Monday, October 12, 2015

'Cause I'm Broken When I'm Lonesome

It started as "Ok I am just going to run three miles, at least get a run in". Then turned into "Ok, maybe I can run four miles." and ended with "Eff it, I'm just going to run my scheduled six miles".

Funny how my brain works.

I like to run in the morning on the weekends but it was a bit too chilly to wrangle the guys in the stroller for over an hour. Then I had to wait for Hubs to grocery shop and run errands. Thankfully, unlike last week, we didn't have a time deadline which meant I could get my six miles in without any restrictions. Aside from my brain. My brain was against me, see above.

I ended up leaving the house just after three and getting home by four thirty. Got my six miles in and then Hubs and I went out for a date night to see Evil Dead The Musical. Seriously, if it's playing in your town and you are into campy musicals with lots of fake blood then this one is for you. There is swearing and fake blood and demons, but it's worth it if that's your thing.

We were running late for the show and had to rush through dinner. After my run I showered and got ready to go out and didn't drink any water. My plan was to drink a bunch with dinner. Then dinner was delayed, we were rushed, I had my alcoholic drink, and no water. I had another drink during the show and again no water. Now that's all I had, two drinks, and they weren't anything crazy like long island iced teas or anything. But because of my genius planning with the ZERO post-run H2O I ended up waking up Sunday morning with a massive headache. It was pretty much a red wine headache without the joys of drinking the red wine the night before. It was awful. Seriously, I felt hungover but knew I had only had TWO DRINKS!

I chugged water, took Tylenol, and somehow survived the day. Note to self: Never, ever drink on the night of a long run unless you have had as hit ton of water to drink.

The End.


  1. Great job getting out and doing the miles you had planned---our brains are so evil sometimes! That musical sounds super fun :)

  2. My brain works the same way. I think ok, I'm only doing a certain amount but end up doing what I'm supposed to do anyway! I guess I need to tell myself that to get out the door! Sorry about the headache, lesson learned!

  3. My brain works that way too. Sometimes we just have to trick ourselves into getting it done. Wise lesson learned about post-run alcohol :) I've been there. Ouch.

  4. Good job getting those miles though but good advice about the no water post run!