Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fast As Fast Can Be You'll Never Catch Me

Words cannot properly express how much I hate speed work.

Next time I say I want to go faster feel free to drive or fly or jump on a boat to Michigan, knock on my door, and smack me in the face. Because in order to go faster one has to do speedwork, and go home, speed work, you're drunk.

I suffered through a 3.5 mile interval run yesterday. It ended up being four miles but that's only because I thought I was closer to the house than I was and in order to get home I figured running was faster than walking. Clearly I am terrible at calculating where I am in my neighborhood after doing intervals.

During my two miles of interval running, all I could think about was how much it sucked to run fast. I was sucking wind. I was hurting. I wanted to quit. I forget where I read this, I think it was Hungry Runner Girl, but please feel free to correct me in the comments if I am wrong. One of the blogs I follow the author said something along the lines of how she starts to think about the good stuff about a run instead of the negative stuff, especially when a run starts getting super tough. When I was really down in the dumps about my speed work I started the following mental mantras:

*There are people out in this world who cannot run. They cannot physically run. And here you are running pretty damn fast.

*There will come a day when YOU can't run, when you are injured or sick, but today is not that day. Today you can and will run.

*When you are finishing your half marathon faster than you ever have before you will be thankful for this speed work.

*You have an awesome husband who is at home with the kids so you can be out here running your ass off.

*You have two adorable little boys who think running is awesome because of you. In fact, just the other day C. said, "Look mama, a runner. Mama's a runner!".

*You are almost done.

I'm not going to say the mantras worked miracles. But, they certainly helped me feel better.


  1. LOVE the mantras! I thought about you while I was trying to pick up my walking pace this morning. I figured if Meg is out there hating speed work I might as well too :)

  2. Those are some pretty good mantras but you're right, speed work sucks ass!

  3. Those are some pretty good mantras but you're right, speed work sucks ass!

  4. I frequently tell myself the one about "the day will come when I can't run, but it is not this day" and imagine Aragorn telling me that a la the Black Gate in LOTR. :)

    Speed work does suck but you kicked ass!

  5. I love your kiddo saying mama's a runner! They are always watching :)