Friday, October 16, 2015

But When You're Born to Run It's So Hard to Just Slow Down

This weekend is the calm before the storm. Next week I have things going on every night except for Tuesday. It's going to be insane and I know I'm going to need to juggle some stuff around to make sure I can get my speed work in. This is when I really, really wish I had a treadmill. It would be a lot easier to run four mils on a treadmill at nine at night than to attempt to run outside.

Ah well.

This morning I realized I washed both pairs of the jeans I actually like to wear and then forgot to put them in the dryer. I knew they wouldn't be dry by the time I left for work. I grabbed a pair of jeans that don't really fit me and threw them on. The good news, they fit me WAY better than they used to. It's the cut of the jeans more than anything, they are a little low rise and I HATE low rise because I like my pants to come up to my belly button because I am an old person I feel more comfortable like that. I was able to button them and while some stuff does leak out over the top of the jeans I don't think they look the worst ever. And I can sit down in them without cutting off blood flow to my internal organs.

What I'm saying is yay NSV!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Low is rise is just not meant for people who have children, I'm convinced. Great NSV!