in without any restrictions. Aside from my brain. My brain was against me, see above.

I ended up leaving the house just after three and getting home by four thirty. Got my six miles in and then Hubs and I went out for a date night to see Evil Dead The Musical. Seriously, if it's playing in your town and you are into campy musicals with lots of fake blood then this one is for you. There is swearing and fake blood and demons, but it's worth it if that's your thing.

We were running late for the show and had to rush through dinner. After my run I showered and got ready to go out and didn't drink any water. My plan was to drink a bunch with dinner. Then dinner was delayed, we were rushed, I had my alcoholic drink, and no water. I had another drink during the show and again no water. Now that's all I had, two drinks, and they weren't anything crazy like long island iced teas or anything. But because of my genius planning with the ZERO post-run H2O I ended up waking up Sunday morning with a massive headache. It was pretty much a red wine headache without the joys of drinking the red wine the night before. It was awful. Seriously, I felt hungover but knew I had only had TWO DRINKS!

I chugged water, took Tylenol, and somehow survived the day. Note to self: Never, ever drink on the night of a long run unless you have had as hit ton of water to drink.

The End.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fast As Fast Can Be You'll Never Catch Me

Words cannot properly express how much I hate speed work.

Next time I say I want to go faster feel free to drive or fly or jump on a boat to Michigan, knock on my door, and smack me in the face. Because in order to go faster one has to do speedwork, and go home, speed work, you're drunk.

I suffered through a 3.5 mile interval run yesterday. It ended up being four miles but that's only because I thought I was closer to the house than I was and in order to get home I figured running was faster than walking. Clearly I am terrible at calculating where I am in my neighborhood after doing intervals.

During my two miles of interval running, all I could think about was how much it sucked to run fast. I was sucking wind. I was hurting. I wanted to quit. I forget where I read this, I think it was Hungry Runner Girl, but please feel free to correct me in the comments if I am wrong. One of the blogs I follow the author said something along the lines of how she starts to think about the good stuff about a run instead of the negative stuff, especially when a run starts getting super tough. When I was really down in the dumps about my speed work I started the following mental mantras:

*There are people out in this world who cannot run. They cannot physically run. And here you are running pretty damn fast.

*There will come a day when YOU can't run, when you are injured or sick, but today is not that day. Today you can and will run.

*When you are finishing your half marathon faster than you ever have before you will be thankful for this speed work.

*You have an awesome husband who is at home with the kids so you can be out here running your ass off.

*You have two adorable little boys who think running is awesome because of you. In fact, just the other day C. said, "Look mama, a runner. Mama's a runner!".

*You are almost done.

I'm not going to say the mantras worked miracles. But, they certainly helped me feel better.

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

On Sunday we had our first family race. After the 5K I ran back in September and let the boys run across the finish line, I've been keeping my eye out for any race with Kid's Run. There have been a few but most of them are a mile, which I know would be hard for my guys. My mother-in-law found one for us without even realizing it. She noticed a run in the paper, clipped out the article for me since I am always looking for a race for myself. I read the article and saw there was a 1/2 Mile Kid's Dash and figured, what the hell, let's make it a family thing.

Trick or Feet had the option of a 5K or 10K. The course was at a state park, on their paved trail, so we didn't have to worry about traffic at all which was nice. I signed up for the 5K since I ran 5.25 on Saturday (should have been nine, but we had a busy day) and my legs were somewhat tired.

It was a very small race which was great. My only issue is as a small race the start wasn't super organized. It was a walk/run race, very inclusive of runners and walkers, but no one made any announcement telling the walkers to head to the back of the starting line. I ended up in what I thought was a good spot, behind runners but in front of walkers. HA!

As you can see from this picture Hubs took just as I got over the starting line the walkers did not get the memo to start at the back.
I had to weave in and out of the crowd for most of the first half mile. At one point, I just gave up and walked since it was easier. Hey, people who are walking or running with friends, as much as I am sure you want to walk right next to your best buds it is super rude to walk four in a row across a narrow trail and block people trying to pass you!

It was a little chilly at the start, but the course was in the trees for a lot of it, so it actually got kinda warm. I had to take off my jacket at one point since I was getting so warm.

After the first mile, the path opened up and the crowd thinned out and the race was a lot more fun. The boys did great, aside from the occasional wrestling with their brother because "he's touching me!". Hubs was waiting in the car but realized he could see part of the course so he headed over that way and took some pictures.
He figured he had time to make it to the finish and kinda strolled over there. What he didn't know was the path to the finish line was pretty much downhill. My option at that point was to sprint to the finish or let the stroller go and let the boys finish on their own. HA!. There was also a man running with a single jogging stroller ahead of me. I was feeling the finish and thought, well there is no way I'm gonna let this guy beat me. I kicked up the pace, and smoked him. Double jogging stroller for the win!

My pace ended up being really good. I finished in 36:12, only about two minutes slower than my fastest, non-jogging stroller 5K. I figure I would have been even faster if not for the crappy start, but what can you do?

After that, we had about forty-five minutes to kill before the boys had their Kid's Dash. There was a lot to do, they painted pumpkins, buried things in the dirt, ate chocolate. We put their dinosaur costumes on, it was a Halloween themed run, and got them all ready to go.
Hubs ran with C. and I ran with A. for the first part, then we switched.
Moving so fast he's just a blur!
A. ran the whole race carrying his truck
My little running dinosaurs
A good amount of people hung out at the finish line to cheer the little ones on. My two guys finished last, but had so much fun running it I have a feeling this is the first of many races for them. Someday they're going to be way faster than me so I will enjoy the races where we hold hands for as long as I can.
With their first medals!
It was a great race, very family friendly. If they do it next year we will be there! What a great way to end our weekend.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Put a Spell On You And Now You're Mine

Speed work sucks.

I am all about the honesty here, so I'm just telling you how I really feel. Speed work sucks donkey balls.

The weather last night was flat out perfect for running. It was cool enough, in fact, that I work a jacket. I didn't really need it, but I like using the pockets.

Last night was a tempo run. I did my first easy mile, felt pretty good, then switched my intervals to 1:30 run/ :30 walk for the two miles tempo. I didn't do the track this time, figured running through the neighborhood would be just as good.

Those two miles sucked. I felt terrible. I felt like I was busting my ass the entire time and didn't have much left to give. I honestly have no idea how I am going to maintain a similar pace for a half marathon next friggin' month!

It sucked but I got it done.

Post-run headlamp selfie!
And now it's October. The summer seemed to drag on, what with the heat and the humidity and the more heat. Then September flew by. The Lovely Ladies Losing It weight loss group I am in is doing a food related October challenge. We all picked our own goals and shared them with the group. A lot of really positive goals out there!

For me my goal is pretty simple: First, stick to just eating my daily WW points without going over. Unless it is a high activity day, like a running day. I have been losing weight by veeeeeeery slooooooowly and I've noticed I have gone over on my daily points almost every single day. I use Activity Points and Weekly Points and don't go over on those, but I wonder if I stuck closer to my dailies if I would lose weight a little faster? Second, related to the first, add an extra serving of fruits or vegetables to every meal. Fruits and veggies are 0 points on WW and by adding them to my meals it'll help me stay within my daily points range.

While yesterday wasn't yet the first day of the challenge, I had to share my lunch.
That is homemade cabbage and veggie soup, frozen vegetables, and a honeycrisp apple. It was delicious and filling!