Thursday, October 15, 2015

And If Your Well Is Empty Not a Thing Will Prevent Me

I spent twenty minutes searching my house looking for my wireless headphones before my run yesterday evening. Eventually, I gave up and ran without music. I used to run without music all the time, especially on shorter runs. But, for speed work I've needed the extra boost of some good tunes. Ah well.

My stomach was off yesterday, probably from the pizza I had, which meant my speed sucked. It didn't suck, but it wasn't as fast as I would've liked it. I told myself it was dark, which automatically slows me down, plus the stomach thing so I am not mad at my times.

I saw lots of Halloween decorations which made me think of Anna. Sure, we throw up a couple of strands of lights, but there were houses with orange and purple lights, decorating each bush and tree, like it was Christmas. Seems like a lot of work to me!

I got home and it turns out Hubs had my wireless headphones, he took them to work. He said, "Well why didn't you just ask me?" And I forced myself to not kick him in the shins because why would I think to ask him when he doesn't normally take my headphones to work? Never mess with a runner's headphones, son!

Less than a month until my half marathon. I don't know if I should be worried or not. I figure I am just going to run it for all I am worth and hope for the best. I'm feeling slightly defeated by my speed work, but got some good advice and boosts from my Lovely Ladies group last week. Speed work sucks, but I'm running on tired legs, I'm not tapered, and shoot I am going to do well on this race. It's just a matter of HOW well, right? 

Speaking of that group, if you get a chance head over to A Little More Each Day, she is running a half marathon this weekend and is going to crush it. But, I'm sure some encouragement won't hurt!


  1. Sigh. It drives me crazy when I'm looking for something, and well after I've given up and gone without "the thing", hubs is like, "Why didn't you ask me?" and I'm all, BECAUSE YOU'VE NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT IT AND WHY WOULD I THINK YOU HAD IT. Anyway. It's obviously the man's fault ;)

  2. And even if your times aren't what you were hoping for--you are still killing it! No shame in modifying goals :)

  3. Thanks Meg!! I think we all get a little down at this point in the training cycle. Your legs are tired now but you'll be surprised by how springy they feel after a taper. :)

    I'm with you - why on earth would you think to ask someone who has no business taking the running gear? My husband and Oliver and both know not to touch mommy's running toys without asking. :)